The Coming Systematic Attack On Our Infrastructure, Fulfilled Prophecies, And The Building Of A New Age Of Civilization:

From The Desk Of David Wood:
4/4/2020 at 2:33 PM
The Coming Systematic Attack On The World Infrastructure:

Dear Friend,

I wanted to write you a blog post from where I’m staying here in Colombia, and talk about the potential dangers that we are faced with right now that I have noticed very few people see or notice.   The reason that I am writing this to you is that we are currently faced with a global pandemic that is beginning to grow outside of control despite our best efforts to keep people safe.

This blog post is going to be not only about the pandemic, but also about the surrounding potential problems that can ensue on a global level.  I tried to make an audio explaining these problems the other day but the device I was using to record flopped up the timing of the sound and I’m not even sure an average person would be able to focus and pay complete attention as they are listening to it, so I wanted to make a blog post to help you understand the nature and the seriousness of the issues at hand so that we can prepare for it, and also so you know that there is more going on here than just a viral outbreak.

I’ve seen people on social media beginning to get concerned and even heard concerns voiced like “it feels like something is wrong” or “who here on Facebook feels like something is majorly off and feels uneasy about this situation?”  Of course, the responses to these statements go in different directions. Many people feel that we are simply going through another global pandemic that is of the same nature as the Spanish Flu, that it is a virus and that’s all that it is.  Another group of people who read my blog daily and also the interactions that I have think that there is something majorly wrong, and that this is part of the plan of the global elite to reduce the population of humanity down to 500 million people.

The conspiracy theories are going wild, and in the middle of the propagation of these theories alternative voices are being further shut down and eliminated, such as Alex Jones, who has also now been removed from the Google Play Store.  In case you’re unfamiliar, Alex Jones has been one of the strongest alternative news voices for the good majority of my adult life, and he’s been removed off of YouTube, Facebook, now Google Play, and I don’t know where else. It is almost as if our communication is being isolated and reduced so we have to communicate through channels that are being monitored and controlled, and we are being put into a situation where systemically as time goes by, we basically are going to be hearing what a smaller and smaller group of people want us to hear.

So I’ve heard all sorts of things, and I do not agree with all of them; however, I will tell you that there is a more radical scheme behind the scenes than anyone who has been talking about has mentioned and I wanted to tell you what I am concerned about on behalf of the overall current direction of humanity and why I am concerned.

First of all, let me share with you a story about the kind of thing that I believe is actually going on behind the scenes on a global scale.  This story comes from my own experience, when I was running a successful internet company that was doing around $7 million a month in sales in 2013.  A lot of people remember the story, but they did not experience what happened through my ears, eyes, heart and experience.

From the peak of our growth in 2013 until the collapse of that organization in 2017, I experienced a systematic attack on our infrastructure, team, and system that continued until every single last part of what I had built was destroyed by its enemies and left in a heap of rubble.  For the sake of this blog post, I am sharing this story because what I experienced is a model for what can happen to the current infrastructure of the world.

I don’t know if you’ve ever in your life encountered a person, an organization, or some kind of spiritual force that is pure evil and wants nothing but to kill, steal, and destroy.  I know that I have. Being in my life someone who was chosen at birth with a mission that is large (as many people reading this also are), I also have been the recipient of larger than average attacks on myself and the visions that I’ve had for the people around me and humanity.  When I was at the peak of growing that organization I believed that the way that I was doing things and the model that we were building would last forever. I was at the peak of the world, flying around in luxury hotels, doing millions of dollars a month in product sales, and in a very real way impacting people all over the world to live their dreams and to learn a new way of doing things.  I really felt like at the time I was doing good in the world, and helping a lot of people.

As I began to grow, I began to form real enemies.  Usually people do not encounter very significant enemies in their lives when they have very little.  Some of them do. I know in my own life, when I had very little to take, I seemed to have no enemies or at least at a minimum, I did not notice them.  All of the sudden when I had a lot that was there to grab, and a lot of opportunity as we were young, new, and fresh, I was surrounded by people in addition to all of the good people I worked with who had pernicious intentions and the desire to do nothing but destroy and take as much as they possibly could on the way out.

If you want to take a successful organization such as a government body, a company, or an organization and systemically take them out, all you have to do is move them through a series of events that attack the essential elements that hold that infrastructure together and if you can take out the key elements that hold something intact, it leaves the organization or body vulnerable to dismantle it and either replace it with something else, or to simply destroy it entirely.

We live in a modern society that seems like it is strong in most areas:  We have plenty of food available for a good majority of society, lots of apparent wealth, the production of lots of new products, the people in our society are fairly well off, etc.  It seems as if looking at the exponential expansion of society that our growth and power will never end, and all of these world governments and organizations that we have in place (such as the United States of America) will last forever.

What I mentioned the other day in my audio that didn’t turn out so well, is that people in general do not understand the nature of exponential expansion, and they do not understand the nature of exponential collapse.  I remember going to a Network Marketing company and I began to talk to them about potential future issues in their model from the way that they were building it and how it could lead to regulatory issues and a future implosion, and that their products were starting to be outdated with free options for what they are offering.  This company then responded “We’ve been doing it like this for 12 years. It seems to be going fine. Our culture is strong. Blah, blah, blah.” A very short time later, their company went through a significant implosion. Competing companies selling the same nature of products started to popup in international markets that were started by billionaires.  Other large Network Marketing companies started modeling their products. Then, in 2019 late in the year they finally got their first real competitor in the United States – someone offering a better, cheaper product. All at once, one by one their model is seeming to become less and less valid in a short time, as the nature of life is impermanent and everything in life rises and falls in cycles.  

My point is, that our societal infrastructure, while solid in many areas, is extremely weak in others and we are at great danger right now of way more than a Pandemic that is simply a disease that is spreading.  For the last 3 years, I have been warning of these problems and to be truthful, I have had very little people listen to my warnings. I am not the only person that has been warning of the flood of problems to come; however, I have been doing it in a lot more detail and a lot more specificity than anyone else that you have read in the terms of, I know what is going to happen.

I was talking to one of my friends that lives here in Colombia about this and he said “David, how do you know what is going to happen?”  I told him I know what is going to happen in the same way that when I was 8 years old, I saw a vision of a woman that I met when I was 31 years old, or that before Donald J. Trump was elected as President, I knew he would win.  Or the same way that I knew that Empower Network would rise to be the greatest online Network Marketing company that had ever existed, or that when it began to collapse I knew that it wasn’t going to be reversed no matter what I did.  Like I knew that I would continue to live no matter what someone did to me, and then someone tried to kill me, and my biology just regenerated, like something you would see in an X-men movie. 

In the same manner that I knew those things, and they happened (even though some of them are bizarre) and a lot more that I have seen, I know what is going to happen in the future; although I haven’t looked into all of the specificity of it and I don’t know the timing and sequencing of a lot of it.  However, I came out with a message 3 years ago that I first told my family, that later I told others, that I have posted on this blog and made videos about that on the day of my spiritual awakening in Puerto Rico that from that time, we had 36 months left until shit starts hitting the fan. You can ask my brother Will as I told him that.  I have told my Dad that. I have written it earlier on this blog. I have told people this in videos and personal conversations, and I have spent a great deal of time warning people.

Fast forward, and we are right now as of writing this on the fourth day of April, 2020.  So we have approximately 1 month and 16 days, or 6 weeks left before May 20th, 2020 – 3 years after I said (exactly) that shit would hit the fan.

Now 6 weeks prior to the dates that I specified in advance, we are in the middle of a global economic recession that is not just a recession, but a disease pandemic that is getting out of control, and going through exponential growth around the world.  In other words: again, I was right and my timing for what was going to happen in the future was accurate. I had hoped that in this period of time I could have better communicated my message and shared this information with people; however, I was rejected, and cast to the streets for telling people the truth.  Nobody has wanted to help. Nobody has reached out and said “what can I do to help participate” and I went through great suffering and loss, and simply still kept warning people and continued.  

Now to give you an idea in the month of March alone, we had 10 million people (record numbers) file for unemployment in the United States.  We are in April and it is looking like those numbers are going to increase again. We have over a million people in the world infected with a virus that the first recorded case appeared of on January 10th, and we’ve got “Big Brother Government Shutdown” happening all over the world trying to stop something that was inevitable anyways in one form or another.  In the middle of this pandemic, people are distracted and will be focused on survival and therefore are weakened as to their ability to be manipulated and conned on more of a massive scale.

Let me give you an idea on where we can potentially be by May 20th, the date that I specified that all hell will begin breaking loose.  To start, we had yesterday 5,997 deaths worldwide from the Coronavirus, and a reported 101,578 new cases (just for one day). Total, we have had 1,182,827 cases worldwide, and 63,924 deaths.  So in one day, we added approximately 10% of the total death toll (yesterday) to the bottom line numbers. This is not the number that concerns me though, it is the exponential nature of the spread of the disease and even that is not the greatest concern – the greatest concern is what we are going to do about it and how we are going to unite together in the middle of chaos and: what will come next?

Let me show you how this is growing; which is approximately by 10% compounded every 24 hours, giving a little bit of up and down flexibility.  I have mentioned this in previous blog posts; however, I want to give you an idea on how things will be by May 20th, 2020 (when I said shit will hit the fan).  These are estimations, and not a perfectly accurate description of what will happen, and is based on just watching patterns of growth:

10% daily growth in the number of new deaths (we will take this ratio) works out to doubling that number every 7.2 days.  For the sake of easy math, we will use approximations, so I will round 5,997 to 6,000 for the sake of doing this quickly, and show you what will happen:

Yesterday – 6,000 daily deaths
April 10th (7 days, or one doubling period)  – 12,000 daily deaths

April 17th – 24,000 daily deaths

April 24th – 48,000 daily deaths

May 1st – 96,000 daily deaths

May 8th – 192,000 daily deaths (At this point we have doubled the amount of daily deaths total in the world from all causes, which is approximately 150,000)

May 15th – 394,000 daily deaths 

May 22nd (2 days after when I said shit will hit the fan) – 788,000 daily deaths

Now all of these are approximations, and the numbers are not perfect.  Most likely from the trends (Being unpredictable in some manner) it will be plus or minus 100,000+ of that number, meaning we could have anywhere from 688,000 – 888,000 people dying a day by May 20th, 2020.  To give you an idea, 888,000 deaths a day (on the high end) would be 6 times higher than the daily death toll worldwide from all causes. Either way the total amount of deaths worldwide from all causes by May 20th will increase from the normal 150,000 or so all the way to approximately 1,000,000.

Most likely around that time there will be some kind of slowing of the spread, and then there will be an increase around the fall and we will be hit harder in a second wave.  This pandemic could last anywhere from 1.5 – 3 years according to publications from major reporting organizations on the subject and I have heard similar quotes from the United States government.

People do not understand the nature of exponential expansion, and they do not understand the nature of exponential collapse.  I find it fascinating that at the exact time I said it would happen, shit is hitting the fan, and 1,000,000 people in society are dying a day, and the economy is going through a massive hit.  I guess I was right about something else after all.

Not that this is very comforting though to people, as “I told you so” is not ever a very useful thing to communicate as the truth is, I failed at getting my message out in the proper way, went through massive hardship myself (something that all of you will be going through, or a majority will be going through soon) and lost everything that was important to me on a personal level.  The reason I am mentioning that is I am not complaining about it anymore. It is what it is, I am going through a healing process for it and I feel in some manner that what is going on right now is partly because my mission was stopped on all sides and every way I tried to help fell on flat ears and hard hearts. My concern isn’t this, or my failure, which I sincerely apologize for as I should have worked harder.

You must understand that for the great majority of these last couple of years, I was in deep pain from the loss of my family and felt emotionally hijacked, like I could not truly do anything until my wife and kids were back in my life.  I think that a long time ago, I should have let go of it, and worked harder. Now, we are in 2020 and the death toll is mounting, and this is not the problem that I am mostly concerned about. Yes, the death toll is going to create massive havoc around the world and my heart goes out deeply to everyone involved.

Nobody thinks that numbers and graphs matter until just one of those people is a husband, a wife, a provider for children, a grandmother, a grandfather, a Father, a Mother, an uncle, a best friend, or one of your neighbors.  Imagine someone who just bought a new house for their family, are in love and feeling good about life, and the Father, or provider of the house hold dies from something that didn’t even exist in early December.

Now you are starting to get the pain and the heartache of what this means really.  However, even this is not the biggest problem that I am concerned about. What I am concerned about is that I believe that this attack is planned, that the virus was made in a laboratory, and that this is part of a planned sequence of events that have the ability to collapse every major modern part of our civilization.

To help you understand why I believe this, I have to share with you a little bit about what happened to me so you understand it.  Sitting there at the top of the world (much like Rome before it fell or the United States of America in current day) I was doing something that had worked for a long time, and I just thought it would go unhinged forever.  Now, to be fair, I believe if what had happened to me had not happened (which I also caused by allowing it) I believe that the model I was building would still be around, most likely doing $40 or $50 million per month. I think it would have just kept working.

However, systematically the core of our infrastructure was attacked.  It started with attacking our technology. We had people come in as advisors who advised our technology employees to create backwards crap in the tech we were building to relaunch our system that destroyed our SEO structure of Empower Network.  I don’t blame the tech people for this. I blame myself for not checking on everything as I trusted them, as they pitched me as they knew what they were doing. It is what it is. Essentially, some people convinced our Tech guy that we should change our URL structure from a subfolder structure (similar to the one used by Facebook) to a sub-url structure ( instead of – that little thing seems insignificant, but what it did was it destroyed 1 million visitors per day going from organic search to seeing our sales video, which was our meat and potatoes sales process that drove the company.  It was one of the most important things that we had.

The next things that happened followed suit.  Bad sales advice (we had always just made our own sales), my partnership being attacked, our financials being attacked (someone stole $1.4 million and wired it off to Vietnam right as we were launching the flop technology system that wasn’t properly tested before it launched.  It was actually a very cool tech we built that still under the proper circumstances could make money I’m certain. It simply was not tested). Then what came was more bad sales advice, picking off our leaders one by one in a systemic fashion, etc. Essentially a bunch of people came around posing to be angels of light who were not, and who had malicious intentions and basically because I love people, and loved these people, I could not see through the maliciousness until it was too late.  Actually, I developed the ability to see it on May 20th, 2017 – my eyes were opened as pertaining to the true and natural order of things. However, it was too late for my company on that day as the damage had already been done. However, it was not too late for me as somehow, miraculously, I survived what happened next, which was an attempted murder.

Before something like this happened to me, I wouldn’t even believe it was possible to be attacked like that as in my life, I grew up in a safe home, in a safe family, with non abusive parents, in a peaceful environment where trust was the center of our life.  I became aware of the darkness of some kinds of human beings only by having them come at me and volitionally, on purpose destroy everything in my life. It was brutal, and I learned a lot that in my next success (which will be bigger and better) I will not repeat the problems, and everything will be designed in a way that is impervious to such kinds of attacks.

My point in mentioning this is that when you have the real vipers come at something, they don’t just strike it out in plain day the first move they make.  They set you up first. The Coronavirus is a setup to a multi-staged attack that is coming in the future and it might happen now, or they might wait to see if it cripples us first, which it is already starting to do.  You may ask “what would be the motivation for someone to kill several hundred million people?” You might ask the same thing with what happened to me. There are some people that have simply chosen evil in their lives, and walked down a dark path from which, they cannot return.  Some of those people are petty criminals, serial killers, and some of them are rich, famous, and powerful. Some of them are intelligent and plan things far into the future. Some of them are not.

My company was mostly sabotaged by two people that were among the most intelligent people I have ever met, and the most deceptive.  There are always people on the inside, and on the outside of every major systemic attack that happens meaning that the good ones, when they happen, they work their way in from the outside to the inside, they come posing as angels of light (there to help) and while you think they are helping, they one by one will take out everything in a fashion from which it is impossible to recover and in the end, when you are used up and have nothing left – they will cast you aside like you are nothing to them because in the truth, you never were.

I am not the only person who has been shut down like this.  I actually see Alex Jones going through this systematic shutdown cycle as well at the moment as he repeatedly has gotten kicked off of every major outlet that allows his message to get across.  There is constant excuses as to why this is. However he is an alternative voice and therefore, pissing people off who matter and then what they do is they attack systemically every part of his business until there is no more central mode of getting his message out.  Now they really cannot shut down everything he does, but they can shut down the main ones – the networks (Facebook, :Google, Twitter, Google Play, etc) and then, his message just fades away and nobody hears the warnings. I imagine that many other important people who satan hates are getting treated in the same way.

So now that we have identified the pattern (the pattern is what matters) if you wanted to attack and collapse modern society, how would you do it?  Many people are likening this disease to the pandemic known as the Spanish Flu. Many things are the same as they were then, and many are different.  Society today (for example) is on a far greater stress curve than it was. We are in way more debt. Our money is only reliable now because we think it is (in 1918 we had a solid money system still although it had started to go south).  Income taxes is sky high. People have no savings today. Corporations and governments are all reliant on debt to prop everything up.

It is actually a very different situation, and society today is weak in many ways, and strong in many others.  What happens when the death toll mounts? Well, a lot of things. First of all, right now a good majority of the world is going through voluntary quarantine trying to shut down the growth of the coronavirus.  It isn’t really voluntary. If we go outside in Colombia we can get deported (I wouldn’t mind being in the USA either right now) and also, all over the USA people are under shutdown with high fines for violating the strict controls that are put on to try and slow the spread of the disease which is wreaking havoc in people’s biology and under the worst cases, wiping them out in the form of premature death for a person, a human being in society who matters.  

Under the extreme conditions, businesses are laying off their staff and unemployment has gone sky high as well as the market trust going down, causing a disruption in the flow of investing, and buying and selling in most kinds of businesses.  Consumer trust isn’t high, so spending on non essentials is going down, and people have cramped down and are living on their savings.  

Problem is, a good majority of the world doesn’t even have savings at all.  They have little, or no money whatsoever. So now, in the middle of crisis, our economy was booming, sales were going up, we’re thinking “we can just keep doing what we’re doing for ever and ever” and people just continue to plod along in the same ol’ same old “we’ve been doing this for 100 years and overcome everything” pattern of thinking that got us here and then BAM – we are hit with disaster.

Now we’ve got all sorts of other problems – major interpersonal communications slow downs, Churches have stopped gathering, the transportation industry is hurting, people aren’t going to have money to pay their taxes, and to help it – the government just passed a $2 trillion stimulus package in the United States (and many other governments are falling suite).

I believe that adds on top of our current $23.6 trillion national debt, but I ain’t certain.  To give you an idea, that is another 10% increase in total debt in the United States; yet another thing (in addition to the virus) that is exponentially expanding, while we are going through a massive reduction in spending on a world wide scale.  So my point with all of this (and where this article is going) is to point out some areas where we are weak right now and prone to collapse. In order to replace our current world government system – the first thing that you would have to do is collapse the current one.  That is the most tricky thing because our world government system is incredibly powerful, has tons of money, has tons of infrastructure, and seems that it will exponentially expand forever.

Not really the case.  We are weak and prone to destruction because we have not heeded the warnings of many characters (such as Alex Jones, myself, Ron Paul, etc) who have come along and warned us of coming economic chaos for decades from what we’re doing.  We also haven’t listened to enlightened leaders, prophets, sages, and revolutionary thinkers that if we had worked together, we could have solved these problems long ago. In Empower Network there were three things that mattered the most to our infrastructure – our blogging network, our commissions system, and our finances.  Right up there you would have my partnership with Sharpe. All four were attacked one by one like a script written in a movie, one after the other and that was enough to ensure its downfall.

In the United States, we have technology infrastructure – for example, internet, radio, television (communications) and transportation infrastructure (cars, trains, airplanes, etc) that are very important, but we have one key area that holds everything together and that is our modern day money system, or our financial system.  Without our financial system intact, America has nothing and every single part of our system starts falling one by one.

Our financial system is not real money.  Many people have talked about this over the years.  Real money is something that you can take, and trade in for something.  Like gold, silver, real estate, assets. I’m talking real stuff. Stuff that actually has value independent from a perception of trust.  Our financial system in the United States is based on the Petrodollar. In other words, when we trade oil, it is traded in the US dollar.  These international agreements surrounding the trading of our money keep the value of the USA dollar intact. If they fall through, the value and demand of the US dollar falls significantly to the floor.  

If the dollar (as the reserve currency of the world) collapses, economies all over the world will collapse in turn.  For example the Costa Rica money system and pretty much every money system that I have been around is entirely dependent on the USA continuing to exhibit high trust in the marketplace.  If the dollar falls, the Costa Rican economy falls apart. Really if the dollar falls apart and the currency collapses in the United States, all of the currencies in the world begin to collapse one by one as they are all dependent on a belief system that our money is real, and when that belief begins to crash, so does the currency.  There is no fiat currency (paper based money) that has ever survived in the history of the world. Fiat currency by itself has collapsed more than 600 civilizations. In our modern day, you can look at the collapse in Venezuela. Crime shot sky high, the money shot to the floor, and there is literally cannibalism on the streets. Now to be fair, not everyone is doing that.  However, people need to survive and the currency is worth nothing and now you cannot get work that produces enough money to do normal things, like eat.

People do not understand exponential expansion, and they do not understand exponential collapse.  You might ask what a collapsing currency has to do with the Coronavirus. Everything. The Coronavirus has a current potential of wiping out way more people over a short time than anyone is admitting.  They think it is like the flu, or something like that. Not at all. We’ve already surpassed many year’s flu numbers with only a million people that have contracted the virus, and out of the people that have contracted coronavirus, a great majority of the people still have it (meaning they are recovering or on their way to death).  The Coronavirus is enough of a distraction to really work a lot of background destruction on the world economic system, and also to blow up the power of the government to do a lot more things that normally, the government would never be allowed to do (such as keeping everyone forced inside for long periods of time).

The reason I have great concern for society, is that society is headed for collapse and very few of the people in the world are truly aware of it, or the repercussions of it.  If the currency collapses, so does everything else in society that is built around it which, unfortunately in modern society – is nearly everything or is literally everything. In other words – without money, how do you maintain the technology infrastructure?  How to you pay for the military? How do you transport food supplies if the money supply crashes and all of the sudden oil costs too much and you cannot pay for a truck to drive from one city to another?

All you would have to do to put the world into major disaster from this point in time onward is to make an attack on the money system.  The reason that this would be relatively simple is that the entire world money system is controlled centrally by a central banking system that props up and controls everything, that is privately owned.  

Very simply put:

  1. Scare the world (coronavirus)
  2. While they are panicking and desperate for a solution and focused on other things, make strategic moves to collapse the currency, increase the size of international government bodies, etc
  3. After the currency collapses, begin strategically attacking the rest of the infrastructure (food, water, medicine, etc)
  4. The world falls into chaos and enters into a new phase where people are hungry for change but cannot see clearly enough to know what they are doing out of desperation
  5. Evil leadership arises and takes over the system, promising to bring changes, not being specific on how, and steals the rest of what everyone has from them.
  6. Freedoms get stripped away
  7. Force and control get implemented
  8. This is just starting.  This is actually where all hell would begin to break loose
  9. All out war between sides begins emerging
  10. War leads to more war
  11. Chaos leads to more chaos

Now there is no other choice, but people have to change.  This is the actual situation we can be in within a very short period of time.  There is a lot at stake right now that too many people do not understand. It would be very possible for a series of moves to be made very quickly while we are distracted that could collapse major parts of our infrastructure in months.  For example, in Ecuador their health system collapsed already from the coronavirus. People are putting dead bodies and coffins in the streets.

I saw someone on Facebook making fun of the drama in a video, pointing out how in New York, nobody is lined up outside of the hospitals.  Yes, that is true – yet. When the daily death toll jumps from 6,000 to 1,000,000 (the power of exponential growth) you had better believe they will be.  Then when you have another issue that you need treatment for, there is no hospital care and throttle systems need to be put in place in the medical system.  People wait too long for care, and they die.  

The purpose of this post is not to be grim.  I have not even talked about the darker things that are coming.  I am telling you if you are reading this or if you are listening to the sound of my voice that there is an enemy out there that is so pernicious that if he had the ability, he would destroy all life on earth, and not think twice about it.  He only does not do that because he is bound, and does not have the ability. The time is dawning for a new age for humanity where we must work together to begin creating peace between the nations of the earth, and do it in such a way as to where people are empowered to create the change that they desire in their lives.  

I believe that we are entering into a cycle that I have seen before, in other lives and that the time we must change is now.  In my previous experiences with this, similar things happened, and it wasn’t just one kind of disease or one outbreak. Systematically everything that we knew and loved was attacked until our civilization was left with nothing of what we had that was ours.  We had to band together and unify, and create another kind of civilization that was built in such a way as to where it was separate from, and impervious from the problems that destroyed the rest of the modern society around us.  

Society began exponentially collapsing, diseases got out of control, wars began to form, people turned to tribalistic leadership and community to survive and continue to be able to eat.  Everyone began warring against one another; the systems that we relied on to survive were attacked, infrastructure was attacked, our belief systems were attacked, and out of nowhere an attack was launched on our civilization that was so dark, that nobody could have even dreamed that it was possible.  It is this attack that I have been warning you about for so long and I pray that it is not time because if it is, I am telling you that you are not prepared for it and under panic and fear, you will be tempted to do many things that you normally never would do out of your desire to live, and desire to survive.

In this cycle of things, this entire pattern will repeat again.  It is essential that humanity begins going through a massive scale awakening; that people begin having the internal changes that will allow them to become impervious to the darkness that is lurking.  It is not simply one problem we are dealing with right now. It is a planned sequence of events that is designed to collapse our civilization, each blow being worse than the last.

In a panic, people will run in fear to many things that they do not understand only to find that after they run, they are trapped in deeper rabbithole of destruction.  On the flip side, we have an opportunity to emerge a new system of doing things that breaks apart systematically the power that this enemy has over our lives, and to build a civilization that expands forever, and never collapses.  To build a new kind of economic model, to build a new kind of government that is decentralized and removes all ability for one power to get too out of control.  

There is much chaos that is coming, and much opportunity. I pray that humanity handles it well and that we band together and aim in the right direction to do the right things.  If we do not, it is of great concern to me that we will not get the lesson we are supposed to get now, and change, and if we do not get it this time, we are headed for even worse destruction than what I have described. 

It has been my effort to warn the governments and peoples of the world about this coming ensuing chaos for the last 3 years and exactly on the date, 3 years from when I said it would be exactly 3, we are headed for disaster, as I predicted.

I hope that my credibility is slightly higher with my readers in many ways as of this moment, and we can get off of our asses and do something to change it because if we can, we have the ability to change everything around us in a beautiful way, that averts the problems; because it is still not too late to save humanity.

The solution, as I have mentioned for 3 years, for all of this is change, turning back to the roots of nature, a new system of doing things, and Torah.  Our system that we are reliant on for survival is broken at its core, destined for collapse, the nations are headed for war, we are headed for civil war in America, and our currency is headed for complete meltdown.  What we are doing right now is putting a bandaid on a problem, we are not attacking the problem at its core. The core of the issue is the broken nature of the human heart, and a species with unenlightened minds. These issues seem unsurmountable to change, but there is a method, and we have done it together before.

There will be a day when soon, many of you begin remembering these other lives, where we came up with solutions to all of these problems, and everything that you see that is broken was once already solved and we can do it again, and we can do it better.  It is of utmost importance that now we begin getting over our differences, and begin to unite in our similarities, working together to create a new age because, as I mentioned 3 years ago – there is no time left. 

And funny enough, I was right.

I actually don’t think it’s funny, as my message has not been truly heard, truly shared, truly understood, and we have changed nothing together that mattered.  We could have, by this time, together, had a hundred million or more followers if the elect had banded together.

There are people reading this who know what I mean.  It is time for the elect to begin to unify because without each other, and without working together in the future, humanity will have nothing that matters to us.  Everything in life that we care about will be in shambles, and destroyed utterly. There is no end to the path of our destructive habits as a species, and there is no beginning nor is there an end for our capacity for greatness, for we are made in the image of our creator, and we are here to bring to pass a new civilization, heaven on earth, the building of Zion, the creation of a new Kingdom, the creation of a society that has no sickness, nor does there exist disease, nor sadness, nor death.

All of the tools for us to do this are manifesting now in the minds of people all over the world who are awakening as to their nature.  And many prophets are awakening and receiving knowledge as of writing this. I pray that you find me, and connect with me. You know who you are.  We must unify together and clearly understand what is coming and the majority of us do not. The elect are here, and they know there is something different about them, that they were born for something different.  We must gather and begin rebuilding the lost tribes of the children of Israel, and prepare to build a new civilization, a new city, a new system of doing things, even the City of God.

Be warned:  More chaos is coming.  There is a reason that Donald Trump, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, and others seem nervous in their broadcasts.  There is a lot more coming than any of us can comprehend but we will soon, as the veil on the minds of humanity that has been keeping the world of the spirit and the world of the flesh separate is beginning to thin, and the minds of hearts of humanity are beginning to cry out in pain, understanding their cycle of suffering, praying for liberation.  

Only when every last soul is liberated, when every heart is pure, when every mind has awakened as to its true nature, when we are all one in heart, and one in mind, walking in purity can we eradicate this cycle, and change it, and make the cycle operate in a new way, and be liberated from it – and we can do it together.

Together we can feed every child in the world.  We can clothe every Mother, we can rebuild the nations of Israel, we can teach society to walk in a kind of love and a kind of light that they could not fathom.  We need each other to design and to create this new civilization and we must do it quickly because there soon will be no time. If you are reading this, put down your resistances and your fears towards working with me.  Place them in the past. We must gather those who know how to change things, who were born to create a new system of things, and brainstorm the dawning of a new civilization, to build Zion, to protect the weak and the innocent, to give life to the hurting.

There are cures for all diseases.  We have discovered them before in a previous cycle.  There are ways of eliminating sorrow, suffering and death and evolving these problems out of a civilization.  We have done it before. The future of the path of humanity must be the way of enlightenment and submission to universal law.  A great simplification of things and a better integration with our natural systems – growing food and allowing rest to the land; saving the oceans, and the trees, and the birds, and the bugs, and the people and building new civilizations that exist in an integrated format with the created nature of God. 

There is no time left.  Hear me, oh hear me Israel:  There is no time left! My soul cries out in anguish, and my heart mourns for the death and suffering.  I can feel the hearts of those that have lost those they love and the world is mourning and wondering when it will end!

Please let us get together, and figure out together how to solve this problem.  There is a way and we can do it, we have done it before and there is no end to the glory that we can create if we are willing to put the past in the past and open up to new ways of changing things.  The solutions are in front of us. People are being inspired with new ideas. It is time for a new system of things to emerge and we must be at the forefront of it!

I believe in you and I believe in your family.  Let us lock forms again, and fight the forces of evil in a new way.  It is more powerful to be unified than it is to be right and we must be willing to bend what we want for the greater solution and greater nature of things to emerge!


David Wood
I Am One With You

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