Clarification: None Of My Revelations Have Anything To Do Whatsoever With The Period Of Time I Was Drugged With Amphetamines.

Dear Friend,

I was just talking to a friend of mine about the origin of a lot of my knowledge, and I wanted to make an important clarification as to the time periods when my revelations came.  Before I proceed further with this article, I have not been spending time a lot blogging as of late, particularly I have not been blogging about revelatory knowledge as pertaining to the spiritual universe, mainly because I realized that the way I was presenting a lot of this knowledge was not resonating with people, and that if I want to begin creating movement in my life, I have to begin focusing on giving people what they want.

I am very interested in the technical nature of the spiritual universe, so I have spent a lot of time describing it.  I have found that a good percentage of society does not care about it, and to help them, I must help them get what they want.  So at the moment I am rethinking my approach to things as related to that – hence my silence. But my silence has nothing to do with disbelief in anything I have written on this blog, and I wanted to be clear about that.

While I am clarifying this issue, I am not going to spend a lot of time responding to criticisms towards me from now on.  I simply do not care. I am powerful and made in God’s image and have an important mission, and therefore people attempt to stop me from doing it and I have enemies.  Critics criticize. Many times without doing it to the person’s face who they are bringing the criticism against, giving them a chance to respond.

I was asking my friend what he thought about a few things, as I wanted his opinion, and he voiced something that I wasn’t even aware that people thought – and that was that a lot of the knowledge that I have written down was received during a period of time that I was drugged by amphetamines, or recovering from severe brain damage from the attempted murder which happened beginning after my spiritual awakening (on May 20th, 2017) beginning in the following week, all the way through about a month or a month and a half later.  In other words, I had a spiritual awakening and immediately following (beginning I believe 2 or 3 days later) there was an attempted murder where I was drugged with huge amounts of amphetamines without my knowledge.

I have discussed this incident several times in the past, and am done talking about it unless someone specifically asks.  However, it happened and the incidents I have described around that time happened. I am clarifying it now as my good friend suggested that I make a clarification, for in his own words “People would respond to you differently if they knew that your knowledge did not come from the amphetamine drugging.”

First of all, to clarify.  I had an experience which I would call a spiritual awakening, and that others would call “Enlightenment” on May 20th, 2017 in Puerto Rico.  At the time of that awakening, there was no amphetamine drugging whatsoever involved. During my spiritual awakening (the initial one) I had a great amount of knowledge come into my consciousness as pertaining to my nature, my identity in the Universe, the origins of the Universe, the architecture of the Universe, past incarnations, the plan for rebuilding the Universe and stopping its cycle of collapse, and much more.  I have described this experience in many blog posts and perhaps will do a more technical blog post description of it later. I actually have an audio recording of this experience, although I need to find it.

My friend (from our conversation) who I am quite close with, thought that a lot of these revelations (for example:  Me being King David) had to do with the period of time when I was being drugged with amphetamines. This is not true, and the drugging of amphetamines (which I will clarify in a timeline below) is completely disconnected from any of my spiritual revelations.  The only thing that happened during that period of time, is I underwent severe brain damage and damage to my physiology that took me a very long time to repair, and also I lost a lot of credibility with the people that I know as the attack damaged me in a way that for a very long time, made it difficult for me to communicate in a clear fashion – a problem which I am now recovered with as I have knowledge and understanding which allows the regrowing of damaged brain tissue.

So very quickly, the intricate knowledge of the Universe actually came from my initial enlightenment experience.  This would include the story of the Universe, my identity in the Universe, knowledge of my mission, the nature and functioning of the Universe Engine, the expansion and collapse cycle of the Universe, the gathering of the 144,000, knowledge of past incarnations, etc.  That knowledge came all at once in the form of what I would describe as a “holographic imprint” – essentially what that means is that the knowledge all came at once, downloaded into my consciousness, and some of it was decoded right then, and some decoded later. None of this knowledge (for example, the Universe Engine, me being King David, etc) came in the period of time where I was drugged with amphetamines.  All that period of time did was hurt my brain and my biology, and disrupt my ability to communicate my message. I hope that helps clarify things.

After that period of time, I made a lot of mistakes in communicating my message, some of which I was aware of early, and some of which I was aware of later.  For example, I no longer walk around telling people that I am enlightened, as my understanding of enlightenment is deeper, and I believe that we must always pursue enlightenment and understanding.  Also, I have learned that people do not respond well to it. In general, I also do not walk around telling people that I am King David as first of all, I have not been anointed as the King of Israel yet by any large group and second of all, talking about myself doesn’t really excite people in general.  So I am spending my time talking about others and what they want. I have a much deeper knowledge of my mission now than before also. I also believe that it was a mistake to ever tell people in general that I am the main incarnation of the consciousness of Elohim on this world. Originally when that knowledge came to me, it was something that I was only supposed to discuss with someone under certain conditions, when they came to that conclusion themselves.  I believe that me telling people both scared them, and also made people misunderstand the purpose of my message. I originally shared this knowledge with Priscilla only, and then I shared it with Rob Skinner, who then reacted poorly and told several hundred people about it. I then shared it publicly so that people would not later accuse me of hiding that knowledge if it came out. Originally when I told that to Rob, it was only for him and not something that I was planning on sharing.  My trust was broken, so I just told people about it. To be clear again, this knowledge did not come to me under the influence of amphetamines. It came from my enlightenment. Me being an incarnation of the consciousness of Elohim does not mean that I am God. As I have described, there are 144,000 people who incarnate on the earth at one form or another that are like this, not just myself. In Indian religions this also happens (Gods incarnate from time to time) and also this occurs in Christianity (in the form of Christ).  Perhaps my way of describing it is outlandish. It is not really more outlandish than some of the stories in Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, or Hinduism. It is just something in the modern age that I came out and presented in the wrong way. Again, at the moment I am focused on reorienting myself to help people in a specific way, and am presenting myself differently on purpose. A lot of the drama going on in the world is things that I have been warning all of you about for the last 2 ½ years and it is going to get worse.

On to the clarification as to the source of my knowledge.  My spiritual knowledge comes because during my spiritual awakening, where no amphetamines were involved (as that happened later which I will describe) the hologram of this knowledge all downloaded into my spirit at the same time.  

The actual timeline of events occured as follows:

#1 – May 20th, 2017 – On May 20th, 2017 (Saturday) I had a spiritual awakening in which I reconnected with knowledge from previous incarnations, awakened as to my true nature, and had my sense of duality collapse into oneness.  The best way of describing this is that before, I would look at myself and something like the computer in front of me as two separate things. Now I look at them as one thing with various different levels of manifestation.  What is within is without, and what is without is within. Essentially, this is the same nature of awakening experienced by various sages and spiritual leaders through history. During this awakening, I had a great imprint of spiritual knowledge happen, which described the nature of the spiritual universe, and how it interacts with reality (such as the concept of the Universe Engine, where the Universe came from, who I am, etc).  This awakening was 100% positive, and essentially broke me free from a great cycle of suffering I had been walking in not just in this life, but many other lifetimes as well. Since this time, I have had a great deal of detailed knowledge come to me from past lives, etc. It was in this awakening that I became initially aware of who I am, my role in the Universe, my mission, the gathering of the 144,000, the building of the New Jerusalem, etc.  All of this knowledge, 100% of it, came in an imprint of knowledge, some of which I experienced then, some of which I decoded later as I thought about it. Again, there was no being drugged by amphetamines here, as that happened next. I believe it was 2 days later that the drugging happened. Before that happened, I had already awakened as to my identity. I simply just did not talk about it for some time.

  • Special note:  I do not think that I have communicated all of this information properly or necessarily in the right order, as it was quite a lot for people to handle.  I was very excited about the technical nature of things, I find that very few people are excited about it as I am. To build a following, it is important that I talk about what people want and need.  Me doing that does not mean that I am giving up on my mission (I won’t give up on it regardless of discouragements that hit, although my way of achieving it might change).

#2 – For a period of about 30-45 days following this first incident, there was two people working together that I am aware of that against my knowledge, put huge amounts of drugs into an herbal medicine that I was making in lethal amounts.  I will not talk about either of them, except that now they are in a relationship together, and I believe they are still a couple although I do not check in on them ever. I am at least happy that something positive came out of it for them.  I do not know all of what was put into what I was taking. I simply know that it was lethal amounts each time that I took it and for some reason, I am still alive. During this time period (which was after my spiritual awakening) I essentially acted like a maniac and destroyed a previous company I was building called Empower Network, as I was under the influence of large amounts of amphetamines that were strategically placed into my food.  During this time period, I did not have new revelations as to the nature of the Universe. I essentially acted like a crazy person, as I had huge amounts of energy (from the meth being put into my food) and it made me act in total psychosis, destroying a bunch of my cognitive function at the same time. (Amphetamines do that, the amount I was drugged with caused lots of destruction really fast).  The early destruction of my cognitive function post awakening has nothing to do with the knowledge I received in my awakening itself. The two events are disconnected, the knowledge is disconnected – they have nothing to do with each other whatsoever. People have tried to kill many important spiritual leaders. This just happened to be during a time and in a way where I did not know about it until the damage had been done and quickly recovering from it wasn’t an option. Miraculously, I am still alive and ok. However, this period of time did not give me the knowledge I present on this blog, they are totally unrelated incidents and if you know me, I would be thankful if you were simply thankful that I am alive, and ok. Over the years, I have not gotten a lot of messages like that.

#3 – This period of time was stopped by an arrest in Costa Rica where I got thrown into a mental hospital where they tested my blood, as I was acting out of control.  I am thankful for it, as they discovered the amphetamines in my blood and there was enough amphetamines in my blood 7 hours after the last taking of the herbal mixture I had (where they were putting the drugs) to kill several large people.  Of course, I had no clue about the amphetamines being in there. If I ever took meth on purpose, I would simply tell people as I am pretty open about everything. I responded to the doctor by saying “I’ve never taken meth in my life, that’s odd.”  So again, these are two different time periods. Time a) Enlightenment and time b) Attempted murder. I do not think any rational person who knows this story could be angry or upset with me for acting out of control under the circumstances I was under, which were severe and beyond my awareness.

I actually asked my friend today his opinion on why I am alive at all, as I am curious about it.  My explanations of course remain the same as they have been previously, although I generally do not walk around telling people I am immortal anymore, as I have learned that it is an immediate way to create disbelief in the people around me, and I have no real proof of it anyways.  I actually do not care (as I have mentioned previously) if I am actually immortal, or that I’m not. I simply have no other way of explaining why I am still alive, and perfectly fine after all this time, restored entirely to mental functioning that is superior to what I had years ago, before the attack.  If you have a better explanation, please let me know in the comments. I would be happy to go under medical exams to either prove or disprove my theories on this stuff, but I have had no offers from anyone to help on that, so I am focused on other things.

#4 – I went through a period of time incubating, rebuilding my life, and figuring out what I wanted to do, clarifying the knowledge that I had and learning how to heal my mind.  I was severely, severely damaged from the attack in lots of ways, but slowly was able to rebuild every last part of my awareness and mind that was broken, repair my communication abilities, and repair my ability to focus and concentrate.  All of these things took a lot of time, hard work, and applied knowledge.

#5 – During this incubation time, I came out with my message of being the Messiah.  Really, looking back it would have been better to do this a different way as when I came out with it, my communication was all over the place and did not make much sense, as my cognitive abilities were still fairly damaged.  However, writing and thinking helped me repair all of that over a period of time. I want to be clear about something:

My cognitive abilities were damaged AFTER this knowledge came to me.  Not before. The knowledge did not come to me from the damage, it came to me from the Spiritual Awakening that I had.  The majority of people who have spiritual awakenings as to the nature and depth that I do do not go out publicly and share all of their weirdest knowledge I have found, as I have sought out teachers and studied the manner in which others have gone about communicating their awakenings.  Generally, they talk with others about simple things that other people can do. For example, the Buddha went through enlightenment, and then he built a following by teaching simple things that everyone can do and a path that everyone could follow. When I went through it, I told people about all of the exciting weird stuff that I knew, as that is what I personally was excited about.  Hindsight is 20/20. It would have been better for me to go make a bunch of money, get a bunch of proof, help a bunch of people do things in their life that they never could do before, spread enlightenment, and help people come up to conclusions on their own.  

With myself, I was very excited as I finally could describe how the Universe functioned.  So I told everyone about it, thinking they were interested in it. Of course, they were not in general, which discouraged me.  I then faced great periods of rejection and hardship personally, trying to warn people of what is coming. I realized after a very painful hardship of being rejected that I was sharing a message with people that they did not want to hear and going about doing what I am doing in the wrong way, as the result that it was creating was not the result that I wanted, and not going to create the ultimate outcome that we need to happen.  What I really want (at this phase) is to help create world peace. We are in a very interesting time right now as there is a very high possibility right now of the world going through severe economic collapse because of the way people are reacting to the Coronavirus, which I will write about later as I am still in the process of thinking it through. That is a problem I haven’t attempted to solve, although my actual opinion on it is that it is a weaponized virus, and also at the same time a plague on humanity that is allowed into existence because of the negative karma (or wickedness) of humanity in general and can only be wiped out by humanity going through a deep kind of change and spiritual rebirth.

As this article is about something different, I will continue with my message:  Very simply, absolutely none of my knowledge whatsoever has anything to do with (whatsoever) the time period in which I was drugged against my will with crystal meth.  None of it of any significance came to me during that time period. I did not become aware of me being David from Ezekiel 37 during that time period. I did not learn about the Universe Engine during that time period.  None of my deep knowledge of past lives came to me during that time period. All of my knowledge came before that time period (during my enlightenment) or after a period of time of healing. All that time period did to me was create great personal pain as it held back my ability to do what I wanted for a very long period of time as I lost (temporarily) a lot of my communication abilities and people skills.  Now that I am healed from that, I am thankful that I am alive and well and hope you are as well.

So again, my spiritual knowledge came mostly all at once and I shared it and organized it much later.  This includes all of the core ideas that make my knowledge work. I was talking to my friend about that and that was something that he didn’t know.  So I hoped that this cleared it up for you as well. I have not been sharing a lot of the knowledge that I have as of late as I am focused on creating something new in my life and preparing for my next phase of being, as much of what I want to create will only be able to manifest when I have a great team of people surrounding me on all sides.  That is only going to be able to happen in an environment where I am giving everyone what they want in a way in which they are winning.

I am also focused on recovering from severe and deep heartbreak and am doing much better on that.  So generally on this blog, I do not know the direction as of right now I am going to take the content.  What I know is that we are in a phase of humanity where there is a very important series of actions that we need to take in order to ensure the survival and future safety of our civilization and the propagation and well being of our species.  What I am concerned about is World Peace.

I was talking to my friend, and what he conveyed was that many of my former colleagues and friends simply think that I got super high, and had psychosis.  The vast majority of the people who think that do not communicate with me, and are not around me. They really know nothing about me whatsoever other than some of the ideas I have communicated online, which in my opinion is another part of humanity which is broken and needs to change, that when someone steps outside of the box that everyone else is in, they are frequently ridiculed and abandoned by people that they know.

I was watching the story online of when Sadguru went through enlightenment.  When he came down from the mountain and told the people that he knew about it, they thought he went through psychosis as well.  Now of course, he has a massive following of millions of people who were mostly outside of his old sphere of influence. Jesus (the Savior) also had a hard time working with people who knew him in his youth as they knew him before his mission began.  This phenomenon is common among times when people awaken and while I understand it, I believe that it is more helpful for people in general to be more open. It is very difficult for people who live in an old world to accept the changes of someone who now lives in a new world and in some manner, has transcended much of their experience.  They feel some kind of loss.

Now for me, I also know that the way I communicated that message was not correct.  I believe much of that was because of timing, much of it was because of the group I was sharing it with, and much of it was because after I came out with the message, I went through a very difficult time consisting of much abandonment from the people that I loved and needed the most.  It is my hope that none of you ever go through anything like that.

On the flip side, the knowledge I have presented here is an incredibly rich, deep, connected, and working model of everything in the Universe that connects together every known scientific theory and presents a framework by which it is possible for humanity to transcend every experience and live forever, stopping even the eventual collapse of space time itself.  

The model I have presented, regardless of its strangeness works, matches with huge amounts of phenomenon that are present in the Universe and also in our daily experience, and connects together every major religion, scientific theory, and also model of the Universe into one that when I can prove, gives us a model for changing every single broken system in humanity and helping us replace it with something new before the inevitable collapse of the world around us.

Unfortunately, there is a very good chance that things will happen in a reverse order, that is – the world will collapse, and then I will emerge with a real group of people who are unafraid to change things, as at that point, there will be no other real option.  I am fine with either; however, I would prefer that human civilization avoids collapse and never goes through the pain of deep destruction that encompasses the world on a level of a new World War, or something like that.

However, it looks as if at this time, that is what will happen.  I will write about these things, and solutions for them later. Right now, I wanted to focus on the subject that there are people who think that my revelations have something to do with a time period where I was drugged against my knowledge.  They don’t have anything whatsoever to do with it. They either came before, or after that time period. I hope that this clears things up.

One thing that I want to share is a long time ago, I used to stand on stages with people and we would tell them together that there is nothing that they cannot achieve if they set their mind to it.  I have found that even the best of online teachers do not seem to actually believe that this statement is true, and that they impose limitations on what is actually possible in their minds on others that come out when you go outside of the box.  If you want to make $10,000 a month online, or whatever – sure, they believe in that.  

But when you want to re-architect the entire system humanity uses to live, or stop the Universe from collapsing at the end of times when the stars begin running out of gas, and rebuild it from the inside out… they do not believe you can accomplish anything you desire anymore, but look at you with incredulity.  I would simply encourage people to have faith that all things are possible. For myself, I do not believe that anything is impossible anymore. I have lived and experienced too many strange phenomenon that cannot be explained by any modern scientific theory to not believe that all things are possible.

Remember that we are all put on this earth for something different.  I have always been a visionary who has vision abilities far beyond the norm.  You are here for something different than I am, and in some manner, we are destined to work together, and in some manner, we can and will do something great.

Anyways, I hope that cleared things up if any of you thought those same things.  When you are reading through my posts, and you read about my explanations as to the nature of things, I am writing them in that way because I believe that is how things work, and that knowledge came to me from a variety of learnings, some which being study, some being personal conclusions, some being knowledge from other incarnations where we developed working models of things that far surpassed modern knowledge in certain areas, and some from direct revelation and insight from the Holy Spirit.

If you have different beliefs from where that knowledge comes from, that is your own prerogative and right to believe what you want.  Do not jump to conclusions as there will be a time in your future if you are alive right now where you will go through a similar kind of awakening and when you do, there maybe things that happen to you that are positive, and things that happen to you that are negative along the way.  

One thing that I know, is that when your energy centers begin truly awakening, you will have knowledge come to you that is very important.  There maybe situations where the people around you judge you severely for that knowledge, or even ridicule you for it, depending on when it happens (if it is earlier in the awakening of humanity, you may get ridiculed more, depending on how much you share).  One thing that you will not think is that your awakening is psychosis. Society has a way of taking radical advancements people are having and shutting them down out of fear.

Everything that I have shared on this blog is important knowledge that will at one point aid humanity in being able to do things that are beyond the imagination of current humans.  The world is nearing an age where all things will be possible, and all ideas will have a place and be important. We are not there yet but we are approaching a time of great awakening where out of necessity, humanity will awaken to survive.  3 years ago, it was my hope that we would awaken before we needed to and avert a great period of darkness unlike anything we have ever seen.

I now believe we will enter the period of darkness, and out of need for survival, the awakening will happen.  Either way, we will still have the awakening. The choice on how we are going to do it is really up to us and how we do things, how we learn information, what we do with the information that comes our way, and how much action we are really going to take.

We are in deep, deep need of radical change right now across all of the infrastructure of the world.  We are living in a system that is by its nature destined for collapse and reorganization; something that will happen either for the positive or for the negative, and the way in which the world changes is really up to you, and it is up to me.  One thing that will never change the world is taking new ideas, shunning them, and jumping to immediate conclusions without looking at real information or asking people questions — for example, this situation with my friend and an assumption of where my knowledge came from about the nature and infrastructure of the Universe being from somewhere different than it actually came from. 

This knowledge was so important for me to share with you, that I lost everything in my life that mattered to me to share it with you before it is too late and it is my prayer that it falls upon ears that are at least open to hear because what I have shared on this blog can absolutely save your life and keep your family alive during coming periods of struggle that are beyond anyone’s imaginations or ability to comprehend.

That is my intention really, is to help you stay alive, stay well, and be protected during the coming age of transition where everything we know and everything we believe, and everything that we hold dear to us is going to be broken apart, challenged, and temptations are going to come our way that will be so strong that even the greatest among us will be tempted to fall into darkness.  That is my intention in all of my writing, and in everything that I have shared – to warn you about that, to give you a vision for the future that is powerful enough to keep you focused through it, and to help provide a vision for humanity that can change everything and bring everyone together.

In that, is there anything wrong with what I have shared?  There is nothing. It is simply a way of looking at things that is different and new, and it is my hope that because you have read my blog, you will survive and rise above the ashes when it is time for things to really go through upheaval and change.

Remember – all things are impermanent and change is coming that we cannot imagine.  Some of that is good and some of it is not. I hope this helped you understand where I am coming from.  There is a lot more that I can share with you that I have not been, because the knowledge that I have shared has not been well received.  When my knowledge begins to be well received, there is a time when I will share more and all things will begin working together for our favor.

That time is not yet, but be on your toes as new things are coming that have the ability to change everything.  I hope this helped you understand my message.


David Wood

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