We Are Headed For A System Collapse, War, And Centralization If The People Do Not Change.

Dear Friend,

I apologize that I got all negative, and for a time I gave up on myself, and that I gave up on you, and I stopped sharing my message of hope, and my message of freedom back in January of this year.

I am writing to you in a relative sense of urgency that you understand my words and the nature of the warning that I am giving you and the nations of the earth right now, and that is that we are headed for systemic collapse, and war if the people do not change, and embrace the ways of righteousness.

Thus saith YHVH of Armies concerning the things which shall shortly come to pass:

The economies of the earth are headed for systemic collapse that is orchestrated by satan and controlled by people who are on the earth who have been given power to reign for a time, times and half a time. The economic system is in a stranglehold and the money printing has just begun. There is a coming attack on the economic system of the United States of America that will result in a chain reaction of things from the middle east that will result in a changing of the world superpower to another, and a war shall begin to form in the middle east that threatens all of humanity, and all nations and kingdoms shall be drawn into this conflict of power because the systems are collapsing that we are dependent on, meaning the people of the world, and a shifting of power is forming and the people will begin to revolt against the oppression that is forming, emerging in a systemic collapse of resources and the release of the mark of the beast for the hour of the YHVH is at hand.

I do not desire to be negative as I am in the middle of building rapport and a movement. I am simply warning you what you know, that the time we are in is coming to a close.

Please pray for Donald J. Trump.

David Wood
The Messiah David

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