Dave Wood Accurately Predicts Current World Crises On May 18th, 2018.

Dear Friend,

I actually predicted the current world crisis period we are entering into 3 years ago, but I cannot find references to it as at the time, the only people I told were my wife, Priscilla, and a few members of my family. People like Jon Wood with Dixie Guitar Kings and others like William Wood with Northern Utah Hypnosis and perhaps my Father and some other people close to me would remember it closer to May 20th, 2017. However, I found the following article on MLMNewReport.com with a reference to my initial announcement video.

From the article, quoting my intial announcement video which has since been taken off of Facebook:

We have until May 20th, 2020 to create MASSIVE CHANGE or the World will slip into Famine, War, Nuclear War, and Nation fighting against Nation for resources that will wipe out all life on earth forever, saith Yah-Ha-Oh-Weh of Armies, it is time to LISTEN to my Servant David, even if you do not believe yet. Unify with him and you shall be blessed, unifying AGAINST the Anti-Kingdom of Lucifer.

My “May 20th Doomsday Prediction” has been made fun of quite often by friends, family members and other people that I used to work of. People misunderstood my initial announcement to think that I was saying that the world was going to end on May 20th, 2020. That is actually not what I said.

I said the quote above, meaning that we would have until that date to create massive changes, or the above would begin. Famine, war, etc and from this point, if we do not change, we will also eventually slip into nuclear war, and life will be wiped out on the earth.

Kind of funny, but nobody changed. Now look at what’s going on. Let me quote from a Facebook post I did:

Beginning of Facebook post—–

I found this old article I wanted to share about the times. I thought you’d find it interesting as I’ve had people criticize me and ask for specific references to the May 20th, 2020 date that I talked about 3 years ago.

Ha ha ha. Some good ol’ crazy David Wood stuff here that suddenly seems to know the times of major world chaos. Are we headed into famine and war because we didn’t change? Here’s the article that exactly references my May 20th, 2020 claim from a site that is not my own from my original ‘doomsday call to action’ video:


Forgive the whole “blashphemy” thing. Obviously, I am not God. (Sorry, some major bullshit. I did try and respond to this in the comments, however, he never approved them.)

However, “pretty accurate” if you look at my crazy eyes in the photo here of this old post on MLMNewsReport.com somehow, isn’t it?

Funny enough, my brother Jon Wood (who doesn’t take drugs and owns a Guitar Store) had God outright tell him that they would utilize the Coronavirus Pandemic to straight introduce the mark of the beast.

(Jon Wood is never wrong. After all, he owns a Guitar Store.)

Are we headed into an apocalyptic famine-war land where we walk outside and the police are angry if we are not wearing a mask? Are we going to have our kids wear hats like China with arms stretched to the side to prevent them from playing with other kids? Are we going to tip the exponential scale of the virus spreading and then all of the sudden, are we experiencing famine, and war?

Quote from the old “March 28th David Wood crazy eyes video”:

“We have until May 20th, 2020 to create MASSIVE CHANGE or the World will slip into Famine, War, Nuclear War, and Nation fighting against Nation for resources that will wipe out all life on earth forever, saith Yah-Ha-Oh-Weh of Armies, it is time to LISTEN to my Servant David, even if you do not believe yet. Unify with him and you shall be blessed, unifying AGAINST the Anti-Kingdom of Lucifer.”

Interesting isn’t it that I am right on time. Is there famine?


Are there going to be new wars?


Is it possible the food shortages emerging from a series of very dangerous mutations (perhaps the next emerging on May 20th) from this apocalyptic world collapse will cause rebellions in streets and massive protests, people rising against each other desperate to recover economically, falling into a systemic wide collapse as the governments of the world are printing “piles, and piles of more money” – stacking up to coming up on a national debt increase of staggering “trillions of dollars in fake money” piling up the sky?

Are we headed to war and nuclear war because we didn’t change, and complete world fallout from economic collapse and starvation of work processes imposed by the government who is… are they ‘worried about the disease’ or are they ‘trying to impose controls on all of society’ and forcing us to say what they want?

I mean, have you ever seen Facebook just outright ban people on doing normal things like this? If someone posts to do a public coronavirus protest where there is no social distancing, the post is banned.

Post a disagreement to what “The Machine” says. “Banned.”

Disbelieve me? Watch this:

Don’t believe yet that “mysteriously” I am right on time?

Watch this:

How could the “social distancing” bullshit blow up in our face? It’s simple:

The number of new cases has been staying relatively consistent. This because people are not moving around and talking to each other.

Right now, kids are not affected. However, this can mutate. What is the next mutation? Is it possible that the next mutation if this disease started around November time, mutating every 8 weeks, is…

“May 20th, 2020…. Doomsday.”

* Accurately predicted by David Wood
* Perhaps it will next go through a phase attacking children.
* Now, shouldn’t have we allowed it to spread, as the first versions of it only attacked the weak and the elderly?

Is it possible that it would have been better for the world for all the kids to have had it by now?

Are we going to going to have the mark of the beast introduced? My brother Jon Wood had God tell him so. And Jon Wood doesn’t take drugs, is always right (owns a guitar store, so “obviously he’s right about everything”)

I mean, right now the world is getting schemed. We shut down all of our businesses, everyone hides at home. In the meantime, we don’t spread the disease… and “we think” this is the right choice… until:

MUTATIONS! The Coronavirus mutates approximately every 8 weeks (ask Nadia Nisha Subratie who has had a family member die). If it mutates and attacks kids, won’t we be saying that we should have just let people go outside?

Or will the deadliness go down?

Was David Wood crazy? Or did he just somehow “accurately know the date”? Is there a real threat of “Mark of the Beast world level control?”

Ask Bill Gates. Apparently, according to spiritual leaders like “Gene Wolff” … Bill Gates wants to wipe out a very large section of humanity! However, read this article from “The Daily Beast” for the full conspiracy theory:


Here is a link to the actual patent where Bill Gates owns technology to implant microchip purchasing technology and the numbers ‘6 6 6’ appear in the patent:


As you can see – last 6 digits = 60606 in numerological terms the number of the beast appears! (eliminate the zeroes)

Not only that, but Microsoft and the ‘infamous central bankers’ have a project called “ID 2020”, planning on putting biometric id systems in place that last for life that control all of your purchasing:


Is this really a conspiracy? I mean can you even make this up? Did David Wood really predict doomsday accurately? Or did somehow all of these things ‘magically coincide”. Is there going to be a severe mutation of the Coronavirus attacking the youth, people rioting from government controls, systems not able to cope with the escalating piles of financial collapse, famines, and war?

Well, check this out. Mysteriously, there is also a giant plague on the crops in Africa that can massively disrupt food supplies. This same kind of thing could easily erupt all over the world:


“Mysterious plague” appears in East Africa that can disrupt food supplies!’

Is it really a mysterious plague? Or was this also a product of genetic modification? So here’s the question, is anyone planning this? Is there a coordinated effort? Are we all headed for some kind of ‘post apocalyptic’ mind control? Citizens rebelling all over the world? Financial collapse, plagues, famines, and war?

Did David Wood predict it accurately? Is he nuts? Was he taking too much drugs? Or was it “all 3”? You never know!

Just remember… put on your facemask… except: Maybe it will mutate and your kids should have gotten it months ago, because they’d be over it, and now they won’t die.

I’m not saying for sure. All I’m pointing out is that it is a good thing to know the future before it happens all the time. Keeps you on the winning side. Might want to pay attention to my predictions from now on as somehow… “I know the dates.”

Damn! Here’s some more evidence of the food supply falling short:


Coronavirus exacerbating food shortages in Africa:


Now I’m not here to tell you that I’m the Messiah David, or God, or anything like that (obviously not God and I’m Christian and believe Jesus is the Messiah) … just somehow:

Damn! Right on time! WTF David Wood!

Time to see what happens next, David Schwind thinks… “We’re never going back”.

David Armstrong died in 1994 and came back to life, and ‘while dead’ Jesus told him he would die again before the age of 42 and there would be some events that would happen and then the great tribulation would emerge. So he was born in 1980 I believe, 42 would wind up by 2022. Still within the same window of ‘Dave and his weird friends ‘weirdly accurate predictions’.

I’m not saying the world will end… or anything like that.

But ain’t all this ‘accuracy’ of what I said bringing your thoughts to a screeching halt? My only question is:

“What’s the next move of the central bankers and when do they release their evil scheme to control and enslave humanity?” – Ask David Schwind and Jon Wood (only ask Jonny if you are also buying a guitar). Perhaps God will tell him for you. (Jonny doesn’t take drugs).

…Suspense-fully waiting till doomsday with pop corn in hand, wondering when all these folks are going to start working together and putting the past aside.

May 20th… 2020 – A Great Shift Is Happening.

CONVENIENTLY, this is the ‘exact date’ that is the final line for lifting the social distancing measures in the United States.

Could there be a ‘dangerous mutation that attacks kids’ coming soon, just as the measures are lifted? As the science says, will the disease most likely continue (such as SARS) all throughout the summer time?

Is there a reason that David Wood is ‘stunningly accurate’ about future predictions? Are the zombies and nephilim next, or was that just the drugs? Or are we going to have a pandemic on top of a world release of centralized control, disease after disease attacking people forcing them into a line, until they are lined up outside walmart with a “mark of the beasts” Bill Gates Tattooe…

I don’t know, all I know is… This popcorn is delicious.

David Wood
“Doomsday Prediction Artist”

P.S. I’m not going to tell you how I mysteriously knew these things (as it is a secret) HOWEVER… Chaos is coming from this. Mark my words. There is a reason everyone has a ‘creepy feeling’ about what is going on.

We will see how deep the rabbithole goes. Sorry for not preparing you more adequately. It’s time to all make money together again and build a “plan b, c, and d”.

New scheme emerging soon. Watch your email inbox like a hawk. And just remember when shit hits the fan: “David Wood accurately told you so.”

—–end of Facebook post.

Now we’ve got a plague of murder hornets, a plague in Africa, and massive world wide economic collapse, and I could go on and on with the world current situation that seemed perfectly fine only 5 months ago.

Funny how things change in the blink of an eye, right on time.

So you might ask: What happened after I made that video? Well, I traveled around warning people and trying to gather them to create change. I was kicked out of my home. My wife left me. Most of my best friends ditched me – pretty much I experienced the story of the persecuted prophet.

I even had my Church call the police on me, and get me thrown in jail in Utah. Then, after that, my wife supposedly married someone else in Costa Rica. I got discouraged around then, and just stopped blogging. Right about that time, all the shit that I’ve been warning on triggered from a pandemic disease. Basically, I was treated like shit by everyone around me except maybe 5-7 people total. The wife thing was the last straw. I just stopped bothering and said “well, then I hope the world just falls apart. That will show these idiots.” Ha ha ha. It did, funny enough.

And it’s going to get worse and we all know it.

Actually all that would need to happen for the remainder of what I said to happen, is for a chain of events to initiate that result in war that erupts, which the world has been teetering on for some time anyways as obviously there are many current world conflicts. With the level of economic collapse the world is experiencing, it is the flip of a switch for a new war to erupt. Another friend of mine (who is startlingly accurate most times at predicting the future) mentioned on Facebook that he believes that within a year, we will be inside of a world war.

It is hilarious in a way. I was talking to someone the other day, and I pointed out that I had accurately predicted the exact time of falling into a crises, 3 years ago when everyone thought we were in the best time ever. Immediately they mocked me, making fun of me by saying “Oh yeah? Then what’s going to happen next?” (this was in a VERY mocking tone.)

I rolled my eyes, and changed the subject. I have figured out how people respond to things I say at this point until they happen. It goes like this:

a) I say something is going to happen
b) People ridicule it completely
c) It happens exactly as I said
d) Now they want me to prove it again by repeating this cycle, in which case they also repeat “d”.

In other words, no matter what I have told people, it has been pointless. This same person once asked me to do a miracle. I did a little one for them. Then they wanted me to do another one, and made fun of how little the miracle was, only seconds before disbelieving that I could do miracles at all.

I find the world hilarious. Mark my words, we are headed into a long, drawn out crisis and the Coronavirus isn’t the only thing that is going to hit. We are going to be plagued by one thing after another from this point on, until society changes.

I haven’t bothered to do any prophetic meditation on this time period, as I have revealed quite a lot about what will happen and each time, I have been met with outright insulting behavior, people lashing out at me like they are possessed by demons, goading me on to do something that really, I do not feel like doing.

What About The Crystal Cities, Dave?

I was talking to a friend the other day, and he said “Dave, where are the crystal cities?” Obviously, he is referring to the Universe Engine, which I began talking about years ago. I clarified something to him, that although the most important thing that ever will get created by me and the people around me is the Universe Engine, I never said that would happen any time soon at all. Christians believe in this Crystal City too, they simply do not call it “The Universe Engine”. It is referred to as the Holy City of New Jerusalem, referred to in Revelation chapter 21. I am simply the one that came out and described what it is, which is essentially a device built by the 144,000 that is also a city. That device is the Matrix. This concept is not really different than what Elon Musk says, which is that the Matrix is real and we must build the Matrix.

I am simply just more specific about what it is, and when it happens. That will start growing (it grows, it is not really built. Well it is kind of built, and grows. I will discuss it later.) at a time closer to the second coming of Christ, and after the second coming of Christ, it will be built over a time period of 1,000 years in space, by the 144,000. This will most likely happen within 6,000 years from the time of Adam’s fall, which we are in year 5,780 right now. This means that by the time I am 258 years old (or 220 years from now approximately) this will begin. It is highly possible that it will begin faster than that; however, the earth does not have more than 6,000 years of temporal existence before the 1,000 year reign of Christ begins. I never said that will happen any time soon, ever. I simply described what is going to happen.

I want to emphasize that every Christian who has ever read the Bible and believes in it believes in that Crystal City, which is 1,380 miles cubed with 200 foot thick walls. The only difference between what they say and what I say, is that I have extra-biblical information about this particular artifact, and know what it is and what it does and eventually, will be the leader of the team that orchestrates putting it together. I am focused on much more basic things at this point in my life.

When Are The Nephilim Going To Strike?

Over the last couple of years I have talked about a concept called ‘the nephilim’ which are essentially human beings that have been genetically modified by satan. They exist in Genesis chapter 6, are described in the books of Enoch, and not very much is known about them. I have talked about them in various posts on my blog as this is a phenomenon I have actually encountered, has been seen by other people that I know, and many people have dreamed about over the years.

The only experience I have with nephilim and how they strike comes from a previous lifetime of mine. I know certain things, like there are nephilim on the earth and they are growing in power in secret groups, as I have encountered them. There are 3 specifically that I have encountered in the last 36 months. One in my brother’s Guitar shop, one while driving around with Matt Gonzales, and one while I was in Texas near the World Ventures headquarters.

I currently do not know how powerful the nephilim are, as I have been paying no attention to them, and in particular do not want to spend my time thinking about evil things. However, if you are Christian you should be weary that there will be nephilim in the last days as Jesus said:

And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.

Luke 17:26, KJV

In the days of Noah (Noe in the KJV) there were nephilim. In the book of Revelation, it is described that the final tribulation will be the greatest tribulation that is in the history of the world. This would not even be possible if there were not nephilim in the last days. So if you are Christian, there is no way that there will not be nephilim.

Let me describe to you one of them that I encountered. I ran into a guy in my brother’s guitar shop that I have known since I was 19 years old. I’m not going to get into a lot of particulars, but I had a conversation with him about some of my ‘weird stuff’ and he said “I believe you, because ‘God’ appeared to me outside of my house.”

I said “Interesting. What did he say?” At that point, he kind of changed the subject and said that he told him some things that he has to keep secret, and left him with something to remember him. Later, he described to me that he had received a prophecy from an unknown person about his future in an email. I asked him what it was, and he again avoided the issue.

God does not appear to people and leave them ‘objects’ outside of their house. The reason I knew this person was marked is because of a phenomenon that I have noticed in several people where a great majority of their energy is overridden (like it is possessed you can say) by another consciousness controlling it. This person in particular had an energy match with the same person who I mentioned 3 years ago is the antichrist. Shorly after God appeared to him, he went to jail for something minor for like six months. From what I gathered, he committed a petty crime on purpose to go into jail, and do something in particular. Most likely, to spread the mark he received from the ‘God’ that appeared to him, which obviously was a manifestation of the antichrist.

After he got out, he’s ‘suddenly’ making $150,000 a year or so, but what he is doing to make the money makes no sense whatsoever, as people doing that kind of work in particular make a lot less. Moreover, I could tell that this person in particular was possessed by satan.

Now you might say “how do you know that is a nephilim?” It is very easy to criticize that story. My brother Jonny also met this person, but did not have the rest of the conversation. It is because of the same way that I know that the world was going to initiate a process that would lead to it falling apart by May 20th, 2020.

The other two people I will save for different stories. Why would he come into my brother’s guitar store? To gather information from me, very simply put. I gave him a copy of one of my books. I’m certain he enjoyed it.

I’m not going to criticize every appearance of God and say that it was the antichrist creating a nephilim. That was one in particular where I could tell that the person is marked from their energy, and the luciferian cloud that was surrounding them. It is not necessarily easy to perceive these things.

My point is, that the nephilim were here. In my prior experience, it took a while for the nephilim to begin gaining real power. Most likely, it will happen much faster in this cycle of things. However, when the nephilim do a public strike (which they will not do until society is sufficiently weak, there is a plan, and it will be extremely violent) it will terrify the nations of the earth, as it will be more like something like a movie – 200 areas or so at once all broadcasting live I would guess, releasing the mark in small group meetings. I am not talking about a microchip, that maybe forced on society sooner or later than this, or in response to this. I am talking about something that transfers through blood covenants between the marked and unmarked people.

The problem with nephilim is that once they gain any real power, modern weaponry will do nothing to them unless they are entirely destroyed. They will simply regenerate. My wife, who I suppose is not my wife anymore has seen visions of this her entire life. Many of you have had them in dreams appear.

For example, my wife once saw a dream of these creepy people that were all staring at her. It was like they wanted her to be a part of something and she didn’t want to – so they were looking at her creepy. Their legs bent backwards and their eyes turned black, they bent over like spiders and started running on the walls in every direction at her while she was running away. It was a pretty scary dream for her.

My brother Jonny who also has prophetic dreams has dreamed of things like this all of his life. People think these dreams occurring all over society are nothing. They are not nothing.

Anyways, I do not know when the nephilim are going to strike publicly, and I am not certain they are powerful enough yet to bother. On the chance that they are powerful enough to really be effective attacking society, I will tell you that society is not ready for that, at all. It will be something that spreads like a virus but there is no cure for, particular, through blood transfer.

Even if you do not believe my explanation of things, within several generations of technology it will be possible to create beings like this through nano technology. At that point, someone gets a nanobot injection, it links their mind into the machine, they gain abilities and begin needing to consume exponentially increasing amounts of energy over time from the technology using their biological resources to replicate. This kind of technology will undoubtedly emerge from the singularity.

However, I am simply telling you that it already exists and actually has for over 6,000 years, since the time of Cain. My story, however, is unbelievable and somewhat pointless to tell to most people, as there is nobody I have encountered that cares when I share this information with them. At the point when society gets attacked by the nephilim, they will then wish that I had been contacted for the development of a superhero program, which is the only defense for this sort of thing, as modern weaponry will essentially be useless against them. They will run into the bullets, tear weapons out of people’s hands, and tear them to pieces.

If you do not believe this kind of thing, well maybe watching an x-men movie would be good for you. It is like the Bible, but TV.

Ha ha ha. I’m joking. My point is, that I do not know when the nephilim will be powerful enough to strike society currently. If I told you when they were going to strike, they would most likely have one of their people read my blog anyways, and change the date – making me look like a fool to hide it.

However, how they will strike will be somewhat in the manner most likely that they did the last time. Maybe 200 locations at the same time, sold or coerced a bunch of people to get the mark. Immediately, these disease laden people started spreading this thing and soon it consumed a big enough section of society to where they were impossible to completely get rid of. It created a real problem.

Just be aware that it will happen, is all. If there are enough of them to bother striking, and they are powerful enough to not be wiped out, it would be an opportune time when society slips a little bit more into depression and food shortage, and everyone is stressed and our financial resources are already weakened as then, society cannot do anything about it. Actually would not be a bad time sometime soon, depending on how the world does with the pandemic. The Pandemic has weakened all of society, which is now prone to mass manipulation from another world scale attack of some kind. The next one could be psychological. Could be new leadership emerging. Could be plagues destroying crops, or another disease. Could be the initiation of a conflict that leads to war. Could be all of those things at the same time. We are ripe for conflict as the world is strangled, in a choke hold and a few more moves would make society tap out. For example, attacking a critical part of our supply chain in a manner that affects some aspect of life such as the food supply, energy supply, the water, etc.

What I will tell you though, is that it is very apparent that society is headed for a cycle of collapse and that collapse is orchestrated by satan, move by move. Can the righteous stop it? That is really up to us.

We can make our own diseases now that are brutally effective. That is part of it. However, the greater level problem that is happening now is the moves of power that are initiating and the world scale setup, and the fact that there will be one new move after another from this point on.

I will tell you point blank that the world is cursed right now, or at least a great section of it. As always, we did not unify, and we did not create change. Therefore, punishment has been enacted on society while satan makes the moves of power. Soon, a war and all out conflict will begin emerging. You can already see it on Facebook for example, the amount of people concerned with the emerging digital ID and microchipping system to track all purchasing, and people beginning to gather and protest the machine. However what is coming is not something anyone is expecting, or knows about. When it happens, my readers will be some of the only people on earth that will understand what is going on around them.

However, this is nothing. I promise you that. As always, we do not have time to fiddle around with the future.

Unfortunately, I still feel weakened from the outright betrayal from my wife in Costa Rica. When what happened happened, a curse fell on the entire world and will stay until the situation is rectified. So I will take my time to gather my thoughts and build a plan of some kind while I am focused on building people up again and doing something to make money, as creating the change that I want to create is currently impossible from lack of faith, and I have not been doing well emotionally and have been taking time to heal that and am somewhat in a panic all the time, as I am not allowed to see my son and it is all I think about.

Satan attacked the most critical part of my life, and he won. I am ashamed of that and I am sorry, as I feel crippled in my ability to help from that situation as it entirely happened from attacks from satan and I could do nothing to stop it. Eventually I will figure something out and become clear again. Maybe not for a time.

Just be warned that the murder hornets are not the only new problem that will emerge in 2020. It will be a sequence of things that if they can will cripple society, one after another. If society stays strong and works together, I believe a lot of these problems can be averted.

There is a way, and it is the mass faith and enlightenment of a large of enough group operating in total unity. It is possible to just shut the disease down on a world scale, and a lot of what is going to happen can be averted.

I believe that society will be continuously crippled from this point on until people are humble enough to begin to believe in the impossible and open their hearts, and minds. As I mentioned before, a curse fell on all of society late last year and it has not lifted, and will not lift for a time. I cannot remove the curse, and neither can anyone else. Things must change and people must change in a large way.

Fundamentally, I do not want to remove it earlier, as I believe society deserves to fall into a war at this point and some sort of systemic collapse as they are not willing to change, and must be humbled in some way or the karmic whiplash will be greater than war. Do not mistake me thinking this to assume that this is my desire. I am simply telling you as I did 3 years ago that we have no time left. This time, it is obvious that this is the truth.

There maybe a way to change things; however, I will write about it later as I’m going to go take a 15 – 20 minute nap. It would have to do with a massive reversal on time by the 144,000, moving us back to give us time to prepare. However, it is not time to do that yet, as the 144,000 would have to unify in large numbers to do that and as of yet, there is no gathering of us and only a few of us have truly woken up and would even understand how to do it. I was talking to a friend of mine the other day, and I clarified that I do not believe that I am the only one like this. That there are 144,000 of us like this and I am appointed as the leader of that group, but the group has many leaders.

I will tell you something though and you need to hear me and understand that on this issue I am correct and it is not positive:

The last 3 years, we have failed together. We cannot repeat this mistake again it will cost too many lives. I am not talking about various business successes some of us have had. I am talking about the fact that the curse on society that I mentioned 3 years ago is active, and now we are in a time period of societal cursing on a massive scale.

There are religious organizations, governments, companies, and massive groups that are cursed. Not just one nation, the entire earth.

We can at this point, only liberate the curse on the nations of the earth together, in the same manner that we could have prevented it.

In the meantime, understand that there is opportunity, and in our individual lives there may be a different story. I am talking about the entire system of things. All of it, and I mean all of it as a system is cursed and in some manner, there have been protections of God withdrawn, as he is losing his patience.

Do not see this as a doomsday message, but as an opportunity to change for the better, which is the only thing we can do. But at the same time, look around you and be aware of what you are actually seeing. I am telling you, we are headed for war.

David Wood

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