The Opportunity And Challenge Presented By The CoronaVirus Pandemic…

Dear Friend,

So I’ve been here in Colombia for the last bit, taking a break from everything. The majority of my experience has been positive. I came here for many reasons, the main one being that it is a cheap place to live while I regroup and figure out how I want to go about growing my movement and impacting people in a way that they care about, and that matters.

I’ve met a lot of cool people down here and have been talking to them about whatever they want to talk about, and had a lot of interesting conversations. One of the fascinating things I keep running into is the doppleganger phenomenon, where I continue to run into people that look and behave like people I know. (I actually think this phenomenon is much more interesting than the “Wawonawiwus” and will be the subject of a future post. For example, I ran into an MMA fighter on the streets who looks like Paul Gardiner, and even behaves quite a lot the same. I ran into a girl that looks and behaves like my ex girlfriend Yuri, and another one that looks like Priscilla (in many ways acts the same as well). Another guy I ran into (who works as a street performer) looks like Tai Lopez, and the other day, I saw “The Colombian Frank Kern” – who, of course was buying his hot wife something in the Mall. (I’ve got to start taking photos of these people and doing point by point comparisons. It is really bizarre, and funny. I assume it would be like this everywhere I go.)

I’ve missed writing, as writing is one of my favorite things to do, so I figured I’d pop on here tonight and share my thoughts about the Coronavirus pandemic that is going on. So I’ve been watching this page (as it has live stats) and I refresh it ever so often to watch the increasing death toll, as well as the number of infections. It has been increasing exponentially every day, pretty much regardless of the massive world efforts to shut down the growth of the virus.

I’ve mentioned before that this virus in particular was very obviously made in a laboratory (I was speaking of the behavior) but I didn’t have any proof. I just listened to a fantastic podcast by Gabriel Cousens that mentioned how the Coronavirus is very clearly a weaponized virus with an HIV delivery system, made in a laboratory. When I had mentioned this (that it was made in a laboratory and is [of course] a nephilim disease) I was referring to the way it is operating and the pattern of it all. That is on a video on my YouTube Channel on the 6th of February.

For example, you have a virus that pops out of nowhere near a genetics lab in Wuhan, China at a meat market, and then all of the sudden people have a virus that used to only be in the animal kingdom. Of course, the new favorite “bat-soup” of the Chinese is blamed.

Then, of course, the drama. The news starts making a big show. The newspapers start making a big show. Everyone is talking about the ‘wawonawiwus’ and how many people are dying. The gas masks everywhere. The never ending hand sanitizer. The non stop stress in society. During all of this, of course – there is a real threat to society. Actually, many of them. The least of those threats is the virus itself, in my opinion. I will talk briefly about that in this blog post.

For example, let’s say 3% of the people that get the Coronavirus die (mainly old people and people with pre-existing health conditions). Well if everyone in the world got it, that’s somewhere around 250 million people (doing some fast math there) that would die. On the one hand, that is a lot of people. On the other hand, pretty much no matter what happens, 100% of the world is not going to get the wawonawiwus. However, right now it seems about 20,000 people a day are actually getting it.

I know, I shouldn’t be making fun of it. It’s not funny. I mean, people are dying. There isn’t any toilet paper in the stores. People are having heart attacks hitting the lines at WalMart buying last minute supplies and food storage for the “wait it out at home” strategy the governments are using to handle it. In all of this, there is underlying madness, and disease.

I know I mentioned in a recent article that I am struggling to care about anything. I’m almost over that. When I came down here, I was fighting a massive emotional bout that I am still going through, which is a form of loss and a feeling of betrayal. I’m doing better now, but working myself back into things bit by bit. I obviously care about people, and obviously care about what happens to society. Here’s the thing though:

People Are Acting Like Insane Maniacs Right Now.

For example, I met this girl Victoria out when there was music being played in the streets at night. She’s an actress and was training every day for a play, very excited about it. Now, her play is cancelled, she’s stuck at home, and they’re not leaving the house in the family all day. Now I don’t think she’s acting insane, but at one point – the Quarantine will end and people will want to venture outside of their home and see a play, for heaven’s sake!

Every morning, I wake up and I go running. Every day, I have noticed that the number of people wearing the face coverings (which I lovingly refer to as “gas masks”) is exponentially increasing. For example, about a week ago maybe you’d see one every 10 minutes on a run. (Maybe 15 days ago). Now, you cannot even go a block without seeing 30 people with them, or 40, or 50. They are everywhere. Of course, when the people are tired and resting, they generally remove the mask, as they cannot stand wearing it all day.

When is society going to be prepared for the next outbreak? When everyone is walking down the road wearing gas masks and carrying a personal hand sanitizer with them? We’ve got to look at the ridiculousness all of this. The response is incredible.

I mean, in my Church for example, they called off all meetings world wide because of this, a decision which I support, but do not agree with. Why? Well, I need to go to Church as I go through times where I get attacked a lot spiritually [lately, I have gotten attacked a lot as I have been through recently a period of intense suffering]. So now, I just went to a Christian Church last week instead. People in Church generally seemed fine. Ok, so if we isolate ourselves, stay in the home, wear a gask mask, wash our skin constantly with alcohol… THEN maybe we won’t get the Wawonawiwus and we’ll be safe. Perhaps what we should do, is just wait inside, never leave the house, and just plug ourselves into the new 5d Facebook Network coming out with their super Goggles or whatever, and we’ll know that in our homes, devoid of sunlight and interaction with humanity… we’ll be safe at last.

Here’s the real problem I see with this situation. Well, among many of them. It is how people are reacting.

First, people are not prepared for emergencies at all in general, so they are running around scrambling because they see a giant rush in society of people buying things before supplies run out, so then they run and they start buying stuff, too. Sheeple type behavior.

Second, because people are not thinking straight (because of the drama and because of fear) and so because of this, they are doing things that might work in isolation, but in reality the virus is simply spreading anyways (as viruses do) as the virus itself is here for a reason (for if there wasn’t a reason, it wouldn’t be here). So they are doing one set of things (trying to get ready to be alone for a long period of time) and they are not aware of how to actually protect themselves, which is always going to be related to the immune system and how to keep the body well and being able to defend itself from any ailment that comes your way.

Third, we are making excuses to allow massive government overreach. I just read an article that was praising China for how they stopped the growth of the virus. Essentially what they did was they quarantined everyone who they thought had the Coronavirus and tested them, regardless of whether or not the people wanted anything to do with that process. Essentially, the reason China was able to do that, is because China is a communist government. The virus itself originated in China, and it was made by someone with a specific purpose, as it is very clearly weaponized and made in a laboratory. So if we’re not careful, in our fear of getting something that we might just get anyways, we then give an excuse to massive government overreach and the government once again expands and takes over a part of our lives it has no business being in.

Manipulating society based on their reactions to phenomenon is formulaic and can be done in a large scale, and is generally referred to as “Problem – Reaction – Solution”. An example is that on 9/11 – a problem was presented. The way society reacted opened a doorway to present a “solution” and now we have the Transportation Security Administration, a giant government body that controls travelers in a centralized fashion that in my opinion, is not any more necessary today than it was 30 years ago and does nothing but cost money and infringe on freedoms (in general) as everything that they actually accomplish could be done better and faster and localized through private systems.

People would have never accepted the idea of a TSA before 9/11. The idea would have sounded preposterous to have a centralized travel agency doing routine screenings for every passenger and patting down your balls in front of everyone in the airport. Well, it came out and at first people rebelled. After a while, everyone sort of forgot it exists, and now we simply have big government getting bigger in yet another ‘biggish’ USA overreach of power.

Problem – Reaction – Solution will be used in the same manner to pass legislation all over the world that in some way interacts with people’s health (if the people do not become aware of it and stop it). All manner of drama will be used to insist that we change something massive and lend more power to the government (The way people are reaction now). They will quote our lack of preparedness, the economic collapses, people who were put out of business by the Coronavirus, the decline of currencies in Europe, for example a friend of mine had a big hit in his savings overnight from the drop in the value of the British Pound. Other people are capitalizing by doing currency trading (for example, my friend Tracey Walker).

Really, in some manner as a weaponized virus – for someone, this is a market test and that’s the real problem we need to be aware of. I’ve mentioned this to a handful of friends of mine. Some of them think that the virus was very clearly made in a laboratory. Others think not. There are economic experts that believe that this single virus could collapse the fiat currency system and the whole world could fall into an economic spindle like Venezuela. I think that is possible, but not yet. [we shall see how people react].

The problem is actually not the Coronavirus. It is the fact that human beings can make deadly viruses in laboratories now that are incredibly effective at spreading, and we do not know what we are messing with. It is the fact that nobody is aware of why these problems are emerging in the first place, which is, and always has been Karma. For example, let’s say someone wanted to create mass world Chaos. How would they do it?

It would be very easy for someone with the correct resources to create 10 or 20 of these viruses and release them all at once, or release one per month for 2 years straight, or something like that. Then what are we going to do? Cut off contact with each other? Live inside? Never go out except to go get food? Who’s going to grow the food? I guess the farmers need to isolate themselves too… Oh wait, I got it:


Perhaps if we force vaccinations to travel, we can have a combination of the TSA and the World Health Organization… Or wait… One country can’t do it! We need to unify all of the countries in the world and force Vaccinations into people… But we must know if they are vaccinated, and the only way to do that is… Give ’em all a microchip! Then, for sure we can control the next outbreak!!!

Problem – Reaction – Solution

My point is, there’s an old saying that I once heard said by a guy named Jeff Olsen, that said “Stop wantin’ what you don’t want!” On the flip side of this equation, we actually have the opportunity to come together and to do something to create peace, as Gabriel Cousens has talked about in this audio. However, it certainly isn’t going to be by simply hiding inside, or by turning all of our power over to “Big Brother” to make certain that our friends and neighbors are all microchipped, vaccinated, and controlled…

On the other hand, there are serious issues presenting themselves from the virus itself. People dying who could have lived longer and had a healthy life. People close to us. People who matter. Something has to be done, but the question is – what?

First of all, let’s discuss something briefly. I read a great article by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach that mentioned how it is not helpful to assume that everything has a religious cause, and I cannot find the link at the minute but here is another great article he wrote about the Coronavirus. While this is true, especially in conveying a message to others (As it can piss them off in particular, especially if they are experiencing losses or if they are suffering themselves, and do not seem to have done anything wrong), at the same time, we must understand that if there was no Karma, these diseases simply wouldn’t show up.

The Buddha talked about that, as have many other enlightened teachers who I have studied, such as Rabbi Gabriel. That Karma is the cause of all of these problems and that if we want them not to happen, we have to make certain that there is no negative Karma that would allow them to happen in the first place. All of these diseases emerge and are allowed to exist in the world in the first place from one main reason, and that reason is the lack of societal submission to Torah, or universal law and all manner of excuses to not simply live a higher law.

For example, society causes x amount of damage to our external environment, to animals, to rain forests, etc. We then think that the only way this shows up is damage to the environment, damage to nature, etc. We tend to isolate Karma and think of things in terms of reactions in a localized area that will change when we change that specific action. For example, vegans are very aware in general of how brutal society is to animals. However many of them are not aware of how that karma can flip back on society at some point in the future, and how the spiritual nature of things will re-balance out.

My main point is, that there is a real disease in society, and it is a disease of the hearts and minds of people who are stuck in old ways. The old prophets would have called it a disease of wickedness; the old sages would have called it simply Karma. There are many names for the same thing.

At the same time that we cannot take Universal Law, and jam it down people’s throats, people need to understand that all of these things are caused by the lack of adherance by society of Universal Law and there are no exceptions to that rule. If all of society walked in perfection, and acted in perfect balance, there could be no disease, no disorders, and no pandemics. There would simply be no karma for these things to show up in our lives and, therefore, they would not show up in the first place.

Also, we must realize that the root of all of these issues is in the human heart and mind, and without healing that, there can be no healing of the external world. The hearts and minds of society are broken and imbalanced on a very large scale and all of this is manifesting in the way that people are reacting to a serious world wide trauma that is erupting on all sides.

My main thoughts on the Pandemic are simple: Focus on your immune system and do not let the Drama of society take you off of your path, and suck you into bullshit. Carrying around hand sanitizer and wearing a Gas Mask at all times might cover up the problem and stop its growth, but is not going to stop a virus from spreading where it is supposed to spread. All viruses and diseases, even man made ones are there for a reason and they will carry out their course and the only way to stop them from showing up in the first place is by adherence to Universal Law, or perfect balance in all things. For now, I’d suggest that people focus on their Immune Health.

There are many things you can do to focus on your immune health, which is not in particular the subject of this article. I would encourage you to subscribe to Gabriel Cousen’s List over at the Tree of Life, as he is my favorite expert on these particular kinds of things and has a medical background and as well, is an enlightened spiritual teacher who I have followed for perhaps 20 years or so.

So far, his content has had the best actual advice I have heard. Gabriel hasn’t been sick in 30 years or something. On a personal level, I have found that a highly mineralized body cancels out most kinds of dark things that can enter into the biology before they take root, although mineralization is not the only key to perfect health.

Just please, be aware with all of the drama happening in society that society itself is vulnerable right now and in that vulnerable place there is great opportunity for change – both for the better and also for the worse. Most likely, there will be occurrences of both. I believe in people, and their ability to unify behind the right kind of message when it is time, and to do more good than evil. If you or someone you know is suffering from the Coronavirus, my heart goes out to you and it is my hope that you prevail and once again find yourself on the path to health, wholeness, and well being, aimed at the direction of perfect oneness.

In all of this, I worry most about several people and my heart goes out to them. First, Priscilla and my boys. I haven’t seen either of them really in over 2 years, and the situation seems long from rectified. I have suffered greatly from missing the last couple of birthdays of my boys and being a part of their lives, and it is my hope that one day we will embrace again when their Mother is ready to let go of the past and open the doors of communication to me so I can be a Dad again. I also in particular worry about Priscilla’s Mom and hope she will be ok through all of it.

Second, I am thoughtful of my parents, and my Grandparents who are still alive in New York as they are at ages (particularly my Grandparents) where they can be affected more by the Coronavirus. When things hit close to home, they always hurt more.

Third, I am thoughtful of the elderly in general as there is a great section of society that is in the age range that is more likely to be negatively affected if they are to catch the outbreak.

Fourth, I am thoughtful of you, and your individual pains, and struggles. I know that a lot of you as of late have lost work, your businesses are struggling, and you are in pain and feel displaced, and confused on what to do next. Be of good cheer. A doorway will always open for you at the time when you are ready, and if you step through the proper door, you will always find yourself in the midst of healing on the other side.

Last but not least, I am thinking of your children, and their hearts and minds and their ability to be caught into the drama of the society we all live in, yet very few of us understand. My heart goes out to both them and you, and it is my hope that you embrace them while you can. It always breaks my hearts when I see parents who are not close to their children, because for the last several years I have tried to be close to my children, and cannot be. There is nothing more powerful than husband and wife relationships, and parent and children relationships to bring problems into resolution, and nothing outweighs the power of love, faith, hope, and positive energy.

I actually believe it would be more effective if society all got on their knees, and had faith that God would simply end the outbreak than what we are doing right now. Around 1918 after the second wave of the Spanish Flu, the mortality rates from the sickness simply dramatically reduced and the disease (which was a horrible pandemic that cost the lives of somewhere between 17 and 100 million people) simply stopped affecting people as much, and the death rates went down and it kind of vanished. The cause of this has always been somewhat of a mystery. Read about it on Wikipedia Here.

My theory on this has to do with the faith and humility of the people, a loving and kind God, and a phenomenon that I will discuss later called Quantum Adaptation, where I believe that a cure for ailments can spontaneously map across very large groups of people once a certain amount of people have healed from something. In my way of thinking, it would work better if all of society got on their knees and faced Jerusalem 3 times a day, and at the same time asked how they could change their behavior, then it will work by simply hiding in your house and hoping your family does not become infected.

I hope these thoughts were in some manner helpful to you, and my heart goes out to you if you or someone you know has been or is affected by the Coronavirus. Please keep the weak, the sick, the disabled, the elderly and of course the children in your prayers. Now is a time for society to understand that there is something beautiful that lies behind the corner of every disaster, that is empowered by the human heart and brought to life by the actions of our hands and that within the midst of the struggle around ourselves always presents a great opportunity for change and beauty, and wholeness that can emerge on the other side of suffering.

David Wood

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