Deciding To Do Something.

The last couple of years, I've on the one hand been walking in a beautiful new experience of the universe where I have access to new knowledge, a new kind of balance in my energy, and a new kind of happiness. On the other hand, there's been some things that I've struggled with that have been beyond hurtful to me. Some of it I've known how to deal with, and some of it I haven't.

The Coming Systematic Attack On Our Infrastructure, Fulfilled Prophecies, And The Building Of A New Age Of Civilization:

I wanted to write you a blog post from where I’m staying here in Colombia, and talk about the potential dangers that we are faced with right now that I have noticed very few people see or notice. The reason that I am writing this to you is that we are currently faced with a global pandemic that is beginning to grow outside of control despite our best efforts to keep people safe.

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