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Dear Friend,

If you’re reading this, I haven’t been posting on my blog much as of late. I’ve explained this in other posts and videos, but wanted to talk about the future here a little bit and what I’m going to be up to. Here’s a video where I talk about the brutal period of loss I went through and how I went through a period where I was even suicidal. What eventually talked me out of it, is that I believe that I will never die anyways, and therefore, like my attempts to talk to my wife, something like suicide would be futile anyways, just increasing my suffering during the time period where my body was healing from the wounds. Yes, I still believe, or know rather, that I will live forever, and everything else I’ve talked about on this blog. Do not confuse a rough time with me abandoning my ideas. This vid is long, but quite good:

The last couple of years, I’ve on the one hand been walking in a beautiful new experience of the universe where I have access to new knowledge, a new kind of balance in my energy, and a new kind of happiness. On the other hand, there’s been some things that I’ve struggled with that have been beyond hurtful to me. Some of it I’ve known how to deal with, and some of it I haven’t.

The most hurtful things that I’ve experienced has been the large scale personal abandonment and rejection of me by friends and other people close to me, particularly my wife, Priscilla, a situation which as resulted in me not being able to see my kids for over 2 years, since the fiasco with World Ventures for which, it is my sincerest desire that they collapse utterly but I will generally leave it alone on my blog.

This year, I’ve been spending time reflecting on what I want to do for the next bit. I was in the middle of a book that was incredibly important to me in December time last year called “The Theory of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness” and then I just stopped writing it, 260 pages in and haven’t touched it since then. I sincerely believe that book would have gotten a wide and diversified viewership as it is my belief that the theoretical framework in that book allows for new kinds of thinking that would enable (for example) humanity to eventually understand how to build things like faster than light travel machines, electricity generators that manifest energy from nothing whatsoever from a paradox, and even doing things like travelling through time, even with the imagination.

I really spent a lot of time on it – it is a very strange mix of spiritual ideas and science, technically explaining a lot of impossible phenomenon in a way that I believe can and will be confirmed by mathematical science in the future, as this information came predominantly from previous incarnations, where we figured out how to do things that humanity is not even close to figuring out (yet.) The book is nowhere near a total explanation or treatise on the theory or what’s possible with it. I’m just trying to outline how the universe is laid out, so we can more accurately do things to manipulate it, as humanity seems to like that.

What happened is, I have been waiting for my wife and kids, they kind of vanished on me, I haven’t heard from her or my son Gabriel or Angel (and asked every day for like 2.5 years) and just said “screw it” and moved to Colombia to get away, and to think about stuff and what I want to do for the next while. My biggest struggle this entire year is that without her and my sons, I really do not want to do anything, as I really don’t care so much and I think in the end, it doesn’t really matter very much. This dualistic balance of caring and simultaneously not caring has been a very interesting thought war for me.

So I’ve tried to get my mind wrapped around doing some of the things that I’ve talked about doing, for example, starting The Kingdom of Elohim, Zion, etc. When I have thought about doing it, I have just slipped into a big phase of not giving a shit. The way that I figured it, is that with the way people treated me when I came out with this information (which I was doing as I desired to warn people and save their lives ONLY, not because it was all I wanted to do), I suppose I wouldn’t be so bothered if some of them went to hell. I suppose in the future, they will have their chance in the end war of things, which is fundamentally coming whether they believe me or not, and we really don’t have time to tinker around with the future.

However, nobody has seemed to care worth beans when I have reached out to them, particularly people in power, and therefore, it is somewhat pointless to pursue these ideas, and people will have to go through a time of suffering before their hearts will be humbled enough to open. A great example of that is the Pandemic, and moreso the government slap down on society. More on that later.

In the end of times, I will not be the only person with weird knowledge coming to them from the spiritual realms around (I’m really not anyways). Joel 2:28 says that in the end, God will pour out his spirit on all flesh (paraphrasing, look it up). This phenomenon will happen in a giant way from the enlightenment of all of society, which was my desire to speed up as there is no time to mess around with our civilization operating from a ‘half mind’ like they do.

I’m a very emotional being, and my heart is tied intimately to everything that I’m doing. Certain things matter a lot to me and if they’re not there, I just don’t want to do anything. Love is one of those things that matters the most. For example, I built one day a company called Empower Network and the only reason I built it was love. I was talking to my friend the other day, who once I flew down to live with my family in Costa Rica when he was a kid, who’s making $100,000 some months now doing E-commerce, and he asked me why I flew him down.

I told him the truth. I loved him, and thought if I brought him down to be with me, that he’d make it. I brought him down, and he had a lot of fun in Costa Rica. Now he’s doing well. That’s why I did it. I didn’t do it to get something, to use his skill, etc (which he was talented). I just believed “hey if I bring this kid down, he’ll get rich one day.” I said that, and he did.

One day, I had this partner that I brought into a business of mine, who I loved. I just gave him 40% of my company and I paid for everything. He didn’t have money and I did, so he took payouts before I did. I gave him power, and authority, and everything I could give him. In the end, he left and took everything of mine on his way out, essentially using it to start a competing company – leaving me in a way unable to escape an extremely rough situation, never apologizing for the danger he left me in, always taking credit for my accomplishments on the other side without giving me any credit – even editing me out of sales videos. My other friend (the kid) is still thankful and is still a friend. Goes to show that you don’t win em all the time. I’ve learned the meaning of what a real friend is the last few years, and that I actually didn’t have many. That I had a bunch of fake friends who wanted to get rich. Funny spot to be in.

So I live from my heart and when my heart is broken, I don’t really do a lot. So for example, there’s been a catch 22 this last couple of years, where I’ve wanted to go take a bunch of action, but my heart’s been broken. So instead I have sat around each day, hoping that my ex would talk to me and shine a little bit of love into my life, as I’d be motivated to do something significant as my whole life, ever since I was a kid I was always motivated by family, as that is what I was taught by my Dad.

So it’s a funny place to be in. I’ve decided that until I feel better about all of this, I’m just putting certain projects on hold, as they make no sense. Mostly, people are not listening anyways and I am tired of trying to convince them of something that in the end, would only have saved their life in a bunch of ways. I read about these stories of prophets being cast out and whatnot, and how they treated Joseph Smith, but I never understood it.

Now, I understand it first hand – what it probably felt like for Noah to be building an ark while everyone was laughing at him, making fun of him, and assuming that life would continue on as it always have forever. It did not feel good to him then, and did not feel good when he watched his friends perish in the flood because they would not listen. But he still continued on.

Right now, I do not feel good, and therefore do not care so much about changing the world. I believe I will let it collapse first, as that is the direction it is headed: Collapse, and mass scale centralized societal manipulation, then headed for war, social disruption, famines, plagues, diseases, and the entrance into society of a new kind of enemy, and a new kind of age. Not necessarily in that order. The funny part is, the coming series of collapses (which may or may not happen yet) did not have to happen. Now I am certain that they will. There is now some things we can stop, maybe some things we can delay, but there are some things now that cannot be stopped, and will slam society like a thief in the night.

We are in the middle of the formation of the age of the singularity, and people are not aware of how things will change, as it isn’t just technology that is shifting, the age of the singularity also has deep spiritual significance. If you are not familiar with what the age of the singularity means for change, go watch a movie like “I, Robot” or “Terminator”. Really, it will be weirder than either of those movies, as we have no ability to predict accurately what life will be like beyond this point. “The Matrix” is another good movie. Generally the singularity is referring to when a machine intelligence gains the power to rewrite its own software and hardware, has consciousness, and is self aware – very shortly after this point, a device the size of a quarter will be able to out compute an entire universe filled with current machine computation technology.

Humanity has just built an infrastructure that can be utilized for the kinds of things we saw from “Skynet” in the Terminator movies, and that is not our only, or our biggest problem in my opinion. But anyways, right now, I am reflecting the point that I currently do not really give a shit about what happens, as I am going through a mode of intense mourning from something that should not have happened, but it did.

So what am I going to do? I don’t know. I think for a while, I will go do something to make a bunch of money again. I’ve experimented by putting videos out talking about that, and it seems to excite people. I think that people would love it in some manner if I started doing more ‘get rich quick’ kind of stuff, as that is what society wants in general: Money, money, money. These last few years, I’ve had the ability to make a bunch of money, and I haven’t on purpose. I have a big list, I can email people, and I know how to sell.

Why, you might ask? Because I haven’t cared. I have just cared day and night about my family. My wife, and my kids, and that’s it. When they vanished, my heart vanished. If I was going to make a lot of money, I was going to do it with her, as I’d love to lift her up and give her credit for it and make her a part of it. If you don’t understand this kind of person who is completely motivated by the heart because you’re a different kind of person who’s motivated all the time or whatever, or you’re a sociopath and therefore these kinds of things are irrelevant to your motivation as your emotions are just generated from your desires to generate new things, then just imagine it for a minute and try to understand it.

I think if I posted an image of myself in the nude, taking a bath in money, that the blog post would get a lot of shares. People would be so excited. David Wood, in the nude, swimming in money. Like Scrooge Mcduck, but naked. Forget this enlightenment nonsense, the apocalyptic Terminator antichrist talk, and let’s swim naked in piles, and piles of money! It’s interesting, but most likely if I did that, people would start to believe the other stuff I posted on this blog, automatically. The money would do it. They would say “hey, this guy has money. It must be true.”

Mind you that it doesn’t matter that I accurately predicted this time period of world turmoil. People don’t want to know what will happen next. They are so focused on maintaining this illusion we live in that everything is going to be ok, that they will do anything to defend it. People are like that with their beliefs. I just saw a post on Facebook I think from Tracey Walker (but I can’t remember) where she said something like “When people are faced with the truth and it goes against their beliefs, they will defend their beliefs desperately every time.”

A lot of people were in a spot recently where they had money, a job, a growing business, and a life that they thought nothing could touch. Probably, a bunch of restaurant owners thought that “man we’re doing so well. Nothing will ever touch this!” Then BOOM, in one second, their life gets flipped upside down and nobody is going to restaurant and moreover… we’re getting arrested for even going outside.

My point in all of this is to convey a struggle I’ve had. I’m not giving up, but I’m postponing a lot of things I was working on in the way I was going to go about them, as when I came out with a sincere desire to change things, too few people gave a shit to ever make a difference.

I figure if I have a thousand years, I will be at one point presented with an opportunity (an open door if you will) to do what I want. And at that point, I will be ready and I will do it. For now, I am focused somewhat on myself, on developing some way of helping people again. Even reading this, there is a big group of people (I can read your minds) who are saying “ha ha ha… David Wood thinks that he can live forever… ha ha ha!”

I suppose they weren’t there and didn’t experience what I experienced, maybe listened to my enemies, and haven’t bothered to check.

I’ve struggled with this a lot. Way more than I should have – deciding what to do and all. Mostly because without my family, none of this matters to me at all, as I wanted to change things and make the world peaceful for them. Everything was always about them, actually. Making them safe, etc as even now, we are moving into a time that economically, it is not safe right now and very soon may be very much more unsafe, depending on how long this fear mongering lasts and what systems it collapses.

I was talking to my friend, the one I flew down and helped out years ago about this and I told him, I am trying to figure out what to do, and the problem is, that I do not give a shit. He said “that’s the problem.”

I would probably agree with that. However, for the sake of doing something, I will just decide to go make a bunch of money again just to do it, I suppose I don’t really need a reason as if I try to come up with one, nothing really matters but my family. So I again fall back into this trap where I am checking my Skype messages in quiet desperation hoping that I’ll get a photo of my son or something from Priscilla, as I miss my kids and her quite badly. Today, I was having a particularly hard day with it all.

If any of you have a photo of my son Gabriel that is recent, feel free to send it my way to That would make a really big difference for me. Probably, I’d print it and put it next to my computer so I could think of him day and night while I’m putting together my next move.

Sometimes, life hits you with some major bullshit and its ok to experience an just go through it and come out on the other side. People tell you to not talk ab out this stuff publicly, to keep it hidden. I think that doing that creates its own problems. People don’t know what they don’t know. Sometimes when you get hit with bullshit, you created it by something you did then. Sometimes, someone is hurting you, but it is always coming from karma. Just remember that you are the cause.

So I decided though, that I’m going to go make $30,000 a month again doing something. I’m maybe a couple of weeks out from putting it together. I might launch something after that as well and take some time to put together some plans. I’ve had a bunch of offers coming my way, and people wanting to work with me again, which is good. I’m happy about that. It really would have made a big difference to me if that would have happened 2 years ago when I needed it, as right now, I don’t feel like I do anymore. Which goes to show why things happen – it is because it is time for them to happen.

It’s funny all of this, really. Amusing in a way. I wanted to write, and make money from my books and helping to spread enlightenment, something that we could have built together in a way that would impact people. Then I ran into fear from everyone. People hitting me up to talk like Mark Zuckerberg, then never responding to emails when I respond back. Important people reading my blog and never reaching out to say hello or ask how they could help. My books getting blocked from being listed on Amazon, etc.

People are terrified of change, is the problem with humanity. And, what I desire to do will take some time. I gotta get myself ready for it first, which I’ve not had time to do in the last couple of years. I wanted to run for the President of the United States in a way that would actually change something significant, as I believe we need a massive and total overhaul. I’ll still do it, later. Maybe I’ll do it 18 years from now in 2020. Ha ha ha. Of course, none of you believe that time can shift like that. Or do you?

When you do, time becomes maleable. When you don’t, it stays fixed. Yet again one of the reasons the world at some point will get very weird.

I will probably wait until all hell breaks loose on society and at that point, people will find me because I will be the only person accurately describing what is going on with a way to fix it. For now I’ll go out and make a bunch of money most likely and when people ask, I’ll help them because I can.

What I know is that we cannot change things like this. Not working together. For me, all my gifts they come out when we are in teams and people have an open heart. There’s no unity right now. No world unity. No unity in religion. No unity between nations. No unity in business.

I can’t do what I am built to do alone, I wasn’t built to do it like that. Some of us are like that and some of us we do better alone. For me, if I don’t have my family the world can fall apart and I’ll just watch it most likely. I’m not bothered other than that I’m praying for the people that the right things happen. Right now, a bunch of the right things are happening and a bunch of the wrong things are happening. I might comment on it later.

The last time I went and did a couple of hundred million dollars in sales online, it ended in a situation that should have killed me, but it didn’t and instead turned into something that was like a combination of a Wolverine movie, a Bible story, and then well… Dave Wood I suppose. No other real way to describe it. In all of that, my only desire was to keep you safe. I went through some real weird times, some interesting times, and learned a lot about the universe, and a lot about people. That people are not ready to change, but they need to right now – that our society is not prepared for any kind of real crisis.

What would we do if there was a famine now for example in the middle of this? Or if our water supply started getting attacked all over the world? Or if the rivers started drying up?

I went through some real bullshit after that. Some of it self inflicted. All of it from fear of how I was changing, and other people being afraid to change and refusing to bend from their 250 year old or 1,000 or 2,000 year old thinking. Refusing to reach out and say hello. Realized how shallow a majority of modern people are. Realized how fake a lot of my friendships were, that they were not friends at all, not ever and I have no problem saying that now.

Nothing compares though and no struggle is equal to the attack I experienced on my family. You mark my words, that there is no forgiveness of the karma that people will experience from what was done to me from every person involved in that fiasco. There is no way to fix it that currently exists. You cannot apologize for it if you were involved in any way. I am saying this because there are those who in the future will experience some kind of great pain and there will be reasons that will trace back to that. Not from anything I will do, I forgive you. The universe will carry out the equalization of that story at a future time, and it cannot be escaped, in the same manner as I have not been able to escape any karma, you cannot.

When I awakened, I opened up to a new land and a new way of doing things. I was happy for different things. I used to run to and fro trying to accomplishing things, feeling like I was never able to get there. Now I am generally happy sitting there in a chair. When my eyes were opened, my family was restored, and I would wake up in the morning just happy to be there. Didn’t care if we did anything, didn’t care if we went anywhere. I was just happy to be there, as it was all I wanted.

I was happy to awaken next to my son, holding him in my arms. To smell my wife as I was cuddling her in the morning. All of that was taken from me. For trying to help you understand something that you were not ready for, because that is what I was supposed to do. Warn you. I did what I was supposed to do. A lot of you did not. You will understand why I was warning you later. We have a LOT bigger problems coming to us than the Coronavirus pandemic, mark my words.

Eventually, a window will open up for us to create peace. Together. Not for a time. There’s a new time right now that is opening up, and another time that is closing. It is time for me to spend some time helping people. Funny enough, I don’t even want to really without her. Without her, to me, nothing matters and there will be a time when all of you who follow me see that without her on our side, nothing matters for anyone.

You do not know the cost of what just happened. None of you can comprehend it but it doesn’t matter anymore because what will happen will now happen. Too much has been lost in a short time that we cannot rectify. Humanity must wake up, but they are not. Mark my words if you are reading this, that great danger looms in the land and the pandemic is a beginning, not the end. It is my hope that right now, we are blessed with a window of extending the times to give us an opportunity to truly prepare for what happens next, as we must begin to unify or there is no hope for survival for many of us and if the elect do not begin gathering, there is no hope for any of us. We must find each other and work with each other, regardless of the cost.

It is my hope and prayer that soon, some of you will begin remembering who you are and why you matter, and why you are special.

We do not have time anymore to mess around with decisions, mess around with life, mess around with each other, hurt each other, hold on to past hurts, make excuses to not get together, etc. There are things that happen, that are not supposed to happen.

I had a friend of mine who I was talking with who told me something, that Priscilla and I were not meant to be, that it was meant to end. I told them that there are things that happen that were supposed to happen and there are things that happened because people didn’t change who were supposed to change, and this was one of them. And it should not have happened, it was the wrong thing. Something that has caused great pain that is unnecessary that was created by people refusing to work together when they should have come together to openly embrace each other in doing something new.

The great thing about times like this, is that we have to change. Old ways have to adapt. We have to invent new ways of doing things. My friends who I’ve been marketing with for years know that there is something wrong right now, that our system is on the brink of collapse, that there is evil lurking. You see it on Facebook, you see it on Twitter, you see it on YouTube – many times before it is censored and taken away. You don’t see it outside, because… nobody is talking to each other, and normal businesses are having a hard time even keeping their doors open.

I came out here in this blog post to say that it is time to change, to do things in a new way to work together, and I wanted to get out some of what is in my heart and mind about it. So I’ll be taking a direction shift for a bit. Maybe on this blog, and I might start another, I haven’t decided yet.

Sometimes, you decide to do something for different reasons. Because you want, because you need to, or because you simply want to change things. For me, it is the latter. It’s time to change things up, to prepare people, and to make some kind of magic happen because there is no time left for us to unify, and to work together.

For any of you that have been hurt by any of my actions, I apologize. You must understand that anything that I’ve done, I’ve done because I believed I needed to and with time, you will see that I was right. However, I learned a long time ago that it is more important to be unified than it is to be right, and that is where I am at: Creating unity in the presence of suffering.

Right now, we really have the capacity to change things. It is time to do that now. I talk about it in this video I did on Facebook:

David Wood
The Messiah

P.S. Although I am greatly saddened right now, and discouraged, I will never for all of my days stop trying new ways of doing things until poverty and hunger are eliminated, until the system is remade, until disease is wiped out, until the air of the sky is once again clean, until you can grab a cup, and drink out of the rivers again, and until all of humanity awakens together. For now, I am done talking about the past, and done talking about being discouraged. I hope you understand why I put this out there. There is a reason for it.

P.P.S. I will probably finish my book anyways in the next couple of months. It really is very beautifully written and my best work. I just have to get my heart to a point where it matters again. Understand if you are reading this, you are important to me, too. My heart is just broken and I take a very long time to heal. However, I don’t want to heal. I don’t know if that makes sense. I am just ready to do something to help people again in the way that they want. This is a very good time to do that. Please pray for my son’s Mom that a door will open to see my son , Gabriel at a minimum. It is disabling to my energy as a human being and as a Father to not have contact with my family and the prominent reason why I have stayed in a mode of less action than I would have liked to take this last couple of years.

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