Ashley Needles And I Are Officially Divorced.

Dear Friend,

I wanted to make an announcement on my blog that Ashley Marie Needles and I are officially divorced, something that we have been working on off and on for the last few years as we have been separated since June of 2013.

A lot of my newer readers don’t know as much who Ashley is, so I’ll briefly tell the story and also give her positive energy, love, and support in creating her new direction in life, whatever that may be.  I met Ashley in (I believe) 2007-2008, although I often lose track of time, when I was down in Orem, Utah studying Kung Fu at the now disbanded Wing Chun Kung Fu Council.

At the time I was building a company called Agel Enterprises, a Network Marketing company owned and operated by a friend of mine, Glen Jenson.  I had moved close to the headquarters, thinking that it would be an easier business to build if I lived closer to the headquarters, when really, it was the exact same effort to build it there as it was in my previous location where I had lived on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

So one day I was out to lunch, taking a break from the loan office I worked at (I believe I was working for Real American Finance at the time, or something like that) and I saw this girl walk into the restaurant who was particularly charming.  She was at lunch with another guy, but I figured “there is no way that girl can be with that guy” as she was far more attractive than he was, so I walked up to her and I told her “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Are you guys on a date or is that just your friend?”

She said “Just a friend” to which of course he looked slightly annoyed, and I proceeded to get her phone number.  Kind of shameless, but it worked.

Things didn’t work out around that time because I was right about to move to Fairbanks, Alaska where I was going to live and focus on my Agel business for a while, and so the next time I was in Utah, I hit her up.  Actually, I couldn’t find her phone number, so what I did was I looked her up on MySpace (which people still had profiles on at the time) and I talked to her there and got her phone number.

I called her, and we went on some dates.  I remember I invited her to this ‘Red Carpet Event’ at Agel Enterprises and she wore this red dress I was particularly fond of.  Very quickly, I knew that I would wind up being married to her. I remember going home and talking to my friend Chris Rocheleau about it later that night (after the date).

So when I moved back to Fairbanks, Alaska, I started to make plans on moving  back down to Utah to pursue this particular woman more directly, and I packed my things, headed on a plane, and headed down back to be close to her.  Very quickly after getting to Utah, we wound up engaged. I’m not going to recount the entire story as I just wanted to pass some positive energy towards Ashley; however, we wound up engaged, and then quickly afterward we got married out in Beverly Hills, California late one night spontaneously with nobody around, and that started our adventurous marriage.

The story of Ashley and I is interesting, because we began our relationship poor, made a bunch of money together, our relationship fell apart at the peak of our success and since then (since 2013) we have been separated and trying to work through the details of getting divorced.

I remember we went from having nothing, to moving to Hawaii with nothing and living in a green 1996 Dodge Caravan, to making $30,000 a month selling information products online and various marketing systems, then launching our own company where we wound up doing $200 million in sales and at the peak of our success, our relationship began to fall apart, we grew cold to each other, some personal drama happened and afterward I ended up meeting someone else, having a child with her, and from that ensued the collapse of Ashley and I’s relationship.

I do not care to recount all of this drama that we experienced that led to our relationship falling apart, but to share some positive energy towards her and to wish her a new, and a beautiful, and a powerful future.  I think a lot of times when people are together they say positive things about each other and defend each other, and when they separate they war against each other and tear each other down, each side attempting to be right, or to show off the superiority of their position.  

I have no such desire with Ashley, as when we were together, the majority of the memories that I had with her were happy, successful, and prosperous.  I would like to leave it at that. When we first got married, neither of us had any experience whatsoever in being married to someone else. We figured things out the hard way, and we helped each other learn new things.

One very positive thing about Ashley is that she always believed in me.  I remember the majority of my life growing up that the people around me did not believe in my dreams.  I’m a kind of person that needs the belief of others in order to do great things because if I do not have it, I never tend to get anything done and I just continue to fall on my face in frustration.  When people around me begin believing in me, I have the capacity to do great and wonderful things.

One thing that is extremely positive about Ashley is that there was never a time when we were together that I can remember her not believing in my dreams.  Because she believed in me, I began believing in myself and because I believed in myself, others began to believe in me and I was able for the very first time to accomplish great things. 

Ashley believes in dreams, she believes in the future, she is a big thinker, and she loves people.  All very positive things that will help her do great things in her life in her next phase, in her next relationship, whoever she is with.  In fact, there is nothing negative to say whatsoever about her, nor with my experience with her.  

We had our difficulties for sure, but mostly I believe those difficulties have resolved in both of our personalities from a lot of personal growth, and I believe in her next phase in life she will be married again to someone she loves, who is a perfect match for her, that she will be very successful again, that she will do even greater things than she did before, and that hopefully one day she will rise above the clouds of success to a new level and accomplish her dreams that she always had to be a professional actress.

Ashley, I believe in you and I am thankful for you and our time together.  I am thankful for the way that you took care of me and that you believed in me in the earlier days of my success, and I am thankful for our time together, and I learned a lot.

I wanted to give you some positive energy, tell you I appreciate you, tell you that you are a good woman deserve great things, and tell you that I am thankful for our time we had together in my life.

As for myself, I do not know what the next phase of my life holds in store for me now.  I am actually legally single for the first time since 2013 (so is Ashley I might add). Today I celebrated by buying myself a sandwich and an ice cream cone at a local shop in Saint George, Utah across from the courthouse where I went in to ask about the divorce decree (which went into effect perhaps a week or so ago) and if anything else needed to be done.  They said “nope. You’re divorced now. Congratulations.”

I don’t know if divorce is a reason to say ‘congratulations’ really.  As I think about it, I never intended to get married, and then ever get a divorce.  I don’t think that Ashley did either. So in some manner I failed at some important part of my life, and so did she.  However, it has been something that has been hanging over both of our heads for quite some time and now it is official, so in that manner, I suppose saying “Congratulations Ashley” would be useful, as this now gives her the capacity to move on in her life. 

Looking back, there were many things I could have done differently much earlier that would have ensured that the marriage stayed together for the rest of our lives.  However, I do believe that we were in this case meant to meet each other, meant to get married, and meant to get divorced as this is all part of a great story that is unfolding on itself, repeating back in a loop and a pattern to lead to an ultimate and greater outcome.

Please send some love and prayers to Ashley Needles.  She is a very good woman, and deserving of a fantastic spouse who matches her energy perfectly and will compliment her (when she is ready) and help her move on to a new level in life.  As I have mentioned before, I believe her future husband should be Jim Carrey, as they would be quite a good match in particular, those two.

As for myself, I have no idea where I am going, and what is next for me on a personal level.  At the moment, I have no idea what I want for myself personally in my life. I feel in some manner, that I am freed and I am ready to move on to a new level in my life.  I also feel that in some manner, this last year I failed as I had one goal and one outcome, and I did not succeed at it. I will talk about that (perhaps) in another blog post.  I wanted to keep this one focused on Ashley and I, and making the official announcement.

Again, I have nothing but positive things to say about Ashley.  She was a fantastic friend, and a fantastic wife for many years.  We did not work out because of many things, and all of them are the past.  She is beautiful, caring, charming, a great conversationalist, and more importantly, she will one day be again a fantastic wife and a mother, very successful and very happy.

I can go on and on with positive things to say about Ashley and the good ways in which my life was influenced from being around her.  She is freed as of this moment, and so am I. The future holds very interesting things for us both, and one day I hope to see her on the stages of the world again, winning awards like a Grammy and other various accolades for her accomplishments on what she is doing for the world.

I believe that her life will always be changed from being with me, and that what she accomplished with me is just the start of her new and living future that she will have, where she will once again shine like the brightness of the sun, bringing healing, love, and glory to the world.

Ashley, thank you very much for your years with me and I congratulate you and wish you a new, a beautiful, and an empowering future.  Thank you very much for your impact on me and it is my hope that we can always remain friends. I will always think very fond thoughts of you and the time we had together and I hope that you do the same.

With Respect,

David Wood

P.S.  When something doesn’t work out that you hoped would, remember to just try, try again.  When you continue failing forward, everything in your life moves to what is next in the proper and distinct way.  Remember that in life, there is no failure, there is only feedback and the most important thing to do when something doesn’t work as you’d planned, is to continue and to try and find another way to always accomplish your dreams.  Congratulations on your freedom, Ashley. I bless you, I release you, I forgive you, I am thankful for you. I hope that one day, you forgive me for hurting you too.

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