In A Previous Incarnation (Enoch) We Discovered That Viruses Are Not Life, They Are Tiny Machines… And Destroyed Them.

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Time for a weird post 🙂 I’ve been doing some meditative writing trying to unlock information related to viruses as right now we have a world wide pandemic going on with Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and I am trying to access information that I had before in a different cycle of things that can be helpful in solving this problem.

I will simply share what I wrote by hand in my journal, and perhaps government bodies can get ahold of this information and do experimentation with it. I am not certain if human technology has advanced sufficiently in this cycle of things to be able to do what we did previously and also, since that time diseases have changed, some have advanced but I believe they still use the same patterns of things to operate. This information comes from a previous incarnation (Enoch) which biblically, was a person who was taken into heaven without tasting death. Enoch was the builder of a city commonly known and referred to as Atlantis; however, that is simply one of many names.

Viruses got out of control in the pre-flood times, way bigger of a problem than they are now. So it was necessary in this city we built, which later became sized like a contenant, to destroy the diseases of people that entered into the city to keep everyone safe from harm. We did this through gateways that used a form of electrical-holographic energy that destroyed the machinations (viruses) but did not destroy life, as we discovered that they are two different things. Often in science, viruses are treated as life. But in reality, they are not. Anyways, here’s what came out in my journaling. I hope this is helpful for you. It is very stream of consciousness, so you have to pay attention a bit to read it:

—-Start of Journaling on the nature of Viruses and how we conquered them before—–

Viruses in particular are hard to conquer, yet I have done it before. When I was Enoch we conquered all disease, and all death.

The way we did this was through righteousness and perfect obedience to law and order for under no other circumstances can they be eradicated.

There is a reason that Gabriel Cousens has not been sick in 30 years. It is because he is a perfect man.

How was the world cured of disease in the days of Enoch?

Viruses are not life, they are anti life. Essentially they are tiny biological machines and as machines, they can be disrupted by certain kinds and voltages of electrical energy. Every trace of them must be destroyed in order for a body to truly become perfect. However, there are other ways.

For example, there is always karma that allows the entrance of any biological disease into existence. If it were not so the disease could not exist. The biological machinery of viruses can be destroyed with very strong currents of electrical energy, such as a lightning bolt; however, there is a better way. Viruses do not evolve in the same way as life, for they are anti life.

There is therefore a simpler way to destroy them, and that is by disrupting the patterns of their machinery, for they are tiny machines built by dark beings and their helpers.

This can be done in many ways; however, in the ancient of times we built machines that were placed at the entrance ports of Atlantis and those machines would destroy the electroholographic machinery linking together the protein shells of viruses and within the cities, people were then freed; for viruses do more then simply disrupt the biological circuitry of a human being, they also inject energetic circuitry into the biology and mind, causing the hologram of the organism to repeat behaviors that lead to the propagation of the disease.

Therefore, as constructs of energy they can be destroyed by energetic patterns that destroy viruses but do not destroy life. When people walked through the gateways of our ancient city, they were freed from their sicknesses and diseases that entered them from these tiny machines of evil and destruction, and therefore within our cities we were free of disease, sickness, and other various forms of ailments.

These machines that destroy viruses can be built again by modern human technology. However, in this cycle of things people have not advanced their thinking sufficiently about the interconnected nature of thee bio-spiritual organism know as humanity to effectively destroy all forms of disease without harming life, but they soon will, and then a new age of advancement will begin.

As the necessity grows for information on how to break apart the evil machinations that lurk within, more will be revealed through the proper channels of chosen vessels which are on the face of the earth.

——end of writing

In this, I could give more information about this but as Enoch, I was also not one of the core scientists in that incarnation that developed the technology. I was the visionary leader that orchestrated it, if that makes sense. However, I can describe in fairly intricate detail how this process worked.

There are layers to reality that people generally will not believe and I can hear people laughing already and saying “Oh now Dave Wood believes that viruses are tiny machines of evil!” and making fun of me. (on the one hand, it is quite funny).

However, as I enjoy the laughing I also am thinking about how to build the machines, that destroy the “even tinier” little evil machines that lurk in the biology of people, commonly known as “viruses”. I remember we built these machines, and we had to go through a fairly quick testing protocol, as diseases and the propagation of viruses were getting out of hand. This was one of the reasons we had to build gates around cities, and have specific entrance and exit points. Remember at that time, there was nephilim (and there is again as I have been mentioning for 3 years or so) and nephilim are essentially walking biological disease factories. So ridding people of viral outbreaks was something that was of some kind of sense urgent and necessary.

During the first round of building these machines, I remember in particular that when the viruses were destroyed, there was a reaction and there was some kind of manifestation usually on its way out, depending on what it was. People were stronger then, and healed faster than they do now as well, and also, the viruses of the time were somewhat stronger in their manifestation than current diseases. This built up gradually, over a period of nearly 300 years. In the earlier days of that incarnation, it was in some manner much as it is now. In the latter years and days, everything was more advanced on both sides.

So as time progressed erupting from the technological/biological singularity which was forming at the time, things got more violent on the one hand (outside of the city) and more perfect and beautiful, and peaceful on the inside of the city. One of the more important things we did in this process was learn to disrupt, disable, and destroy the machinations of viruses. So we built these gateways and people would have to travel through them. As they traveled through, there was very concentrated cyclical electrical energy that was pushed through their biology along key energetic pathways. Eventually this machinery was so advanced, it caused no dark manifestation with the destruction of the micro energetic programs. It simply destroyed them. In the earlier days, there was more manifestation. Before someone was allowed to enter the city, they had to go through this process as we could not allow disease to enter in any form into the city of Atlantis. The process was very rapid in the end (as we got more advanced) it maybe would take 3-6 minutes, and then eventually we did it in a period of time much faster (3-6 seconds). However in the earlier days we had to identify the patterns of energy keeping the viruses intact. Once the patterns of energy were identified, we then mapped this across in a system that was built from a form of artificial intelligence, and everything in a ‘like’ pattern that mimicked the energy of a virus was destroyed, for life does not look like anti-life when you know what you are looking at.

Anyways, I hope this helps.

David Wood
“…Among The Builders Of Atlantis

P.S. Obviously, we are in a different cycle of things; and today’s cycle has similar, but different problems as the cycle that happened a little over 5,000 years ago. Basically though, as the saying goes: “There is nothing new under the sun.” I’ve heard the conspiracy theorists say that there was very advanced technology in previous cycles on earth, and this is no different. Think of this like you’re reading David Icke’s private notebook as he’s about to reveal the new species of shape shifting lizards that just invaded the Queen of England’s home, and you’re “Just starting” to get how valuable this blog is to read daily. I’ve decided in general that I will focus on normal things; however, perhaps separate brands out or something. I think that it is helpful to take information gleaned from previous cycles and incarnations, and share it with the world; as this information can be adapted, and eventually, it will happen again anyways.

NewsFlash: “Dave Wood now says viruses are tiny machines built by Shape Shifting Lizards!”

  • I’ll add that to the wild “claim pile”.
  • It’s a conspiracy!
  • Alright, I’m off to bed. Hope you enjoyed the post.

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