Coronavirus? Here’s A Collection Of Facebook Rants And YouTube Videos

Dear Friend,

Recently, the drama of the Coronavirus, and the fact that I am locked up inside in Colombia in a Quarantine has inspired me to leave some thoughts in both video and on Facebook that you may have missed. I wanted to copy and paste some of these conversations on Facebook because I think they will be valuable for you as far as insights are concerned into the nature of this Pandemic, and also the dramatic change that it can produce in all of our lives. Overall, the most worrisome parts of this issue are obviously the massive loss of lives of good, hard working people who love their families, particularly the elderly and the sick and the afflicted; also, it is of utmost importance that we are on our heels as far as attention goes to abuses in government power and overreach, and the progression of New World Order agendas which can affect all of our freedoms and liberties.

I am also concerned for the unpreparedness of our civilization for disease level attacks, as I have been mentioning for several years how the propagation of new diseases will accelerate as we head into the age of the singularity on many blog posts, and many videos. Particularly, I am concerned that what we are seeing now is “not even a fraction of a fraction” of the level of disease issues we are going to be seeing over the next times as the decades advance and we step into a new age of thinking and technological and spiritual/biological advancement.

We must be aware at the plans of the Elite, as well as the progression of a dark New World Order may make radical advancements on a world wide level over the course of this pandemic in reaction to the disease outbreak, and as we are watching this in deep awareness, we must also realize that this disease (as well as what happens next) is all part of a very well thought out agenda and that if the people of the world do not change, there are many worse things coming in the future.

Here are some helpful Facebook insights I’ve written that will help you understand the problem, and also the direction of the Coronavirus (CoVid-19) pandemic as well as the effects that it can have on humanity:

Post #1: Posted On March 18th, 2020 at 9:24pm

So I am now wondering with martial law breaking out all over the world to control “the coronavirus” if this viral outbreak is just another example of the “Problem – Reaction – Solution” formula to create some large government body, such as a TSA for health, world wide, or something like that.

For example, I read an article that the reason the Coronavirus is controlled in China is because they took everyone they even suspected might have the Coronavirus and did a mandatory health screening and locked them in Quarantine for 14 days. It worked, but China can only do that because they are a communist government.

I remember when I was sitting in a living room with like 14 Islamic people watching the Twin Towers get crashed into while of course, my buddy Jeff Sokol was running down the staircase (he was, of course, in the tower)… I said “Well, the government just got an excuse to get ‘Even Bigger'”.

Sure enough, a short time later George Bush introduced the TSA program, an excuse to have a centrally controlled security system for travel. For a while, people rebelled against the over fat, unnecessary control. Until it just became a part of life, and they said “whatever’ and continued on with their day.

What’s the next bit coming from this one? Centralized health screening system by the World Health Organization? A new one in the USA? Mandatory injections and screenings for all participant countries and nations in the United Nations world wide? England’s currency just went through the biggest collapse in 100 years. People are panicking. Toilet paper supplies are running low. Martial law.

Whatever is next, let’s see if the “Problem – Reaction – Solution” formula prevails. This is just a market test in my opinion for much more insidious attacks coming on humanity. Another proof that humanity is completely and entirely unprepared for the shifts happening in the future for us all.

Beware of scams, and I’m not talking necessarily about the online opportunist this time. I’m talking about your freedoms being stripped from you as the world is in a state of panic. Again. It isn’t worth it, whatever excuse they make to make government bigger, and more controlling. Over the long haul, it will just make society weaker and less able to adapt on their own, more dependent on the machine. Beware of big government and the insidious way in which, unchecked, it continues to grow, expand, and strip us of our right to just be.

Video #1: Don’t Get Scammed By The Government Because Of The Coronavirus!

March 22 at 5:29pm (Posted On Facebook) “Do Not Fear My Friends”

Remember that there is always an upside in every downside. Right now the markets are tanking. People are storming shopping centers and taking all of the toilet paper in town. Currencies are collapsing. Bitcoin dropped significantly. Silver is down to $12 an ounce.

Remember that during every downturn there is great opportunity to do something. To lead people, to bring them together, to heal the sick, to buy low and sell high.

I did a video that’s rendering now talking about the coming economic collapse in America and some various scenarios that can play out [it’s rendering now, will upload in a bit]. We are not even close to the downside of some of the problems that people are seeing in the market. Unemployment can shoot from 3% where it is now to 9%, losing millions of jobs in different sectors. The market could tank significantly beyond where it is now, causing people to lose billions, or even trillions in combined assets. We could be put into a national lockdown and then even regular jobs will start to go away as people are hiding in their homes from the government, afraid of what happens next.

There are real problems, but do not fear. You are in the right place at the right time and new doorways of opportunity will open up for you if you pay attention and always focus on taking the right next step. Remember that in every situation where the majority of things go down, there is always something that goes up and that if you see this you are around people who care about you, can speak life into you, and who will help you create what you want to create if you pay attention, and simply take the next step that you are supposed to take.

There are potential things happening that are majorly upsetting, but also some real opportunity to create wealth faster than you ever have before in all sorts of areas. Remember that you are powerful, you are a leader, and you can do whatever it takes to create the life that you want. When referring to the economy and how it affects your business, remember the words of Jim Rohn where he said:

“It is not the blowing of the wind that determines your destination, but the set of the sail.”

Video #2: How To Profit Online During The Coronavirus Pandemic:

Post #3: March 26th at 9:22 AM “Real Coronavirus Stats And Threat”

Society is in some major upheaval right now, and more is coming. The problem on a grand scale with CoVid-19 (Coronavirus) isn’t how many people have gotten it, and how many people have died, it is how fast it is growing and the fact that the numbers are growing exponentially.

I’ve heard various things about the death rate for the Coronavirus, quoting anywhere from 3% to 1%, and lower in some cases. The problem with these numbers, is that they do not match up to the actual statistics that are reported. If you look up the statistics (doesn’t matter if it’s Wikipedia or a 3rd party site, or a government site) it is all about the same. We’ve got approximately:

Coronavirus Cases:



On a very surface level, it would seem that if you take 22,180 and divide it by 492,250 you’ll get approximately a 4.5% death rate, which is generally higher than what people are quoting anyways. However, this is also not accurate, because (for example) yesterday there was 48,441 new cases, and the day before it was something like 41,000 (about, that’s almost a 20% increase over the day before – this is as of 3/26/2020).

Really though, that is not a 4.5% death rate, as the vast majority of those cases are new enough to where there wouldn’t be any deaths for maybe about 1-3 more weeks. The actual stats can be found if you look at the closed cases, which is only found from people being discharged (people who have overcome the virus) and the death rate. With those numbers we currently have:

Cases which had an outcome:

119,732 (84%)
Recovered / Discharged

22,180 (16%)

So there, you see from closed cases (people who either died or healed) there is actually about a 16% death rate. The troubling part again is not the current death toll, it is the fact that the number of new cases is exponentially compounding. In compound interest, if you take the interest rate and divide it into 72, you get the approximate amount of time it takes for an investment to double.

Right now, the approximate number of new cases (and therefore deaths) is growing by around 10% a day [a little more, but it varies], meaning that currently, every 7.2 days there is a doubling in:

a) The number of new cases
b) The number of deaths that will happen 2-6 weeks later.

So say yesterday we add 48,441 new cases, in approximately 1 week there will be approximately 100,000 cases added a day. 2-6 weeks later from that number of 100,000 there will be 16,000 deaths per day from this single new source.

To give you an idea, the current number of deaths per day that happen world wide is about 150,000, meaning that somewhere in the next 2 – 3 months, that number will grow to approximately 165,000. It is very possible that at the current growth rates, if something miraculous does not happen, society might lose 50,100, even 200 million people from just this one sickness.

Please pray for the sick and the elderly, and that the people that are affected world wide will have some kind of solution presented to them that is effective and that helps people heal.

If society loses 50-200 million people in this pandemic, it will have a ripple effect throughout ever part of our societal ecosystem that will force us into a time of change that is going to present some (on the one hand) very ugly, and (on the other hand) very beautiful options for change.

Please remember that there is a reason and a cause that makes everything we experience happen, and this is no different. For if there is no cause, there can be no reaction. The question I present to you today is: What are the learnings we are supposed to glean from this situation?

Video #3: “The Spiritual Cause Of The CoVid-19 Pandemic…”

Is there a Spiritual Cause to the Coronavirus Pandemic? Yes!

Posted 3/29/2020: “We Are In Real Danger Of Attack…

We are under real danger right now of some kind of massive scale disruptive social and/or physical attack. The entire world is quarantining people from speaking with each other and we are stuck in our homes (in my case, I have been essentially in lock down in a hostel in Colombia for about 10 days or something and have maybe 2 weeks left) and people have essentially on a very massive scale stopped talking to each other, and tuned into the idiot box to watch the next news broadcast, giving way for a simple ability to manipulate the thinking of the masses through the news.

I am scrolling through my news feed looking at peoples responses to it and it is incredible. Misquoting statistics on the one hand, others not even believing that it’s a real issue, other people posting information that is contradictory to the mainstream media (such as walking outside of a hospital in the middle of Brooklyn New York and seeing that nobody is lined up to get tested for the Coronavirus and that there is no drama filling up the hospitals in their area downtown).

Businesses are shutting down in North America, and to compensate for the collapsing economy, we’ve just got another $2 trillion stimulus package injected into the economy to save us all, so we can keep the bubble afloat.

Usually, when everyone is focused on one thing, the strike (or attack) comes from another direction that nobody is expecting that sets us up for some long term problem and because we are paying attention to something else (in this case, the fear of the virus and the incredible amount of world wide drama). Right now, it would be very easy to do a number of things to society that could be harmful long term:

a) Continued Isolation. We are going through a massive world wide isolation in an attempt to stop the growth curve of CoVid-19 (Coronavirus) or to slow it down long enough to make certain that we are adequately prepared when it hits. Right now there are 33,599 deaths recorded world wide from the virus and it has matched the approximate ‘range’ of deaths reported every year by the flu (there are only 712,995 cases total, with about as of writing this, 65,000 new cases being added a day compounding daily at about 10% growth).

The isolation by itself, although in the grand scheme of things I believe is serving some kind of purpose, is dangerous. It is convincing people that the way to deal with a problem is to shut down, run, stay inside, and listen to the government for every move. On the flip side, from watching the numbers of world wide growth of CoVid-19, I am not certain that the growth is slowing down at all from our efforts, as no matter what we have done, it has basically continued growing at about 10% compounded daily (to give you an idea, that doubles the number of new cases every 7.2 days).

How is it dangerous other than that? It makes society weak. People are not working, and instead going and filing for unemployment while a stimulus package is being passed. So we have a massive decrease in jobs world wide, and at the same time, a giant increase in the printing of money in an already over inflated currency, adding another $2 trillion to our bottom line that at some point, will cause the economic collapse of North America if we do not reverse this “exponentially expanding debt” trend that we have been stuck in for the last century.

b) The isolation by itself makes us prone to attack via some kind of massive scale behind the scenes takeover. I am not certain that this time period is when the shiz will really hit the fan, or if we’ve got a while. A massive scale takeover could begin by some kind of secret society or organization utilizing this drama to take attention off of something else, and do something like (for example) release one new pandemic level laboratory made virus per month for a year straight, utilizing the drama to further centralize government control to a world level (for example expanding the power of the World Health Organization or the United Nations), or just to outright attack or launch a system of attacks on various nations all at once. With the military distracted keeping order in the streets all over the world, it would be an opportune time to strike a nation or a series of nations, as they are not focused on war, they are focused on the survival of their people.

c) The effectiveness of utilizing a world pandemic to shut down systems and over inflate the currencies is startling. For myself, if I had the ability to choose, I’d be walking around and saying hello to people whether there is a Pandemic or not. I am unafraid of it in the slightest. If I get it, I will be fine and recover. I do not fear death, and I do not fear disease as I have been very protected in my life. It is startling to me (shocking even) that everyone simply goes inside, afraid of the government. The people should not be afraid of their government, the government should be afraid of their people. Remember that.

So what do we do? We all just head indoors like sheep headed for the slaughter, hoping that the government will keep us safe. In this period of time, a vast majority of people across the world will empty out the very little savings that they have to simply pay bills and survive and the only way that they will be able to sustain their lifestyles is by going into massive amounts of debt. Of course, conveniently, the FED just slashed interest rates to 0 – .25%, allowing people, and the government to go into massive amounts of debt just to survive.

Now, with the increase in debt, all someone would have to do (for example) is launch a strategy to enact a World War, and then in order to fight, the governments would have to borrow more and more money. With disease pandemics and war and financial collapse happening all around us, it is an opportune time to introduce a one world order, or a new world government that in a desire for peace and safety, people would unknowingly opt for control and tyranny as a solution could be presented that looks good, but is in fact a move towards creating a fascist state with all power and all control, and strict financial, health, travel, and education regulations, centralized from a singular world source.

It is extremely imperative that the citizens of the world decide to take control of their own future, and do not get clowned into a decision that ultimately can be placed into their minds by mass scale centralized communication. Do not fear but be aware of your surroundings and what is happening in front of us, to us, and because of us and because of the way we are responding to our external environment.

Remember that all things happen for a reason and this is not any different. There is a reason we as a society are being struck with a plague right now and there is a reason that it is there, and there is always something we can do to make certain that society moves along the right path in the future. This could be the coming prophetic collapse we have been warned about for years and in order to know what will happen we must be alert and watch the trends and the signs of the times. I will simply tell you that it would be extremely easy compared to other times in my life to introduce a one world order of things in the midst of the panic, economic collapse, mounting death toll, and increased level of ‘brainwashing’ evident in our society by the fact that everyone is simply staying home and watching the news to see what happens next.

Be very careful and weary of large scale deception right now, and mass societal “sheeple” decision making that leads us to the top of a mountain… just to push us off of a cliff in the end. Right now we seem to be headed for a trap, and we must be aware of it, pay attention to it’s nature, and dismantle it before it destroys us. It is not just a pandemic we are facing right now, we are facing the systematic destruction of freedom and our ability to choose for ourselves.

—End Of Facebook Posts And Videos—

So in addition to these thoughts I have already given, I wanted to give you some additional thoughts and clarifications based on my observations both of humanity, and also of the government bodies and how they have been reacting to the situation.

First of all, I believe that all of the government authorities I have been watching seem to be doing their best in the middle of an extremely tense and chaotic situation. People are very afraid of what is happening, the stock markets are declining, all out government force in some areas of the world is being used to keep people in check, and more.

I’ve also observed that humanity in general is not resisting what seems to be an abnormal level of control from government bodies, even reaching into the realms of Churches and suspending large in person gatherings (even religious meetings). In all this time, people are cutting contact with each other, getting fined if they don’t, and tuning into the News to find out what Big Brother will and will not let them do…

…at the same time, are the government efforts saving lives or just postponing the inevitable? It is too soon to see. I often see friends of mine misquoting statistics on the Coronavirus, or they are just plain unaware of the actual severity of the situation. As I mentioned in the above videos and posts on Social Media, the problem behind this situation is not the current number of deaths (although tragic, it is still less than the annual Flu count according to a majority of the published statistics). The problem is the way the deaths are exponentially expanding by a compounded factor of about 10% daily. You might not be aware how that plays out, but if we continue the daily growth of deaths, we are talking about doubling the daily number of deaths for all reasons world wide in about 5 weeks. Let me show you how this plays out:

Currently, we have 3,500 deaths daily (approximately) and it compounds at about 10-14% daily. We will round down for now to 10%. What that means is that every 7.2 days, the daily death rate doubles. So let’s go through a few periods:

3,500 daily deaths (now)
7,000 daily deaths (1 week)
14,000 daily deaths (14 days)
28,000 daily deaths (21 days)
56,000 daily deaths (28 days)
112,000 daily deaths (35 days)
224,000 daily deaths (42 days)

Now, obviously this will peak out at some point as exponential expansion doesn’t happen forever. However, we are talking about between 5 and 6 weeks from now doubling the daily number of deaths world wide of all causes from one single thing. To give you an idea, approximately 150,000 people die of all causes daily.

Now we are talking about a massive, economy disrupting, family shattering issue. Most likely the Coronavirus will peak out around summer time and come back with a vengeance in the fall and anything we see now will be severely worse then. Now we are talking about massive world scale economic disruption that will take a genius like Donald J. Trump to help us recover from (please pray for him as well that he will both be protected from the illness and be inspired to make the correct decisions all of the time).

Now a section where I tell you my warnings, and also some possibilities of what can play out on a world wide scale during this time, as there is a very strong possibility that this disease outbreak was made in a laboratory and is agenda driven. (meaning someone did it on purpose).

I have mentioned this in the posts above; however, for the last few years I have been warning about an attack of the nephilim. In case you are new in reading my blog, the nephilim are genetically modified humans (mostly) that appear biblically in Genesis 6 and also have evidence for all throughout human history. Since approximately May 20th, 2017 there has been another age of Nephilim in our day, and they have been growing slowly but steadily in secret groups since that period of time, increasing in power. At some point, there will be a nephilim attack, and from that attack will ensue a 3rd World War that will encompass all of modern civilization. From that war will erupt all kinds of problems and all kinds of new issues, such as the creation of a new world order, a currency system that will be controlled electronically that will be installed into the biology to track and control expenditures, and more.

I currently do not know if the Nephilim attack is near, or if we still have time left. Of the time period that I have been watching humanity for these issues, this is by far the most strategic time that we have encountered so far, but they may desire to wait until society is sufficiently weakened and that may not be yet. In other words, we may still have time, but do not count on it.

My warning to the nations of the Earth is that if we are not prepared for a pandemic, our preparation for World War III (which will be a war between humans and the nephilim, and will also involve artificial intelligence and time, as I have discussed previously) is completely non existent.

Right now, humanity is segmented because we have no real common enemy. I see the news trying to utilize CoVid-19 as a common enemy. The value of a common enemy is that it unifies all peoples together and aims them at fighting something. The problem with a common enemy is that it can aim the herd in the wrong direction, aiming them for the top of a mountain that winds up driving them off of a cliff.

Right now, in the middle of chaos while people are locked in their homes, ceasing communication with each other (breaking apart much needed support groups such as NA, Churches, AA, Network Marketing events, and other kinds of important gatherings) society is weakened and can fall pray easily to mass deception on a grand scale, organized by fewer and fewer centralized sources until we are all listening to a single voice, dictating to us what we can and cannot do.

Whether you believe me or not as far as the nephilim, or adhere to my explanations of them is irrelevant to the idea that prophetically in the end of days the story that happened in the days of Noah will repeat (see Matthew 24). In other words, when we are in the end of days, the nephilim will be here again as they were in the days of Noah. Whether you believe that or not, hear my warning:

If society does not change and unify, and prepare on a massive scale this pandemic will not be the last, or the worst of the plagues that will strike humanity and disrupt it. Over the last 3 years I have reached out to many massive organizations warning them of the dangers to come (including the Federal Government) and have had zero responses, being ridiculed and cast out of every organization that I am a part of, thrown to the streets, been attacked socially and finally with a debilitating blow, I lost my family in Costa Rica and as of right now, I do not feel like warning people anymore as I feel like they are not listening and there is no sense in giving a message to a person who is not ready to receive it.

Regardless of that, and of any of these things, I have been warning of massive world wide catastrophe day and night, with every breathe that I have had for nearly 3 years to great detriment to myself.

I now see society running around in circles trying to accommodate for a coming wave of deaths that cannot be stopped, only by the change of humanity, unprepared and unable to cope by doing anything but printing huge sums of money in order to deal with it.

So we print $2 trillion, and then what? A coming catastrophe that dwarfs this in comparison hits, and what do we do? Borrow another $10 trillion to scale out our military response to an enemy that we cannot predict or defend against? Where does that leave us? It leaves us in the middle of an exponentially expanded pile of paper money that in a time of war can collapse, making the dollars that we have worth literally zero, and at that point society has to segment and rebuild civilization, and all kinds of tyrants and heroes arise, everyone fighting against each other and in this environment, the environment of an anarchal collapse of civilization – a new tyrant can arise that is unlike anything that any of us have imagined, that puts Hitler to shame in his capacity to deceive, lie, and manipulate.

On the flip side, we have a great opportunity for the formation of a World Peace Kingdom that can restore civilization to its grass roots, that can put the power back into the hands of the people, that can decentralize society in a way where from any location it is impossible to control or manipulate the entire organism.

There is great beauty coming, and great darkness coming and you will be caught into the middle of it at some point in the next times. On the flip side, this can just be a pandemic, we can recover, and we can be back into an economic boom. I do not want you to misunderstand what I am saying – we must watch for the signs of the times and understand that we must be on our toes. We may have a great amount of time left and we may not.

I mentioned in a previous post that when I first began on this mission to warn people about what is coming, I believed we could change and thus avoid the great collapse and contraction of modern civilization and the ensuing war that will involve all of humanity. It was my desire to stop this from happening, and instead lead the people with a new vision to a land which I call Zion, a land where all things are possible and all futures and possibilities and visions come into being and exist forever, and never end.

Now based on the response to my message (and that I am not alone in these warnings) I now see society in the middle of a calamity that is here to be a greater warning of the destruction that is possible if we do not change, as if we do not change greater calamities are coming and they will increase in severity.

Whether you believe these greater calamities include nephilim or not is really up to where you are at this point in your life. Regardless of whether that is accurate or not (I am telling you it is but everyone has their right to believe as they choose) there is still potential for massive world wide fallout and we have the power to change it together, and that is why I am writing this post.

Right now society in the middle of economic collapse is praying for a solution to come – a miracle to get rid of a disease. The disease is not the problem, the disease is a symptom, a manifestation of the imbalanced phenomenon of modern society and our way of thinking and being. People would not like to believe this so as when the disease hits, it falls on the righteous and the wicked alike. Very good hard working people are getting it who are good family men and women, and fantastic elderly contributing members of society who matter to all of us – and at the same time, it is afflicting those who are harming society. The rain falls on the just and on the unjust alike.

I am not referring to what individual people are doing. I am referring to what we are all doing together and the way the entire organism of society is fashioned to be aimed at eventual implosion and destruction, and that as a whole organism, we are not changing fast enough to avert the great world disasters that are going to hit us anyways.

I learned a long time ago that many times, people do not change until it is the last possible minute, and then they unite together out of force, because they have to, in the greatest story ever told. I now perceive that this is the outcome of our civilization. We will change because we have to only. Not because we want, not because the prophets warn us to, not because we can in advance.

We will change because there is no option but change, and that is the only reason – as a whole. This is an unfortunate truth that I have experienced many times in my own life. I recently went through a loss so tragic and so great, that for a moment I forgot who I was and I wanted everything to end. I wanted to give up on who I am, and what God has told me to do. The situation did not end me, and did not wipe me out of existence. It simply made me reach down inside myself, and find something I didn’t know that I had, and begin creating many changes in my life.

Unfortunately, many of those changes are coming at a time which to fix what I wanted to heal, are in one manner too late. Meaning the disaster happened and now I am acting to change things. Society will go through the same pattern, mark my words. We think we are prepared because we are prepared for a,b, or z. But when c and d and e and p hit (in this case “p” for “Pandemic”) all of the sudden we are finding ourselves in the middle of a situation that can end the lives of 50, 100, or 200 million people if we do not play our cards right.

And even if we play our cards right, we are in a situation where all options wind up with our nation massively in debt and struggling to break out of a situation that may happen again if we do not change at a worse severity, and now we are in a never ending rabbit hole of a coming implosion of our money system from constantly propping up our society through lending and Quantitative Easing (QE) through our fake fiat currency that is just as doomed as every other fiat currency in history… walking into a bubble that has only two options to end:

Option #1) We change everything and build a new society with a new vision, with new capabilities, with a future for everyone.
Option #2) World War III, economic collapse, and the age of the Tyrant.

Staying the same results historically in Option #2 every time, as that is what we have been aimed at for some time. I have been impressed at Donald Trump’s efforts to keep the New World Order at bay. However even through his best efforts, we get attacked by an unexpected enemy and still have to prop up the economy with a fiscal bailout to save us all. And if I was going to rate him on a scale of 1 to 10 in the midst of strikingly difficult circumstances, I’d still give him a 10.

My question is – what are we saving ourselves from? It appears as if we are trying to save ourselves from our own behavior by instead of changing the root problem which is the cause of all things, which is the human heart and mind, we instead prop up our fiat civilization hoping that in the end, we will fight our way out of doomsday.

I am troubled by some of the higher level actions of all organizations. Cancelling all Church meetings. Making people stay in their homes. Everyone walking around six feet apart afraid to talk to each other, afraid to go outside, afraid to challenge big brother. Fines all over the world for disrespecting large government bodies and exercising our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

At the same time I see incredible opportunity for us all to create a change on a new level and unite in the pursuit of a truly liberated civilization. A civilization free of disease, free of pandemics, and free of boom and bust cycles – a civilization which has the capability to expand forever and ever and never collapse again, as long as the earth shall stand and we pray (and hope) that it stands forever.

This system of things is coming to an end, mark my words: It is going to take a renaissance of thinking and a new way of approaching problems to solve the pandemic of “humanities immature behavior” that has been growing in size for some time, and we are all a part of this new revolution in thinking, being, and acting that like a wave, will sweep everything.

Pray that leadership will arise, that vision will be born, that crowds will gather, that a voice will be heard – that a new vision will storm into humanity and aim us in a direction we can all believe in, a vision who’s time has come.

Please, do not stop gathering. Whether it be electronically, phone calls, webinars, Google Hangouts, private gatherings, whatever you have to do to keep connected with other human beings – there will come a day when no matter what the government says, you will need each other and each other will be your only escape route. I pray that when that day comes, you are ready and you have the ability to defend yourself, and that you are protected.

I have faith in humanity, I simply see the roads diverged opening before us with multiple choices, and pray that we walk down the right path together, united in vision and cause and stepping into a new kind of faith, a new kind of power, and a new kind of liberation.

I do not fear the Coronavirus, and I do not fear the coming nightmares that will pounce themselves on society like a thief in the night, when we are all distracted with something else – out of nowhere. What I hope in is that people have the courage to do something new, and that the thing that they do they do together, and we unite together to create a new system of things, and that new system averts problems at the core of where they begin, which flowing from the heart, to the mind, through the mouth wind up in our behavior, and the actions we take and by changing things in that order (beginning at the heart) we through the power of faith have the ability to change all things.

Please pray with me for the sick, and the afflicted, and the elderly, and the children, and single mothers of the world. Please pray for my two children, Gabriel and Angel and their mother Priscilla that their hearts will open and I will see my children again.

Pray that there will be new pathways presented in front of people and new doorways of hope and freedom. Pray that the spirit of preparation will fall upon humanity and that new systems will emerge which avert problems without costing us life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that a cure for all diseases will emerge, that out of chaos will be presented a new vision for hope, for success, for radiance of change and of vision that impacts all things.

Our God is a mighty God, regardless of our differences in beliefs and has the power to do all things and humanity desires right now to change and desires for a miracle. Join us in prayer and meditation and let us unite our hearts and minds towards a new future where we work together and all problems, and all situations have a solution, and our society and our heights of accomplishment, and our greatness and our wisdom, learnings, humility and strength expand forever.

We are at the dawn of a new age and I hope you see the emergence of newness and a reaction inside of faith and hope. I have faith, regardless of the pain that I have gone through. After weeping bitterly for a great loss in my life I said recently: “The LORD giveth, and the LORD taketh away, blessed be the name of the LORD.” As Job, I will rise from the ashes and new blessings and new victories will come my way and all things are designed to be this way.

I love you, and I believe you and please, share this post and comment down below. It is time for a new age of change and abundance.

David Wood
A Teacher Of Change

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