Gabriel Kalel Wood Chacon – A Letter From Your Dad: I Have Never Abandoned You.

A Letter To Gabriel Kalel Wood Chacon Written By His Dad, David Wood on May 2nd, 2020 at 2:46pm


I wanted to write you a letter because I know at some point in your life, you will look for me. Perhaps you will find me by looking for yourself. I’m writing this letter to you on the 2nd day of May, 2020 at 2:46 pm in Colombia, and my heart is stressed out because I cannot communicate with you directly.

I have no idea what you have been told about me, or who has told it to you. All you know is that one day I was there, and the next day I wasn’t. You might not know why, or you might believe things that are not true. I wanted to clear up a handful of things and tell you that I love you, and tell you how you can contact me if you ever want to. First, I can be reached at +1(801)769-0177 – you can connect with me on Skype at david.wood202, and you can connect with me on Facebook at – I can also be reached by email if you send an email to zionofenoch [at], but I check that less frequently.

First, I have been trying to reach out to you every day since we were separated. There was never a moment, never a day, never an hour that I didn’t think of you. You were ripped out of my arms, like I was torn out of your life. I did not expect it, and neither did you. By the time you find this, I am not certain how much you will even remember me. I was there with you ever since you were a little boy, ever since you were born, and I loved you day and night and did my best to be a good Dad to you.

Being apart from you has been the hardest thing in my life, and was never my choice. I was cut off from you, and there was no way of contacting you even though I wanted. I have been so hurt from it that I have barely been able to think straight for the last 2.5 years but despite my best attempts to contact your Mother to communicate with you, she has refused to put me in touch with you. I am not here to criticize Mom. I just want to tell you that I am here for you Gabriel, I always have been here for you, and I always will be here for you. There will never be a moment, and never be a day when I don’t think of you, when I don’t love you, and when you are not in my thoughts.

If you go through a life without me my son Gabriel Chacon, it is not because of my choice, and not because I am not doing everything I can to try and be in your life.

Daddy loves you so much Gabriel!!! You're an angel just like your brother!!!
I’m so looking forward to seeing you my sweet little baby Gabriel Kalel Wood Chacon!!! I love you so much it’s ridiculous!!! Look at my photo and you can see how in love with you I am Gabriel. Never let anyone tell you anything different about me than that I was a good Dad who loved you day and night!

I wanted to tell you the story of how you came to be and what happened and it is my hope that you contact me. I have been here for you, will always be here for you, and my love for you will never stop. I’m a phone call away, or an email, or a Skype. Just contact me whenever you find this, whenever you are old enough and I will always be here. If my email or my phone number ever changes, I will come back and update this post so you always have a place to reach out to your Father.

So your story all started out one night when I met your Mother. I was in a part of my life that had intense emotional struggle to it and one night, I went out and I saw your Mother out at night. She looked so, so beautiful and when I saw her, it was like there was this field of radiance that surrounded her – she was surrounded in a field of light like there was something surrounding her that was tangible – a field of beauty.

When I saw her, I remembered when I was a little boy, 8 years old. One night I was home, and I was in my house where I grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska right after I had gotten baptized by my Dad in freezing cold water. My Dad had given me a blessing to give me the Holy Spirit, and suggested that I pray and ask God something and told me that if I asked, he would show me something because I had a special gift now from God.

So I asked God “who is my wife going to be?” Kind of a funny thing for a kid to ask, but I grew up in a family that loved each other, that was always there for each other, that was stable, and that was raised the right way. My parents always loved each other, they never got divorced, and they are still together today. So I always wanted a family like that, ever since I was a kid.

Well I had one of my first visions, and I saw a tunnel of light, and I saw this blonde girl surrounded in a field of light. So fast forward, and it is around February at the end of the month in 2012, and I’m out at night. I see this girl, and she’s surrounded in light, and I look at her face, and it was the same face that I saw when I was a child, only 8 years old. She was so, so beautiful.

I walked up to her, and I said hello. That girl was your Mom, Priscilla Chacon. I talked to her a bit, and we started to talk and hang out after that from time to time. When I met her, she was always in my mind, like I knew her before, like there was something about her that was beyond just this time that I met her. When I started to be around her it was as if I was always with her. Like our relationship never started, like it never began.

Later that year around June, we went on a vacation to Tabacon Hot Springs together in Arenal, Costa Rica. Your Mom had never been on a vacation before, it was her first. We had a lot of fun, saw a lot of sights, but what happened to me that week, is I started to fall in love with her. It turned into a story where I would wake up, and I would be next to her, and it was like I was with someone that I was always with. Like I was in a story, or in a movie. There was a moment when I was looking into her eyes that week where I felt like I would be there forever. I fell in love with your Mom on a Friday in the 2nd weekend of June, in 2012.

After that moment, I just wanted to be with her, to protect her, to keep her safe. I thought of her in the morning, and I thought of her in the night. She was my best friend that I had ever had. I would email her and text her all through the day, and we would be sending each other messages. We started to fall in love with each other (it took longer to win her heart over than for me. I’m not sure she ever had a dream about me when she was young. Maybe she did you can ask her.)

So she started to love me, and I already loved her. I would wake up in the morning thinking about her, and I would go to bed thinking of her. Every spare moment I had, I would spend with her and drive up to see her on the weekend, as I lived at the time in the mountains, and she lived in the city in San Jose.

One day, she decided that she would introduce me to her son, Angel Chacon. I knew she had started to trust me then, and knew that she was in love with me because she is a very protective mother. I remember I was with your brother Angel and her, and Angel was running around a hotel room I was renting in San Jose. He ran up a couch and jumped off the back and I caught him in my arms before he landed on his head. Probably if I hadn’t been there, he would have really smashed his head hard on the cement. Glad I have quick reflexes. Your brother is awesome and when you were little and I was allowed to be around you both, both of you were my best friends.

When Angel was small, I was his Dad too very shortly after that. I raised him, told him stories, provided for him, and even changed his diapers.

One day around Christmas time, I was with your Mom that year, at the end of 2012. I was around a Christmas tree and I saw this vision of you running around the Christmas tree. Obviously this is before you were born. I had this sort of waking dream where I saw you running around a tree with your brother Angel. I knew that your Mom and I were supposed to have a baby, and I started to want a baby with your Mom around then.

Around that time, I proposed to your Mom with some really nice rings that I had bought when I was coming back from a trip that I took to Colombia. I went to Colombia and I came back and while I was passing through Panama, I bought a really beautiful engagement ring for Priscilla. So before Christmas, I remember I asked her to marry me, and she said “yes”. Both of us were so in love, and we were happy together.

So I remember around then, I told Priscilla I wanted to have a baby with her. I started to dream of you day and night. I would have dreams of you playing in the house, playing with your brother, nursing with your Mom, and things like that.

In February of 2013, Priscilla and I went on a vacation to Cancun, Mexico. While we were there, we got married on February 23rd, 2013. There’s more behind this story as I couldn’t give her a real wedding at the time, but we got married and to me, from that moment on your Mom was my wife. After that, I just wanted to be with her day and night, and I dreamed of the boy we were going to have. The way I believe it, is it was your spirit appearing to me and telling me that you wanted to be born. There is another brother of yours as well that is supposed to be born. I don’t know now if or when he ever will be but I’ve seen him too and he is beautiful, just like you.

Here’s a photo of when I got married to your Mom in Cancun, Mexico:

Priscilla and I before we got married February 23rd, 2013
Gabriel, your Mom Priscilla Chacon and I were so, so in love and have so many beautiful memories! This is when we were married on February 23rd, 2013 in Cancun. As of writing this, we are not together anymore. Gabriel this was not my choice, and I did my best to be there for you. Everything I knew how to do, I did and I am still fighting to be there for you.

I remember when we got married, we were dancing on the beach and there was this couple that was there and they were looking at how in love we were. They walked up to us and they said: “I just wanted to say that I’ve seen a lot of couples get married, and I always have a feeling about people. I can tell that you are going to be together and love each other all of your lives.”

And that’s what I believed Gabriel. I never thought there would be a moment, even a second when I wasn’t with Mom. I loved her so, so incredibly much. That was February and we started working harder to try and have a baby together. Later that year I remember I was on a plane back to Costa Rica, and Priscilla was messaging me saying that she has some exciting news when I got back to Costa Rica. I was in the United States travelling at the time doing business, and helping make money for you, her, and the kids. I remember when I was on the airplane back home, that I was talking to someone on the plane who played music for a Christian Church in Costa Rica. I told him I might be having a baby and he said a blessing for our family and I felt so peaceful about it.

I remember I walked up to my house that we lived in up in Escazu, Costa Rica and I remember driving to the front door. I knocked on the front door and she opened it, and she grabbed my hand and walked with me upstairs in the room. She took me in the closet, showed me a piece of paper, and I opened it. It said “positivo” for a test for pregnancy. At first I didn’t quite understand because my Spanish was still so bad, but I quickly found out that this meant she was pregnant. I was so, so, so happy. I thought “I’m a Dad now, everything has just changed for me.”

I remember at that moment, I had never felt more happy and peaceful about anything. I gave her a hug and a kiss, and from that moment, everything in my mind and in my life started to change – because I was a Dad now, everything mattered differently.

Your Mom started to be really sick shortly after that, so during that time I started to take care of your brother Angel more. I realized then that I already had a son – something in me changed and I felt like because your Mom was pregnant with you, that Angel was also my son. So at that moment, I started to love Angel like my own boy. You have such a cool brother. He’s so talented, and loving, and kind.

So while your Mom was sick, I’d be changing Angel’s diapers, playing with him outside, running around the house with him, watching movies with him, and letting her rest. From that point on, he was my son, too.

Time went by and we went through some struggles. I’m not going to talk about those here as I wanted to keep this focused on you. All I wanted to say is that we went through some tough times, and we made it through. I remember what it was like to be there with your Mom when she was pregnant, feeling you kick her belly. You moved a LOT before you were born, just like you do right now! Here’s a photo we took when she was pregnant:

David Wood and Priscilla Chacon together before they had the Angel Gabriel!!!
David Wood and Priscilla Chacon together before they had the Angel Gabriel Kalel Wood Chacon!!! He was a REALLY BIG little baby!

I remember I would just lie there in bed with your Mom and I’d be feeling her stomach, feeling you kick my hand. I’d talk to you, tell you stories, and kiss her tummy letting you know that I loved you so, so, so much and was so, so, so excited for you to be born, and come into the world.

Sometime when she was pregnant, Priscilla heard a voice that told her that your name would be Gabriel. I always wanted to call my son “Kalel” because that is Superman’s name from Krypton. So we decided to call you “Gabriel Kalel Wood Chacon.” Just remember, that you are Superman! No matter what anyone ever tells you, you can do anything you ever set out to do!

I Love You, Gabriel Kalel Wood Chacon!

Your Mom was very pregnant before an event in late January of 2014. At the time, my company Empower Network was going through some problems, and I had just had my neck injured and was wearing a neck brace for the event. I remember rushing home from the event because your Mom was ready to give birth to you, and I remember flying back with my heart racing. When I got home, we went to the hospital and I remember when I was there with your Mom, she was in the middle of the delivery and there was a time she was in so much pain, and I was scared as the doctor was pulling you out with a lot of force. When you were born, you were all purple and blue, and weren’t breathing. I was panicking, and I remember I said a little prayer that you’d be ok. A few seconds later, you were crying and they carried you over to your Mom and she kissed you. I had never seen her look so happy, and I had never felt so happy in my life.

Gabriel Kalel Wood Chacon right after birth with Priscilla Chacon and David Wood
Gabriel Kalel Wood Chacon right after birth with Priscilla Chacon and David Wood

As you can see from the photos Gabriel, I was always there with you and your Mom. I was there when you were in the womb, and I was there when you were born. I was always by your side, and always loved your Mom, and always loved your brother. I spent the next while with you alone holding you in my arms while your Mom was going through surgery:

A Loving New Father, David Wood Holding His Son, Gabriel Kalel Wood Chacon
A Loving New Father, David Wood Holding His Son, Gabriel Kalel Wood Chacon

I remember when she woke up, and she was wheeled out a while later and she got to see you again for the first time, and you got to nurse and what it was like to see a new life come into the world. I was so, so in love and so, so incredibly happy to be there with you both.

I was there with you as you took your first breath, I was there as you took your first steps, I was there when you started to learn to talk, when you laughed for the first time – I was always there for you, Gabriel.

I raised you and your brother, and you and your brother were my little best friends, and your Mom was my big best friend. That never changed, and it was always my dream to give you and your Mom and your brother the best life ever. So we could travel to the beaches of the world, so we could live a good life, so we could be together, for ever.

You might be asking “well, where are you Dad?” Good question. Sometimes, when people go through rough times, things happen that cause people to go through great pain, and times of struggle emerge. It is my hope that before you ever find this (as you probably will not until you are older) that you will know me, and that we will be together again.

2.5 years ago from now, your Mom and I went through a really hard time. I had just gone through some struggles in business that had collapsed a company that I had loved, and worked in for years, and years and years. During the company collapse, I had a spiritual awakening that changed me in a very dramatic way. Your Mom and I had been broken up and after I changed, we got back together.

Your Mom and I were struggling financially, and we got attacked spiritually at a level that I don’t think that either of us have ever experienced. After one of the attacks, your Mom asked me to leave for a bit. When I left, I always just assumed I would be able to come back home, that we would heal, and that we would be a family again. Your Mom totally disappeared and did not talk to me again. I emailed you and her every single day asking how you are doing, asking to talk to you, and asking to resolve things with her.

After that time, I tried to resolve things with everything that I had. I would wake up in the morning and cry for hours every day, just praying that everything would be ok and that when the time is right, and when she was ready, our family would be back together again. In the meantime, your Mom got surrounded by people who told her to not talk to me. I reached out and tried to say hello every single day without fail for 2.5 years.

I don’t know what people have told you, and I don’t know what you went through. I don’t know how your Mom and your brother are really doing. I don’t know how you’re doing in school. I try to communicate with you every single day, and I can’t get through. I don’t know if your Mom talks to you about me and tells you that I love you and that I am trying to talk to you every single day, or if she doesn’t. My heart hurts in the morning when I wake up, and when I go to sleep.

People surrounded your Mom and told her things about me that are not true. I love your Mom, and these people told her to keep away from me and to not let you talk to me. Whatever you have heard, and whatever stories are in your head if you are reading this, listen to my voice – I loved you since before you were born. I had visions of you since before you were conceived in the womb. I was there holding you in the hospital and no matter what has gone on with your Mother, I have loved her, defended her, and done anything that I could to protect her, even when I wen through great pain.

Do not ever allow anyone to tell you that I did not love your Mom, and your brother with all of my heart. I loved you, I defended you. I protected you. I tried to be there for you and I was not allowed. There was never a moment when I did not love your Mom. There was never a second when ever I wanted to hurt her.

If you have heard that, it is complete nonsense. I loved your Mom since I loved her, and I never stopped. Your Mom has never been with a better man, who loved her children more than me. She has never been with a person who was there for her no matter what she did, and no matter what she was going through. I loved you when you were born, I loved you when you were small, and I love you now.

Always remember, I am here for you and that I never left you, that I never would, and that there is no reason to not talk to me and that I will be here for you all of your life, no matter what goes on.

While I was away, and hurting deeply, unable to communicate with you your Mother chose to be with someone else. It was the wrong choice, and I am the better person but it doesn’t matter now. What matters is that I love you, and that I am your Dad. Do not let anyone ever tell you that anyone is your Dad but me. I was a good Dad. I loved you every second. I took care of you and changed your diapers. I helped teach you to walk. And we were a happy, beautiful family that was supposed to be together forever.

I’m sorry I failed you Gabriel and Angel if you read this. I failed. I did everything I know how to do and nothing worked. My heart has been so broken that I have not been able to barely function because all I have thought about are you, your brother, and your Mom.

I failed, Gabriel. I don’t know how to apologize, and I don’t know how to tell you that I did everything I could, and everything that I could try to do to save our family was done. Always remember me and please contact me.

It doesn’t matter what anyone says, I am your Dad, and I love you no matter what has gone on. Your Mom was my wife, I loved her since I saw her, and I dreamed of her when I was a child before I met her, when I was 8 years old, just after she was born – and I saw her and didn’t meet her until I was 31 years old, and I dreamed of you before you were conceived, and before you were born. You were not an accident Gabriel.

It is my heart that cries out right now, because you Mom chose someone other than me and I can’t change that. She made the wrong choice but I can’t change someone’s heart. I don’t know what happened with her and you and Angel since I’ve left. It hasn’t been because I wanted to leave. I would have been there every second, every day, every week, and every month. I never left your Mom, and I never abandoned you, and I never abandoned her, and I never abandoned Angel.

I was always there, always loved all of you, and will always love all of you no matter what happens but as of now, my heart is broken and I don’t know what to do anymore. All I know is that I will do everything I can to see you, every day, and will never stop trying and if I didn’t see you and you have to find this, it is not because of what I’ve done, it was because someone was stopping me from seeing you. Gabriel, I know this has hurt you. It isn’t your fault. You are perfect as you are and the happiest little boy that I’ve ever seen in my life. You and Angel have always been my little best friends.

Please contact me. Send me an email at or a Facebook message here, or a phone call at +1(801)769-0177. You can add me on Skype at david.wood202 and I am always here to talk and always want to talk to you. Nobody else is your Father. I am. Always remember that and that you, and your Mom and your brother are loved.

David Wood
Your Dad Forever

P.S. Here are some photos of you when you were small. As you can see I am happy, you are happy, and we are all very happy. There is nothing but love here, and there has never been anything but love in our family, ever, when we were around each other. One day, I will see you again and I will help you live the life that you’ve always dreamed. Remember Gabriel that your Dad loves you, will always love you, and has always loved you and will always be here for you and your Dad’s name is: David Wood. You only have one Father, Gabriel, and it is me. Do not let anyone tell you differently.

P.P.S. For anyone reading this that had any part in keeping Priscilla and I, and our boys apart, or encouraging this in any way. You do not know what you have done and what you have caused. There is no forgiveness for you for being a part of separating this family in this world, or in the world to come.

P.P.P.S. Gabriel, I love you and am here for you for ever. No matter what anyone says, and no matter what happens, know that I have been here, will be here, and you, I and your brother and your Mom were supposed to be together for ever. I have failed you, and I’m so, so, so incredibly sorry. Please contact me. I need you, I love you, and I am here for you like I always have been.

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