Why I’ve Been Silent And What’s Up With The Future Of David Wood

Dear Friend,

I’m writing this message to you after a series of important transitions in my life in an attempt to clarify my own thinking, while at the same time reaching your own and inspiring you to do something a little bit different, as I do something a little bit different myself.

I was just talking to my brother Aki about some various future destinations which we can visit together, and we were discussing the benefit of a few various locations – one being Thailand, one being Colombia, and other various strategic locations in Central and South America to travel for a time, reorient our minds to a new future, and also begin to accomplish something a little bit differently.

I’ve had a lot of difficult changes in my life lately, and some of them have left me in places inside (more internally) where I don’t know what is next.  I mentioned in a previous post about my recent divorce completion with Ashley Needles which you can read about here, and also I’ve talked about in a couple of YouTube Videos On My Channel about some other various changes I’m going through, such as the need to move to a new location, and the feeling inside that I need to start something new.

I’ve had a lot of compliments recently on some of my recent content, and I wanted to thank my readers for the various messages that have been sent that have spoken words of kindness and words of encouragement.  Of the changes that I’ve experienced in the last little while there is a largest change, and that largest change is myself being officially single again for the first time in maybe 12 years or so, which is a long time that I have either been in a marriage, or something that was like a marriage but not official.  So I find myself having a sort of yearning inside to have what I always wanted to have, which is family.

I’ve been kind of quiet on this blog and there are many reasons for that.  I noticed in the last little while that I’ve had this desire to just kind of vanish, and to do something new.  Another thing is I’ve been working on some very intense personal development and training of the mind which I have been doing to help me grow my personal spirituality, intelligence, and ability to think through and work through issues.  So I have been spending a lot of time as of late doing things like meditation, thinking, and also reading and writing silently in the background, paying attention to the details of things in my local environment.

In this process, I’ve been going through a series of issues with my son Gabriel’s Mom, Priscilla that have also been rather hard for me that at the moment, I do not care to discuss, but to be short with it, I have been trying to see my son through any known mechanism that I have available to me for the last 2.5 years, both day, and night – never giving up on a dream that I had of creating family restoration and bringing us and the children back together.

In that process, I have been cut off entirely from all contact with my children by Gabriel’s Mom.  I had hoped that with time and love, and majestic amounts of persistence this particular situation would change, but it does not at least for the time being appear to be changing, which leaves me in a very precarious position where I have a sort of general malaise, and do not want anything in particular in my life for myself.

On this blog, I have talked often about what I want for all of us.  Spiritual freedom, complete liberation, a new system of doing things that restructures the way that things are in a way that is driven towards the benefit of the people – and of course I have talked a lot about the weird nature of the spiritual universe around us, the structure of the matrix, if you will or the ‘glue’ and the soup that makes reality become and stay as reality through, backwards, forwards, inside, and outside of time, space, matter, and energy.

I have noticed that when I talk about the technical explanation of the spiritual nature of the Universe, which is one of my favorite subjects as I personally find it the most useful, that a lot of my readers get lost, and cannot understand the things that I am talking about anyways, and because they do not understand it – they of course judge it as being something in general that it is not – which (what it is) is simply an explanation and technical framework for the spiritual reality of things that when understood, allows a person to dramatically affect the spiritual and physical nature of reality around them – many times with just their minds alone.

So I sometimes flip back and forth between talking about what others want to hear about, and what I actually want to discuss – which is the spiritual nature of things and how the Universe fits together and is driven by all of our minds, hearts, and spirits towards a common aim and a vision that ends where it begins – with the desire of us all coming to the fruition that it is meant to come to, which is the unity of all things that can exist or that will ever exist.

So I’m sitting here right now and I’m wondering:  What do I focus on for the next little while? Do I journey across the streets starting a movement of people who are going to do things differently and affect the world around us in a new way?

Do I travel the world and try new things for a while, seeking the knowledge and wisdom of other civilizations?  Do I prepare for a time for my mission in the future by simply focusing on and growing the self?

I remember when reading about the Savior Jesus, there are about 18 years that are not accounted for in his journey.  He is 12, and then a bit later, he is 30 and the only thing that it said about him in the process between the two is that he grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.  I have often thought that I am missing this phase in my life, and somehow need to go through a transitory phase of raw preparation for the future, and I have often thought about how right now, none of us are truly prepared for the new world that is coming, including and especially myself, as I must be a leader in the world to come, prepared in every area of my mind, my businesses, and my psychology for the next step, the next leap of growth, the next burst of radiance, the next change of systems.

I’ve been silent mostly because I have felt disheartened by many of my recent experiences with others, and I have not cared to come out and simply talk about why, or the reasons for the disheartening and I do not care to embarrass others, tell them what to do, tell them that they are wrong, or otherwise interfere with their own personal process of pain repeating into devolution.  They can learn to break free on their own and if they ask, I am happy to help them.

One thing I know over the last few years, is I have accounted undue amounts of resistance from others who are often well meaning for even the smallest of ideas that go slightly against the modern grain of society, irregardless of the fact that the modern grain of society is a sort of soup of mixed up nonsensical explanations that contradict one another and leave very little room for the other various people who exist in the world and what they want.

In other words, I find that one group, seeming to know all things teaches that they have the simplest or the best way to freedom, and another group teaches that they have the key, and so on, each group of people missing the other, and missing the message and meaning of the other in their journey to completion, which can only be attained in the total alignment off the self, which when the self is analyzed, cannot be completed unless we are also in alignment with our external environment and those around us – another way of saying that the self is not complete until we are all complete.

Yet in our search for realization, we wander down the path of life, making decisions that to the best of our ability aim us in the direction of our ultimate outcome of attainment but in this process of seeking attainment, we cast aside the tools, the resources, the people, the systems, and the learnings necessary to reach our desired state and therefore, we walk through another day half awake, unable to see into the next moment in front of us with the perfection that we seek because in our search for meaning we find that no matter how much we wake up, there is still more awakening to go through and therefore, we are always in the process of the path of enlightenment.

So what should be next for me in this phase?  Right now, I feel many things. On the one hand, I feel disheartened for the lack of success I’ve had in the most important area of my life, and the only thing I have cared about for myself for the last few years – which was the salvation of my family.  On the other hand, I feel somewhat liberated from the completion of an array of tasks that led to the successful divorce and final ending of one chapter of my life which carried on for some time with my first wife, Ashley Needles.

In another way I am sitting here and I am typing, and I am wondering (most of all) how my son is doing.  I do not know if you have ever been in a parental situation where there is some sort of disagreement with the parents that took away the ability of the other parent to see their child that was unjust, and founded in deception.  I have gone for the last 2.5 years doing everything in my power to see my son Gabriel 6-7 days per week, 52 weeks a year without rest and for some unknown to me reason, his Mother will not let me see him and because of this, I go through the majority of the day disheartened in some way, unable to escape the haunting feeling that my son is growing older and I cannot see him, as there is no way to rectify the situation.  It leaves me sad, without energy, and without the ability to focus on anything but trying to get in touch with him, which I do to no avail as I love my son, and will do anything (and I mean anything) to keep him safe, protect him, make sure he has the life that he needs to have the future that he wants, and make sure that he has the education that he needs. Unfortunately, his Mother has ran away, hiding him from me at all costs.  I do not desire to blame her, or to hurt her, only to mention that the ability to do something like this to both a Father and a Son, or for a Father to do this to a Mother will be entirely eliminated in the world to come.

People are odd.  When they love you, they love you and they have their reasons and when they seek to disregard you (which often happens) many times they do not just disregard you and your feelings – they also seek to destroy whatever is left in the process, thinking that if they crush you utterly that somehow, their life will be better.  I think it is of note to realize that this behavior often winds up blowing up in one’s face, as karma comes and takes action against someone’s broken nature, restoring to them energetically and in the universe an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth for every unkind and unjust action that they ever enact and all of this is designed by our creator to drive us into a state of change, where we reach down inside of ourselves, and we find something that we didn’t know that we have already inside, and with that new and awakened self, we now decide to change everything inside, and outside of ourselves together, unified for the first time.

I remember there was another time when I could not see my son Gabriel and I was at an event for an old company that I used to run giving a speech.  I stood upon the stage and I said: “I will stand on this stage with my son Gabriel, and I will hold him up with both hands like the Lion King, and the people shall roar with applause, and my family shall be restored!”

A few months later, I was restored, my family was restored, and my son was restored to my life.  It was interesting to note that when my son was away from me the first time, he stopped speaking.  When I was with him, he was learning new words daily, always learning, happy, excited to get to the next step in his life, happy and safe with both parents.  When I was removed from his life, he stopped learning new words and stopped speaking for a time period of nearly 2 years.  

In this time period, where I have been removed again unjustly by the force of evil from the life of my son by a misguided Mother that has been surrounded on all sides by enemies of goodness, who seek to harm, my son this time stopped speaking English.  When I was with him, his progress in the English language was second to none, easily and fluently learning the two languages. I guess that “Dad” matters in some manner in an equal manner to “Mom” and that when either parent is removed, there is severe psychological blowback.

Unfortunately, there is currently nothing I can do about the situation as Mommy has designed in her heart to keep him from me for whatever reasons she has which (I might add) come from some kind of pernicious darkness that has attacked our family for some time.  I believe eventually this situation will be rectified, that she will wake up, and that life will be restored and move in a great circle, everything that has been stolen being restored to me a minimum of 7 fold. Until then, my family has been taken from me by the enemy.

I often look at the war in front of us and I wonder how we will succeed together in accomplishing great things when even in the smallest of tribulations, people turn against each other and a best friend will turn into someone’s greatest enemy.  What I know is that when life gets hard enough, people will unify and that is the only time it will truly happen. For example, when the nation of Costa Rica is overrun by its enemies and there is great war in the land against a true enemy that is pernicious, evil, and seems to be impossible to defeat – the nation of Costa Rica will unify against this particular enemy and in that time, they will seek my help and when that happens – that is one of the time periods in which my son can be restored to my life as well as his Mother.  This will not happen for some time and until it does, there are many other things that must be postponed in an indefinite manner and if the world falls into conflict that it cannot be liberated from, then one day the conflict will aim all of the energy in life into one direction, of restoration, and liberty and freedom will be restored from the people standing up to the evil around them, and deciding to change inside today, now, and forever.

You might ask why this is.  I believe that it is wired into people’s psychology that we must grasp onto our old ways and cling to them and this from people in our environment who believe that change and newness is bad.  I would remind you that in the Bible, that all things are possible to them that believe. There is no limitation on “all things” as it is written. God simply says that all things are possible with belief, or faith and this inclusion of everything means “everything literally” meaning that it is possible (for example) to:

  1. Reorganize time, space, matter, and energy
  2. Know all things
  3. Travel from one point to another instantaneously
  4. And anything else you can really imagine.

Anyways, this post has been somewhat of a long stream of consciousness rant about various things all emerging at the same time and as I am writing it, I am wondering:

“What’s next for Dave Wood?”

Perhaps I will vanish for a while, and nobody will know where I am.  Perhaps I will travel to another land, learn a new language, build local relationships there, and start something from scratch that turns into a Kingdom.  Perhaps what I will do is instead of moping about the past, I will go meet someone new, have new children, have a new family, and come back with a fury in a few years after I have made $100 million doing something productive, and war in the legal system in the nation of Costa Rica until I have complete and total custody of my son, so I can raise him in a stable environment, obviously allowing his mother to see him, where people are more fair and just with each other as in my world, there is no way that a child should be born without the equal, fair, just, and timely right to see both of his parents – regardless of what is going on.

A Son is a Son of both a Father and a Mother and a Father and a Mother both have a child together and therefore, the child needs them both at all times, every day of his or her life and that anything less than this is from evil, and originated from the enemy.

I have often been interested by the patterns of attack of the enemy in my own life over the last couple of years and how satan has often harmed my mission, but he has never been able to take away my Kingdom, my future, or my vision – no matter what he has done.  I have lost many battles, and won many, but there is no war that has been lost. I notice that he goes after what matters the most, and attacks through the points around me that are the weakest.

If he cannot harm me, he attacks those closest to me that can be manipulated or coerced by evil, in this case, Priscilla and her family, and those around her in the nation of Costa Rica.

I do not yet have the ability to liberate her from what has happened and doing so will take me some time so I am asking if you love me to please, keep her and Gabriel in your prayers as she is in a kind of stronghold that cannot be broken off of her, only through her own awakening, liberation, and decision to change forever.  Right now, she is trapped by her own self denial and in reality, she is not running from me, she is running from herself and dragging my son into a battle and a war that should never exist in the first place, for I am here for peace.  

I’m done with the rant.  I will figure out what I’m doing next, and my next decisions will be in alignment with preparing myself, and finding balance and peace in my own heart first, before taking that to the world, to heal the world next.  Perhaps I will re-emerge in another land after building a people. Perhaps what I will do is I will write every day on this blog as I have been doing. What I do know is that life is about to change dramatically and the next time you see me post, there is a very good chance I will be in a new land, with a new adventure, preparing my heart and my mind for the great battles that lie ahead – so there will be a world that is safe for all of us because right now – I have tried to warn you many times – the safety that we feel in society is artificially inflated by false currency that is destined to collapse and our society itself is headed for war and destruction that will consume a great majority of the world.  After this time and during the war, a new system will emerge and peace will form next and I warn you, there will be a false peace, and a true peace and you must seek Zion for safety. 

For now, Zion will be an ambiguous concept that you can define yourself and later as I write more about it, Zion will be more clearly defined and how to approach Zion and the safety therein will be more clear.  For now, seek the safety of Zion for in Zion there is safety, and in Zion there is peace. I cannot tell you everything about what is next, but I will tell you that we must build a safety system, a new way of doing things, and that there are a people in the world who will unify behind the idea of peace and I will tell you one thing, is that I will find them and build a people that shall cover the face of the earth.

I hope you enjoyed my rant.  It was about many things, and also about nothing and I hope you are reading it, wondering about what is next intently, wondering about the next step.


David Wood

A Teacher Of Righteousness

P.S. One thing that this last few years has taught me more than anything is that there are some people who will listen, and there are some people who will not. Of course, I know this principle from beforehand when I was in Network Marketing, and I used to talk to 30 people to sponsor a couple of people. Later on I systematized this process to where I was actually only talking to the people who wanted to join and the rest were filtered through some kind of automatic process.

Still, the point is made. Not everyone will listen to a message even when it is urgent that they do. So part of my thinking is to go and get around a completely new group of people for a variety of reasons. First, I think that the new energy will give new life to what I desire to do. Second, I feel as if I need to find some kind of female companionship to balance out my energy. I like Latin girls, particularly in South and Central America. Third, I feel as if I need to go through some kind of spiritual preparation and resetting, as my heart has been broken many times over the last few years deeply in such a way as I need to spend some time to do nothing but heal – most of this is a result of the situation with my family but there are many other things that have happened with friends and associates where there has been some kind of severe mistreatment of me, my ideas, or my right to simply be and express myself as I choose.

I am feeling as if there is a coalescence of events happening in the world right now in the physical and spiritual worlds that are preparing me for my mission at large, which will eventually result in me being anointed as the King of Israel and from that, many Kings will be anointed in many lands and new systems of government will ensue, many of them rising out of the ashes as the world falls into a third World War, and great sections of our modern civilization which most assume will last forever, are destroyed from chaos.

However, what I do not know is how long some of these events will take to unfold. All I know is that I will be here, and I must prepare in some manner because when the time is right, the doorways will appear. In the meantime, I will speak my vision, and speak my vision, and speak my vision and as the crowds grow around it, doorways will begin forming and opening in the universe and as they do, opportunities will open up.

I do not know if me going to another country for a while is going to help things. All I know is that I feel the need to reset and reconnect with my own life as I have a feeling that when that reconnection is made, other situations will ensue from that point that will draw together the manifestation of all things that I have ever desired, and the fulfillment of every vision that I have seen. In the meantime, I may entirely vanish for a while, only training, studying, and connecting with new crowds. I might just decide to write every day on my blog as normal and re-engage with my audience.

What I need for you is to take the doubt in your heart, and change it into belief. Believe in me again. I used to say that I didn’t need this. I was wrong. I have gone for a period of maybe 3 years or so with a great majority of the people around me not believing in me, even casting doubt, hatred, and ridicule my way constantly, constantly trying to push me off the path that I know in my heart is right and the words of truth that God has spoken to me.

No matter what happens, and no matter what trials I face (my kid and his Mom have been the greatest) I will never give up on the greater dream to heal humanity completely – for there is no time left to change. So do not think no matter whether I am here every day or not that I do not love you, or that I will abandon you. I will never leave you, nor will I abandon you. I simply must for a time go find out how to gather power, and wisdom, and authority and right now, the United States does not seem to be helping with that. In the future, this will obviously change, as when I gather a following elsewhere, people here will begin to listen. This is how people are.

People generally do not believe things because they are true, and because they have evidence. People generally believe things because there is social proof, and because a lot of other people believe those same things, and because of the emotions attached.

Therefore it makes more sense for me to first gather my own ideas, then build my intelligence and capacity for wisdom, then grow in wisdom and stature, then build a loyal following of new people, then attack with a public plan of strategic, exponentially expanding relationship building with a proven model off some kind that is working for everyone.

Until I know how to do that, I may vanish for a while. We shall see. Let me know what you want to see in the comments and remember, I am here for you. Do not think that because I am upset at Priscilla and her decisions that I am knocking her in any way. I am simply hurt and so because of that, I choose to remain silent. Please keep her and the children in your prayers.

There is a time coming in the future where Costa Rica will be in grave danger for a time. I may write about it in the future. For now, chao 🙂

And… Love you!

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