Entheogens Are The Keys To Unlocking The Advent Of The Messianic Age, And Solving Every Problem In Society, Including The Pandemic.

Special Note: This article goes off on somewhat of a tangent; however I would encourage you to continue reading until the very end as I bring it all back into a full circle with the purpose and the title of this article, which is the solving of all problems and the unlocking of the Messianic Age.

Dear Friend,

I’m writing this article to you from Colombia, and I wanted to discuss something with you that I think is foundationally important to the advancement of the future, and that is entheogens. If you’re not familiar with what entheogens are, I turn to the Wikipedia definition:

An entheogen is a psychoactive substance that induces alterations in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, or behavior for the purposes of engendering spiritual development in sacred contexts.


In other words, entheogens would be the plant medicines that are ceremonial used in different cultures around the world. An example would be the growing movement that is behind the advancement and utilization of Ayahuasca, a South American entheogen that utilizes two plants that when mixed together, lead to a visionary experience in its users. Other examples would be psilocybin, the active component of magic mushrooms, or the ceremonial utilization of peyote.

This is an article that I have been intending on writing for some time as I think that it is a particularly important subject matter and I was reminded to write it by a photo I saw on Facebook the other day where someone had been a member of a Church that is very well known for a time period of 20 years, and had very little, to no real depth of spiritual experience. Let me point you to the post as I believe that this is a common problem among all faiths – which is that there is a preponderance of belief systems, and no real depth in experience with God, which leads people to grasp at straws to form their spiritual direction and beliefs and makes it so their entire belief system is dependent on other peoples experiences which usually happened 2,000 to 5,000 years ago – depending on the person’s faith.

In other words, in general people’s belief systems are entirely formed by what somebody else has written and that other person had a more direct and intimate connection with their creator, and revealed knowledge straight from the source. The person today lives and breathes on these ancient writings, forming every decision based upon dead interpretations of what was once said. Let me share with you the quote on Facebook and what this has to do with our current world situation, which is grave at best:

The LDS church defines faith as “a belief in things that are not seen, which are true” or to interpret that, trust in something that you can’t see. The issue with that is that trust is earned, not given. I can’t “see” electrons, but I know that when I flip this switch, a light in my house turns on. That’s a faith that’s based in probably hundreds of thousands of successful iterations. At this point, my faith in electricity is such that if I flip the switch and nothing happens, it doesn’t diminish my faith in electricity, only my faith in the switch, or the line continuity. In my 26 years as a LDS, I can tell you that my experience with god was not faith building. “Answers” to prayers came so infrequently and so often tenuously, that a bit of introspection suggested that I was simply grasping at straws.

Faith isn’t just about belief, it’s about trust. If god wanted me to trust him, I promise you he would have treated me differently.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/467594753360945/permalink/2926942017426194/ – “Uncensored LDS Topics”

This is a person who is involved in the “Latter Day Saint” movement, or the “Mormons” in common language who as you can see, has been involved with the Church his entire lifetime, and has had to ‘grasp at straws’ for spiritual validation of his belief system.

I responded with the following paragraph:

I’m in the Church, although I’ve had my own issues with it over the years. Particularly they’ve done some real whacked out things when I haven’t fit into the ‘normal mormon picture’ – even calling the police on me once because I refused to simply stop being myself (really I did nothing of significance).

However, also have had real spiritual experiences in the Church. Have witnessed supernatural miracles, seen demons, done deliverance on people, cured diseases, had divine beings appear in pillars of fire and touch my head – real stuff.

There are two reasons for lack of miracles in churches (and not just this one):

a) Lack of faith in Christ – the Church doesn’t subscribe to the saved by faith alone message and therefore, a significant number of Mormons are not born again. They need to simply say what they already believe, which is “I confess that Jesus died for my sins, and that he sits at the right hand of God.” Much Christians would stop thinking they were a cult if they simply started doing this, and it is taught in the Book of Mormon.

b) Lack of use of the visionary plants. Joseph Smith utilized visionary plants such as Datura, Mushrooms, and Peyote to have visionary experiences. It is very obvious from early Church literature. The visionary plants are always the key to bringing the heavens to the earth in any group of people as that is what they are for.

If you want to have a visionary experience, get yourself into a good state, pray, play some healing music, and take medicinal plants on your own in your home and it will do for you what you were looking for to just ‘happen’. The reason people don’t have visionary experiences is because they don’t know how to have them and therefore, they are rare and generally happen on accident.

They still happen, but are so infrequent as to make good, normal people question the most basic tenents of their faith. The very simple solution to this is utilizing visionary plants, which is what the ancients did. For example: The ark of the covenant is made out of a hallucinogenic wood. That wood was the same bush that when Moses saw, it was burning in the Torah that the Egyptians used to use, that they called “The Tree of Life.” You can look it up, it is called Acacia.

There are also parts of that particular formula found in the Quran and the Book of Mormon, but I don’t really care to discuss them. I have utilized the similar process to what Joseph Smith did to receive intricate detailed information about every part of the known and unknown universe that I have explored spiritually and it is something that anyone can do. My information, when checked matches with information released by science, sometimes years later.

I don’t expect everyone to be able to know the things that I know; however, they can all know the detail of something, which is the point of revelation in the first place.


In one of the comments, I found this photo to be somewhat amusing as it is the fool who says in his heart “There is no God”:

I responded with the following message:

I could cure someone of the symptoms leading to death if they were in person. They might still have symptoms for a bit though. I’m certain enough of this that I’ll go try it soon. Have done it with other things, and even brought a dead native American back to life once.

* What I meant by this, is that the person wouldn’t die, but they may still have the virus, they would simply wind up recovering. I am still figuring out how to work with viruses properly.

You may be wondering what these comments have to do with the Messianic Age, and the current world scale problem of the pandemic. I will get to that in a minute… I had to first carry us down a little rabbit trail that emerged from a conversation that I had on Facebook earlier which reminded me to cover this in a blog post to point out the fundamental problem with the society we live in, and that is the lack of an in depth spiritual connection with the universe, or a perceived lack of perception in the majority of society.

Over the last few years, I have been violently opposed and criticized for many of the things that I say on this blog. Of the things that I say and do, the thing that has produced the most violent and demonically driven opposition has been my promotion of the utilization of entheogens, and the public admission of their use.

I have pointed out in other articles how it is very clear from history that Moses utilized DMT and MAOI inhibitors, and I have linked out to other articles which give large amounts of evidence that the Prophet Joseph Smith was utilizing one or more of the following: Visionary Datura, Magic Mushrooms, and Peyote. The utilization of these plants provides an explanation of the radical difference in miracles and visionary experiences in the early Church versus the current, 2020 version. If you read the above referenced PDF on Joseph Smith, they describe many phenomenon which there is no other legitimate explanation for other than that Joseph Smith utilized various forms of visionary plants in order to receive revelations.

On a very modern level if someone reads that article and does not suspect that Joseph Smith was utilizing Visionary Plants (Entheogens) they are simply living in denial and refusing to see something that is very obviously the ‘hidden source’ of the fountain of life that Joseph Smith was able to walk in. There is public knowledge (what he revealed) and private knowledge (why he was able to receive this kind of direct and specific revelation) I am referring to the latter which without, there would be no Latter Day Saints, which is still one of the most powerful spiritual movements on the face of the earth, even though I believe that they are faced with dire problems that if not solved, will cause a passing of some of their spiritual authority to other more humble groups that will arise in the last days out of necessity. The Church has had these problems for a very long time and only now I believe is starting to make moves to correct them. However, the problems still emerge and they need help in order to make radical leaps that will lead to their rightful place in the last days and if they do not, part of their mission will simply pass to another, as it always does.

So what do the above referenced posts and responses have to do with the current problems of the world and how to solve them?

It is very simple:  The current problems of the world can be attributed to several fundamental issues of society, which I would call societies ‘real pandemic’ and they are:

  1. An overall lack of faith in the supernatural and lack of personal connection to the world beyond what can be seen in front of the eyes.
  2. An overall lack of righteousness of all peoples in the world.  This can also be described as a lack of following universal law and being in balance with the universe at large around us.  This lack of alignment with universal law results in great imbalances in energy which then manifest in the form of diseases, plagues, and other forms of course corrections from the greater I AM, which is speaking to us in a very clear way in the moment.  I believe that lack of alignment with universal law is a result of point #1, or because of the lack of a connection with the divine, or supernatural universe surrounding us.
  3. A lack of unity.  Lack of unity I believe can be attributed to the small numbers of people who have attained enlightenment, or a reopening and alignment of their energy and connection to the universe around them.

All of these issues on both a personal and world scale can be solved (rapidly, at that) with the proper utilization of entheogens.  Other things that are manifesting as ‘surface issues’ such as the current pandemic can also be course corrected from proper realignment of energy and directed faith (real faith) and (real unity) from a large enough group of people who have their eyes opened to the true nature of the spiritual universe.

In addition to that, there are several other things that entheogens can do for the world that are less known, that most people are in a state where they cannot believe in them anyways; however, these things are possible and I am simply going to tell you at a future date they will happen to a much more powerful, and greater extent to how they are manifesting right now.

Let us start with the true problem of society, which is the ‘background set of issues’ that is underlying all surface manifestations (which would be for example: viruses and diseases and the insane manner in which we are responding to them as of writing this on 5/12/2020).  The background set of issues in our current civilization are simply put:  The misalignment of spiritual energy in individual people mapped over a grand scale in society.

An example is the quote above.  I have a gentleman who has been a member of a Church for 20 years that preaches from the pulpit that God does miracles today, that he speaks through living prophets where foundationally, this person involved in this Church is disconnected from his creator and he cannot figure out why, or how to solve it – and nothing that the Church is doing is solving that problem.

Solutions to the problem would most likely be summed up as blanket statements such as “you should have more faith” or “if you prevail until the end, you’ll be saved and you’ll know it clear as day” and things of the nature.  Foundationally, the real problem is that there is still something missing in the Church, and also missing in society that leads people to having profound supernatural experiences with their creator in the same manner as the ancient prophets did.  This then manifests all throughout society and in every major spirituality and world movement with the same set of problems, all stemming from lack of direct and open communication with the spiritual universe around us.  This lack of communication produces a segmented world where one group of people fight against another, and a world full of people who are tossed back and forth in a constant karmic cycle of life and death, unable to escape the never ending manifestation of suffering, disease, and darkness that plagues them in predictable cycles and is there (quite simply) because of how they think and behave.

Most movements in Christianity (all of them that I am aware of) have the same fundamental issues:  There is a lack of real connection that is deeper than a somewhat superficial excitement in the vast majority of Church goers.  Doctrines and teachings are segmented and argumentative against counterpart groups that have various and differing opinions about the same issues, leading to a massive discontent that is foundationally there for the lack of a real prophetic voice that is speaking in the living current of waters that flows forth from the heart of God.

Modern spiritual systems are also as disconnected as the ancient ones.  Rather than embracing teachings of true leadership that has arisen with the solutions to all problems, they reject the words of the prophets and instead embrace a ‘sub realistic’ view of spirituality where darkness cannot exist as in the realms of consciousness and spirit they perceive this to be impossible.  In many of these spiritual systems, their eyes have been opened yet their people still cannot see the truth right in front of them.

Then if you travel to an eastern country such as China or India, you will find another set of problems that arise from the issue of enlightenment not being accessible on a massive scale.  I have watched many videos on this and read many articles, and the summation of the current situation of the world in terms of enlightenment is that it is believed that there are between 20,000 and 30,000 enlightened beings who are currently on the earth – or people who have a more direct and open connection with the divine and are able to pull information out of the universe in a more personal way than can be done by someone who has not had their energetic systems opened.

It is, and has been my belief that the spiritual movements of the world contain the keys to solving all world problems but that all of the spiritual movements are lacking something from another.  In my Church, as an example, we are constantly re-informed that we have living prophets today and that Russel M. Nelson (The current leader) is a living prophet of God, which I believe.  However, I am constantly disappointed that other prophetic leaders who God is calling are not acknowledged, and the lack of acknowledgement of other spiritual systems which arise of a divine nature with missing keys that currently are active in other movements, but are not active in the Church.  It is for this reason that much of the Church population is older, and it is not capturing the attention of the youth.  In other words, a Church that claims divine and current revelation is in serious need of some sort of a revival or it is doomed to shrink in westernized and 1st world cultures and its growth will be brought to a standing halt in many other countries around the world.

Proverbs 29:18 says:  “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  

There are many manifestations of the statement above being true.  Where a company has no vision, they do not connect with their customers and their sales perish, etc.  Also the Hebrew words behind this mean something quite literally different – “where there is no revelation, the people cast of restraint.”

The casting off of restraint can also be translated as “perishing” and is related to how the behavior of civilization falls into lack of submission to universal law when there is no true flowing of God’s spirit within a group of people.  Notice, however that “revelation” is the key word today.  If you look at the gentleman’s comment above – it is the lack of “revelation” or direct communication with God that is his problem.  The atheist who posted a photographic comment below also has a similar problem that is locking up his mind and blocking his spiritual consciousness, and that is a lack of direct communication with the divine universe.

These problems (relating to lack of spiritual connection) are quite easy to solve in people in a semi permanent way:  Entheogens utilized in a proper context in the right setting, with right intention will cause someone’s eyes to open 100% of the time.  

It is my summation of the current world situation that it is the lack of spiritual connection that is the driver behind all temporal (or physical) manifestations of problems.  The reason for this is because all manifestations in the physical universe emerge first in the spiritual universe and gradually find themselves moving from there in a downward spiral until they can be seen with our eyes, heard with our ears, and felt with our hands.

In other words, if you take this current disease that has formed (Co-Vid19), most people see this as a physical problem only, which is not the case and herein lies the key to dismantling the problem.  I warned people beginning on May 20th, 2017 that if the people did not change there would be famine, plagues, and war and then nation would begin fighting against nation until (if we did not change) that the entire world would be caught into a nuclear conflict, and destroyed.  I said we had 3 years left before this process initiated and right now the only thing that did not come true (exactly) in this prediction is that we are not yet in a world scale conflict.  However, we are headed there at a breakneck speed and if we do not change the next series of problems that will emerge will lead to war, and a new world order of government system, and then one side will fight against another until the second coming of Christ, the Son of God.

At the time, there was no pandemic and the world was booming in an economic upward tornado of momentum caused by many factors which worked together in a seamless way.  I was made fun of and ridiculed for my 3 year “doomsday” prediction and talking about the other ‘seemingly crazy’ ideas that I had.  Nobody listened to me outside of a few faithful supporters.  I was instead of being embraced cast out of house and home, turned against, reviled against, abandoned by people that I loved (such as my wife) and utterly cut off from my family.  However, I continued with my warnings and now (3 years after the initial date) I was somehow exactly right about my predictions of world chaos and all of the other things which I have talked about will also occur and we do not have a lot of time to unify and to change.

So how can this change be created?  That is the question.  And also:  How can we eliminate the pandemic at its core?  And what do entheogens have to do with that?

There is a reason why Acacia was utilized by the Egyptians and called ‘The Tree of Life’.  I quote:  

In mythology, the first gods were born under the sacred acacia tree of the goddess Saosis, identified with Hathor, and Horus was also said to have emerged from it. The acacia of Heliopolis was a tree in which life and death was decided upon, similar to the ished tree.”

So Acacia, called “The Tree of Life” by the ancient Egyptians was the birthing place of several gods of their spiritualities, and also it was this tree (Acacia) that Moses saw burning in his infamous vision of the burning bush.  It is very funny to me that ancient literature (such as the Talmud) have Moses seeing Acacia as the burning bush, and that the Ark of the Covenant was made out of Acacia Wood, and still the majority of Christians and Jews are against the utilization of entheogens. I.E.  it is very obvious that these substances were utilized by the prophet Moses, the prophet Joseph Smith, and old and new testament prophets and apostles as well.

So how can entheogens solve the problem of the world pandemic?

It is very simple:  The requisite faith that is required to produce supernatural healings and direct changes in physical reality can be unlocked by the utilization of entheogens.  Simply put, let’s say I went to someone and wanted to help guide them through a supernatural healing.  The requisite manifestation for a person to heal is faith.  Usually, people do not have enough faith to create change in their body and mind on a supernormal level.  If I administered entheogens, 20-40 minutes later their internal reality would shift enough to allow me to come and break apart the spiritual stronghold that they are under with my faith and knowledge of the inner workings of the spiritual universe.

It would move them (in other words) from “no faith” to “lots of faith”.  When someone has sufficient faith, it is very easy to heal them of all manner of ailments.  In particular, it is easy to heal someone in an “initial opening” of their spiritual energy which would be facilitated by these plant based substances.  There is also a particularly powerful regenerative shift of the biology that occurs the first few times that acacia is administered properly to people.  In other words, let’s say someone had an enormous amount of degeneration in their lung tissue caused by the coronavirus.  You could take this person, and as they are dying in the hospital, regenerate their lung tissue in front of everyone and the virus may take some time longer to totally eliminate – however, they will not die (this would be with proper administration and is specific to the acacia plant).

You may ask why something like this would be possible and I will explain it.  We live in a world where there is an imbalance between two universes.  There is a constant battle going on in the spiritual universes around us that the majority of us cannot see that is the ‘background universe’ that governs what then manifests down to be seen with our eyes, and heard with our ears.

The fact that our eyes cannot perceive this energy or that we have not figured out how to accurately measure it has nothing to do with the factual or non factual existence of it.  In other words, it exists whether we can see it or not.  (I have been fortunate in my life to perceive a great amount, but not all of the spiritual universe)

Right now, reality is segmented and we live in one universe, but do not see the other.  So we trust the ancient literatures (such as the Bible or the Quran, or the writings of other major spiritual movements) but we have no direct experience with them personally.  Because of this divergence, people tend to live in one universe completely unaware of the existence of the other.  This creates a misalignment of beliefs and actions that manifest in the way that human beings many times act more like a parasite on our natural environment than a symbiote.  In other words:  We destroy our environment in the process of living, much like a parasite does in our intestines or a virus does in our blood.

With proper connection to the spiritual universe on a massive scale, it is simply impossible for people to continue behaving in this manner over a period of time as when connection increases, so does the immediate manifestation of karma.  In other words, the way that we are living right now would blow up in our face in a very literal way if the eyes of all of society were opened:  we would be forced and inspired to change it to be in alignment with natural and universal law.

When we are in alignment with natural and universal law (which can be seen in Torah) it is simply impossible for disease to manifest.  It won’t show up at all.  Scientists in general have a hard time with this concept as right now, there is a lot of disease that manifests and it can be seen tangibly in the biology with scientific instrumentation.  However, they cannot see the spiritual universe and how it is interacting with the biology (yet).  Therefore they have no ability to understand this relationship, and how the cessation of negative karma in the spiritual universe will lead to the elimination and entire reversal of all of the degenerative problems that cause disease in the body.

Similarly, if we do something that is out of alignment in our bodies, it then affects the spiritual universe so these processes are not exclusive.  The entire summation of society’s problems can be simply described as  a “lack of alignment” between the physical and spiritual universes and the lack of submission to universal law.  It is with the alignment, and with the submission that all other manifestations of problems and sufferings will go away and the elimination of these issues will be permanent.

How can this be done?  Entheogens.

Very simply, what society needs is a massive scale spiritual awakening.  When society awakens, our bodies and minds will heal.  We will understand the processes that will unlock the complete health and regenerative processes of the biology.  We will unlock keys to living longer, and longer, and longer until the process of death is entirely eliminated all together, and at this point we will become eternal – without beginning of days or ending of years (or) we will at a minimum become without ending of years.

This transition can only be successfully accomplished with an awakened body and mind.  The processes that are traditionally utilized for awakening (meditation and a lifetime of prayer) are too unpredictable and drawn out in their ability to change society.  I have met many spiritual teachers in my life, and many of them are opposed to the usage of entheogens such as plant medicine, magic mushrooms, etc (there are a lot of them and they grow everywhere.  However certain plants are more powerful in their ability to heal than others, which is why they are listed in ancient literature.)  Some of them have good reasons for this opposition, such as Rabbi Gabriel Cousens.  I recently saw him in a very good video explaining this in that while sometimes these substances can cause an awakening someone might not have the requisite energetic structures in place to maintain that awakening.  I both agree, and disagree with his statements.

Energetic structures can be strengthened whereas a very slow process that is slow for a reason can be very difficult to speed up.  The fundamental problem society is experiencing right now is a lack of spiritual awakening.  We wander to and fro and cannot see the root causes of our problems and have no ability to understand the simple solutions that exist where if we change the root of our problems, the fruit automatically changes.

The root of our problems can be solved by solving problems both in the psychology, and also in the heart, and by awakening our ability to truly connect with the divine on our own.  This awakening process can transition from a 10, or a 20-30 year process to a 3-7 day process with the utilization of entheogens.  However, what he says is also true in that a person may go through a radical awakening and not have the requisite training or spiritual infrastructure in place to manage that awakening or maintain it in all aspects.  So therefore, training is needed.

However, I point to the fact that we do not have time to fiddle around with the awakening of humanity.  We are at a real crossroads right now of change where if we do not change, we are headed for greater collapse that will culminate in war, and this conflict will be a series of ‘final conflicts’ that will lead to a tribulation on the earth that is beyond any other period that has ever existed in history – including a period of time before the flood of Noah where the earth was destroyed.  Without awakening, the goodness in humanity will only be caught into darkness and deception, because people will have no ability to perceive the actual nature of what is in front of them, their mind constantly fighting in denial of what is happening.

I see this on Facebook and also in personal relationships.  When someone sees evidence of ‘shit hitting the fan’ they immediately go into denial of what they are perceiving, looking instead for either more evidence, or denying it all together.  If someone sees a miracle, they want to see another one and soon forget about the last miracle that they saw.  For example, I was recently talking to one of my best friends and they gave a rather insulting remark to me (Which I took in stride) and said “so do you still think that you’re a prophet or a messiah?”  The whole tone was incredulity and was aimed at insulting me – as during the period where I shared my message (which is what I was told to do) I was cast out of house and home.

I pointed out that I accurately predicted this time period.  Rather than saying “you’re right, David.  Amazing” the person then said (with an equally insulting tone) “oh yeah ‘mr. prophet’… what’s going to happen next?”  Rather than obliging them I simply told them that it is obvious that they don’t actually want to know.  I’m not a “party trick” to be used to appease people’s lusts for miracles and signs as it is Christ that said “a wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign” and that is exactly what that person had done, even after I showed them one.

The fundamental problem this person is experiencing is that they are living in denial of what is going on around them and cannot perceive the relationship between the spiritual and physical universe without slipping back into denial of its existence.  In other words, they cannot maintain the image of the two universes surrounding them in overlap – they have to simply live in the normal world they live in, and their normal world is falling apart, and this person I know is actually quite miserable and their misery is self concocted and will perpetuate until they are forced by the universe into a position where there is no other direction but their awakening – and this because the universe needs this person to step into their power, and they are not there but will be (I believe in them and also believe in you.)

In any case, this person is trapped in a universe that is half of a universe, trapped in half of their brain and the war that we face is a ‘full universe’ kind of war, where all mechanisms possible will unite in a direction against goodness and if the goodness of the world cannot truly see, we will simply be trapped by darkness.

The solution to this problem is a hidden key to unlocking the ‘full access’ and ability to see things as they are and these keys were left in the universe for this very purpose – to unlock its full potential.  What are these keys?

Plant medicines, visionary plants, or entheogens (whatever you would like to call them.)  Fundamentally there is nothing whatsoever on a spiritual level that can be accomplished that cannot be accomplished faster and on a more grand scale with entheogens.  When entheogens are administered properly to someone their spiritual nature opens and more becomes possible.

This is because of the nature of what they are, and what they do.  My enlightenment (or the initial opening of my eyes as I am on a journey, unarrived) came from a surprise experience I had in Puerto Rico on May 20th, 2017 that I have referenced many times on this blog.  This experience was spurred by the utilization of entheogens and on that day (on May 17th, 2017) my conscious merged with my unconscious while both minds merged with the universe around me in a more intimate way and something that had been inside all of my life was able to come out and finally express itself.  Had this event never occurred, I would not be alive at all and I am thankful for my survival as there was a fundamental change in both my psychology and biology that enabled me to survive a string of experiences that should have led to my death, and did not.

This is because of the nature of what visionary plants are meant to do.  There is a spiritual universe, and a physical universe.  Right now these things retain a frail biological and energetic connection that happens through the nervous system – particularly, this energetic connection between two universes happens from a process in our brains called “Quantum Mechanical Computing.”  

There is a structure in the brain which accomplishes this task, and this process is entirely responsible for generating the connection between our spiritual and physical existences, as the realms of consciousness emerge from quantum energy, as I have previously described.  Many people wonder how consciousness works and it is actually quite simple:  Consciousness emerges from the quantum universe and interacts with the biology of man through quantum mechanical computing in the brain.  Fundamentally what consciousness is on a tangible level is the quanta and therefore because everything emerges from quantum energy, all things have consciousness.

How does this process connect in the brain?  The spiritverse and the physical universe connect through this process of quantum mechanical computing in the brain microtubules, and this happens from a chemical breakdown at the receptors in the brain, from a chemical naturally produced by our physiology called DMT – which is the only naturally occurring hallucinogen in the brain.  This chemical is entirely responsible for the current “thin line” level of interaction that we have to the spiritual realms and without it, it is my assertion that human beings simply would not be conscious at all.

When a human being dies, there is a lot of this chemical that is released in the brain and this is responsible for the brains perception of what would be called a ‘near death experience.’

I know several people who have at times past died, and their experiences mirror the experience someone would have if they simply tooked some DMT in a bong, and smoked it.  These experiences leave someone with a knowledge that the spiritual universe is real, and a more intimate connection with it.  Many times someone will come back from a near death experience, or a DMT trip with a renewed appreciation for life, and an intimate knowledge of their mission – their lives are forever changed because of it.

Unfortunately, these substances are listed as a schedule I substance in a majority of the world and are illegal to buy, sell, or produce almost everywhere.  It is a ridiculous overstepping of bounds on the part of the federal government to interfere with someone’s rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and the utilization of entheogens would fall into the category of all three of those things.

It is funny to me (for example) that entheogen utilization is illegal in Jerusalem when it is very clear that biblically, they were used as these plants are listed in the most sacred parts of Torah.  In other words, somehow laws got formed that essentially forces society into a way of doing things that disconnects them with natural spirituality that emerges and can be maintained from the plant kingdom.

Later, in the future it is my hope that all of these substances will be debanned and legalized by someone in power who understands that the world will stay stuck until the true nature of the universe around us is permanently unlocked forever and that unlocking can only come on a wide scale from the utilization of visionary plants.

What these plants do, however is beyond the scope of an article and beyond the scope of current science.  When the spiritual universe has a more adequate connection in the brain, it collapses together forms of dimensional energy as the brain has more raw ability to do quantum processing and therefore, much of the brain that is locked up and under utilized becomes unlocked and can be utilized at the same time.  Therefore a mind has more of a capability to tap into the raw nature of the spiritual universe and also simply has an expanded capacity for spiritual awareness and knowledge.

Someone will go in a very short period of time from feeling ‘cutoff’ from the spiritual universe, to intimately connected to all things.  This new and expanded knowledge will be permanent, and will result in a permanent change of the person’s behavior and also how they interact with the world at large around them.  On a very core and fundamental level, the resulting change will cause them to behave in a way that is more in alignment with universal and natural law, and many of the things they are doing as an individual that are harmful (such as addictions and manifestations of negative behavior) will simply heal and go away.

Wounds caused from years of abuse can resolve in hours.  

Personality disorders that emerge from someone having multiple personalities (which usually comes from abuse in a person’s youth) will resolve themselves and collapse back to a single personality.

The layer that prevents a consciousness from interacting with the universe on a more direct level will be removed, and a person will have the ability that is permanent to receive knowledge directly.

The release of pain in a person’s heart will lead to a new foundation of living where everything in their external experience in the way that they interact with the world will change.

And there is much, much more.  The utilization of plants causes what I like to call a ‘dimensional collapse’ from the increased spiritual energy and quantum processing in a person’s mind.  Dimensional collapses of energy can result in phenomenon manifesting from other universes which are superimposed over this one.  An example would be the universe where the angels are interacting with, and interwoven on top of this reality.

Suddenly from the increased quantum energy, it would give us the ability to move a group of people in and out of that universe, and interact with the angelic realms directly, rather than simply relying on ancient knowledge to understand that they do indeed exist, a group of people could simply walk into another universe and this movement in and out of universes would be a real, tangible and measurable phenomenon.  In other words, if a sufficiently large amount of people had their eyes opened, it would also surround other people who did not, and everyone would be caught into the dimensional collapse of energy and see the phenomenon, whether they were utilizing entheogens or not.

During my enlightenment, I was weeping and weeping and weeping and tapping the side of my forehead and saying “I’ve found it… I’ve found it… I’ve found it…” among other things, such as “we did it together… we did it together… we did it together…”

What did I find, and what did we do together?

Really interesting things to say, as I was seeing the manifestation of all of my past lives in a great chain and was becoming one with the knowledge that I was born with, what I found was many things, and what we did together was many things.  Some of what I was experiencing was a manifestation of oneness from the future, and some of it was a manifestation of the fact that all of my consciousness was unified. 

Fundamentally, what I found was the Acacia Tree – the Tree of Life.  What we did together will be discussed briefly here and also in other articles.

I also found myself.  I was born into this world searching for something and I knew when I found it, I could change everything.  I did not know consciously all of my life what I was destined to change (which is fundamentally everything that exists and has ever existed); however, I knew that I was destined for greatness and that there was something that was always missing in my life.  So I searched, and I searched, and I searched for it.

What was missing is what I found, and what I found is what was put into the universe at its creation to allow the impossible to become possible – or the rebuilding and reimagining of the entire universe into the Kingdom of Heaven.  Christ said “The Kingdom of God is within you” and he meant it quite literally or that (specifically) a hologram of the plan to create the Kingdom of God is contained within you and that when the Kingdom of God comes, it comes through you enacting that vision or plan.  Specifically, we all are born with a hologram of information at birth that is designed to lead us to truth, and oneness with all things.  

However there is a group of us that are special in that there is a special section of this plan that comes through us and we all have a different role in this rebuilding, or re-imagining of the universe.  This group is referred to briefly in the New Testament as the ‘144,000’ and nothing in particular is known about them – only that they are seen playing a new song and there is a couple of obscure passages.  Many people (in the absence of divine revelation) interpret these passages to essentially mean what they want to see.  

I quickly became aware from my newfound ability to interact directly with knowledge what the ultimate destiny of the universe is if we do not change and re-imagine it, which is running out of energy, collapsing and restarting from zero again.  This cycle (the expansion and collapse of things) has happened many times and again and again, we have led back into oneness.  However, it is not the desire of divine force to simply have one consciousness that knows all things in the absence of others.  See, in the beginning of things there was one energy, and that one energy had the desire to make others and it was a very painful process to figure out how to write the consciousness of the others in a way that it would divide and have separation, yet the ability to come back to oneness while having each other. 

This process of the evolution and thought that led to the construction and creation of this universe took thousands of trillions of years and was not as simple as God simply desiring the creation.  It was a long, lonely, arduous, meticulous process.  In the architecture of the universe, it was necessary to cause the ‘forgetting’ of unity to prevent the recollapse of the universe and the cosmic energy contained therein into a singularity.  

In other more simple terms – if the particles and separate spiritual energies that emerged at the explosion of the big bang all remembered that they are simply a single consciousness with a direct knowledge, with no veil of separation – the universe would have simply dissolved into energy and collapsed back to that consciousness, and there would have been no emergence of each other – of you and me, which is the point of creation.

In that design and architecture of the universe, there were plants and substances that were put into the universe that enabled the creations of God to remember their divine identity from within the creation.  Those plants and substances were called “The Memory Of The Universe” and were designed to do two things:

  1. Reawaken consciousness as to the origin of their divine self.
  2. Allow the fundamental rebuilding of the universe from within the universe.  (without the plants, this is actually a fundamental problem that could not be solved.)

So in the beginning of the universe, when it exploded, their was the earth and a world, and within that world and that earth there was a garden planted, known as the garden of Eden.  In the garden were placed 2 trees:  The tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and the Tree of Life.  Both trees had a role, and both were important to the nature and structure of the universe.

People think that these stories are simply metaphors – I am telling you that they are not as when I awakened, I remembered them as in a previous lifetime I was Adam, and walked in the garden of Eden with Eve for 7.5 trillion years before I finally got bored enough to take the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, as the universe had to progress and my mind was foundationally limited in its ability to understand as I ran around learning like a child, but not understanding the true nature of things, unable to see.  It is a real place that still exists, and there was many Adams, and many Eves on many different lands and worlds, and there are trillions of people still there – far more than have ever incarnated on the earth.

You may ask where it is.  Think of the garden of Eden like another dimension that in a way is overlaid on top of this universe, containing the hologram of all things.  I have explained this and will explain it in a different blog post.  Fundamentally the garden of Eden is still there and at a later point in time (the Messianic Age) that place will collapse into this universe, they will be superimposed over each other, the earth will resize, and there will be trillions of people living on the earth with plenty of space for everyone.

You may ask how I know this – it is because I am Adam.  As far fetched as that may sound, Adam has manifested in many incarnations on the earth.  We have a different spirit, but the same fundamental consciousness and therefore, I have the ability to access the memories of that incarnation.  What did the tree of life contain?

Among the mix of substances in the Tree of Life were MAOI inhibitors and DMT, the compounds of the exponential expansion of consciousness that allowed for the eternal progression of knowledge and quantum mechanical computing in the brain.  That is not the only things contained in the tree of life, but they are fundamental core components that allow for the complete mergence of the physical and spiritual universes into one.

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was something else entirely that I do not understand as well as for the vast majority of time there, I avoided it as I feared death and wanted to live forever.

So how does the universe change natures, and how do we stop the progression of death and disease and manifest the Messianic Age?  I have found that Christians in general find that these things will just happen, and that it has nothing to do whatsoever with anything that we do.  So we are just supposed to ‘wait’ for the advent of the Messiah (referring to Christ) and until then – we just wait and maybe destroy everything in our wake and it doesn’t matter, as Christ is coming soon.

While this is true (Christ is coming soon) the other part, where we have nothing to do with this manifestation and that we are not supposed to do anything could not be further from the truth.  Fundamentally, what the Kingdom of God does and its purpose is fundamentally, to rebuild space time over a period of time from the inside of the universe, and to stop the expansion and collapse cycle and to manifest a rebuilding of the universe free of sin, death, disease, fear, and everything else negative that you can imagine.

This is the ultimate mission and destination of the earth – to literally change everything.  When I say we rebuild the universe, I am referring to the actual and tangible rebuilding of space time and the manifestation of the Messianic Age – a 1,000 year reign of peace where Christ will be on the earth and there will be no disease, no sin, and no death as the powers of hell will be bound on the earth in his presence.

How does this age manifest, and how does this rebuilding of the earth manifest?  Very simply this age manifests from the mass awakening of society and the merging of several overlapping universes into one.  Christ will not appear until the heavens are sufficiently opened.  Right now if he showed up in the heavens – peoples eyes are closed and they would not even see him.  This is how blinded people are to the spiritual universe.  By the time he comes in the clouds of heaven, dimensional energy will be sufficiently collapsed into one universe to where people will be able to perceive the universe around them in a more full form, directly.  

The key to this mass awakening and the mergence of alternative dimensions into one that allows for the manifestation of the Messianic Age is actually the same thing that was put into the Garden of Eden to cause the eternal life of Adam:  The Tree of Life.

Without it, there will be no restoration to the Edenic Universe, and there will be no exponential progression of human consciousness and intelligence.  Without it, the universe will stay in a stuck and fallen state that is controlled on this realm by the devil, and people will stay trapped in a cycle of death.  There is a reason that several Egyptian deities were birthed under the Acacia Tree, and why the tree that Moses saw burning was Acacia, and why when I found it, I was weeping and touching the side of my head and saying “I found it… I found it… I found it…” it was because our creator, in order to separate consciousness had to cause us to forget who we are, and in doing that, he put a key to unlocking the memory of the universe within the universe itself, and that key was the Tree of Life and I am telling you, that there is absolutely nothing that is not possible with the Tree of Life.

With the Tree of Life, time and space can be re-imagined, the biology and mass of human beings can change and be densified, alternative dimensions can collapse into this dimension, the earth can resize, consciousness can supernaturally link with other consciousness in other times and spaces, direct communication with God is possible and human beings can go through an exponential and supernatural evolution that will lead to the Messianic Age.

All of this that I describe is not possible, and would never be unlocked without Entheogens.  Without them, the universe will die and collapse back into consciousness, the stars will run out of fuel in their central area and become dwarfs, and eventually collapse into black holes, the universe will grow old and die and eventually all life will cease in its current form and when the universe runs out of energy to sustain itself it will collapse, and we will have to start over again.

Most people are not concerned with that, as it is possibly trillions of years out and they see themselves as not being a part of it.  I.E.  they will be dead.  Even if you are dead the energy of your consciousness and spirit will remain, and you will collapse back into oneness and we will begin the process again of re-imagining the universe together as a single mind, as we all emerge from the mind and the consciousness of God, and when I say that we are here, and that we did it together – that is how we emerged.

Fundamentally the reason why the governments of the world have outlawed something that by their fundamental nature expand consciousness and spirituality is because satan hates entheogens being utilized freely because when people utilize them in freedom, their eyes are opened and when someone has their eyes opened, satan cannot control them any longer.

So how could this pandemic be solved with entheogens?  I have already hinted at it.  Fundamentally, a very small group of people could simply reimagine the universe, heal people, disrupt the negative spiritual energy keeping their diseases locked in place, cause a quantum reorganization of our disease responses and the mutations of the virus, and simply cause its deletion from existence through the principles of agreement and faith.  It really is as simple as that.

People all over the world are fasting, and they are praying.  The problem is, that people fundamentally are missing a more direct access to space time that comes from enlightenment, and the people who are praying really do not on a core, fundamental level believe that God can simply reorganize space time and delete the virus from existence, or cause a quantum adaptation in the physiology of man where we simply are not affected by it anymore – this could be done in several ways.

Liberation of death from the sufferers of this, or any other disease can be accomplished in a similar manner.  Unification of the faith of a small group of people who believe in something that is beyond themselves can simply administer the Tree of Life to a person who is dying, and unify, commanding in a single voice that disease be reversed, and the person’s lungs will regenerate and their biological response to the disease will change if a person simply believes with enough force, which believe can be exponentially expanded by the administration of certain, but not all entheogens.

Agreement, Unity, and access to the Memory of the Universe can change anything that exists, whether it is in the future, or the past.  There is nothing that is outside of the realms of possibility, only for those that disbelieve is reality fixed into a sequence that cannot be altered by faith.  So faith, therefore is the problem.  Faith is like energy – you can take external substances that increase energy, and you can utilize certain plants that are there to rebuild consciousness to cause a supernatural increase in someone’s faith.

Eventually, the mass enlightenment of society (which we must pray that it will come quickly) will cause the changing of the nature of the universe around us, as our perception of reality changes, reality will change itself.  What is currently impossible will become possible, and what is currently beyond the limits of any technological breakthrough will be done with the mind itself.  It is the enlightenment of society which is truly the key to changing everything, which enlightenment will not be unlocked for everyone if we are dependent on processes which are proven to be effective, but slow.

I remember reading the story of the Buddha, Siddhartha.  He gave up everything in his pursuit of enlightenment and then finally, he declared that he would not move from his spot (underneath the Bodhi Tree) until he reached enlightenment.  So he sat there, the story goes, for 49 days meditating day and night.  I am not certain if he drank any water, or if at that point he was simply generating it with his mind.  On the 49th day, he reached attainment and broke through the seal of the Universe and all things around him began to change.

It is apparent from the stories that satan hates liberation, and soon the Buddha formed friends, and he formed enemies.  There was a split in the consciousness of the people around him – one group desiring his level of attainment, and another group which desired to stop him – almost like they were possessed with a foreign energy that was not themselves.  It was the same phenomenon of persecution that has happened to all true prophets in all ages, and that happened to the Son of God.

This phenomenon (The enlightenment and divergence in surrounding consciousness) presents people with an option where they have to choose a path.  They either wind up choosing the path of attainment, or they wind of choosing a path that leads to some form of darkness – and the darkness manifests in increasing severity and so does the attainment.

This divergence in the last days will (and is, has, and always has been) be creating conflicts that will lead to world scale war, the opposition to truth manifesting in the form of a character that is the opposite of attainment, and the opposite of enlightenment.  Think of this character as another manifestation of hitler, and as his followers as the enemies of Christ or of the Buddha.

It is time for the mass awakening of humanity.  The mass awakening of humanity on a rapid scale can only be attained in one way that is fast enough to allow for the world to transition its behavior to rebalance with the environment, and that way of awakening is the way that can happen in days or a week, not years.  That way of awakening is the same methodology utilized by the majority of the ancients, which is The Tree of Life.

In reading the story of the Ancient Egyptians, it is my opinion that those gods that were birthed under the Acacia Tree did not start out as gods in the traditional way we think about Elohim the Father, but that they were people who discovered the Tree of Life and over a period of time were changed in their nature from mortal to immortal, and eventually were translated and taken from this world, or they became something different than we are now all together.

This is because the Tree of Life can allow the biology and physiology of a person to rebuild into an eternal being, a process that I do not entirely understand at this point, but is something that is deep in my awareness as in other lives, I also found it, and in other lives, we also did it together.

I see a day when I am gathered in front of an army of people, and all disease is vanquished from the land, and all poverty is eliminated not through legislation and redistribution of wealth, but from change and proper behavior, and there are whole civilizations that change, and are taken into heaven.  I see a day when the entire world is awakened, and everyone in the world is so unified, that all things manifest in front of them and all possibilities emerge.

I see a day when cancer is eradicated, when the propensity for violence in human beings is dissolved, when marriages last forever, when the land you see in front of you is pure and everything in it radiates with life, when the beasts of the field lose their enmity for each other and instead of war, there is simply peace.

Everything that you ever imagined is possible and in front of you.  The communication with the heavenly realms is the key to unlocking everything in our future and the key to that is something that is simple, has been legislated out of the reach of the average person, and something that must be liberated entirely from the interference of laws in order to progress society and advance it to the next level.

People fear awakening, and they fear deep rooted change.  Someone very close to me ran from me when I awakened, and this particular person truly only ran from themselves.  They have become boxed up by darkness, their health has faded from them and their former radiance has been covered by fear – but it was not me they were fearing, it was themselves and because they feared themselves, they ran from truth and light which shines from their own heart and has the power to change all things around them:  past, present, and future.

Truly, when I say that all things are possible with a simple solution I mean that all things are possible and that nothing is outside of its reach, because one solution leads to the manifestation of all others – as consciousness and intelligence expand and become one, all things will become one around them and truly, there will be a day when we are all lifting our hands in the air and we will be shouting “we did it together!  We did it together!!  We did it together!!!”

Disease will be vanquished.  Death will be eradicated.  New societies will emerge that are so safe that children can wander out at night on the streets and play with the wild animals, and they will not harm them.  There will be a world where there is no war, and there is no poverty.  Where all things have become possible and all things that we have ever imagined have manifested and we live life in a form of purity that cannot be fathomed by man.

All of this will come and will manifest from society letting go of their fears and allowing themselves to go through a deep internal change process that leads to the changing of all things, and immortality and eternal life will manifest, the Messianic Age will begin, and all things that have been promised will be fulfilled.  The universe will stop its cycle of decay, and energy will become eternal.  The nature and manifestation of mass and energy will be liberated from that which aims it at chaos and decay, and eternal life will prevail and conquer the presence of death.  Murder will no longer exist in the land, and nor will rape or incest.  There will be no deaths from car accidents, and there will be no houses destroyed in a fire.

We will live in a land that is eternal, and all things that we see before us will exist forever, and we will expand forever and never collapse.  There will be no ‘boom and bust’ cycles, there will simply be the gradual and exponential expansion of all things we see in our midst, and everything that is made will be eternal, and cannot be unmade, where we will lift up our hands as the last disease is eradicated forever and we will shout “we did it together!  We did it together!!  We did it together!!!”

Where we will look out before us as the city of New Jerusalem descends from the heavens, and the dead will be raised to life and stand before God, and the world will be remade, and there will be a new heaven and a new earth, where all things are made from new elements, where all dimensions exist in one, where everything we see will expand forever, where there is no end to the expansions of lives and eternities, and friends and children, and the universe will be rebuilt, and the decay of space time will stop, and we will say “we did it together! We did it together!! We did it together!!!”

And it is all because (at first) I found it, and I shared it with you:  The Key of Life.

It is time to unify, and time to begin the gradual process of rebuilding the universe, beginning with ourselves, and the society that we see around us, which by its nature is fallen and positioned for collapse and reorganization under a new emerging world superpower, and we must be weary of the changes that are coming and be prepared to live outside of the system entirely for a time, a times, and half a time as there is great darkness that is coming to the land, and that great darkness (as it has always been) can only be stopped with entheogens as all other strategies in the end will fail against the true enemy which threatens to invade as there is nothing else that can rebuild the consciousness and biology of man in a sufficient form to defend against the real enemy, which will be so powerful that he will pull fire from the sky, tear trees out of the ground that are fully grown and throw them like carrots, and move freely in and out of other dimensions, seemingly breaking the laws of physics.

We must in our goodness surpass this enemy, and we must awaken to the world around us and realize that like the thoughts inside of our mind, nothing around us truly exists in the way that we see it, that only by thinking makes it so and through this, by thinking, and only through this mechanism, can we truly rebuild humanity, rebuild ourselves and eventually, even break the laws of reality and remake them, making a new universe where peace reigns, where darkness has no place in the land, where all children grow up in perfect love, and where peace and glory expand forever.

The key to doing this is and always has been entheogens.  I would encourage those who are in power who read my blog to entirely remove all regulation relating to entheogens from society and to stop the war on it, as it is a war on sanity.  We do not have a lot of time and the world will already be drawn into a world scale conflict.  We had an opportunity and a window to change, and didn’t and now karma will be enacted.  We must realize that there are things about the world we do not understand and we must utilize that which is in our midst that can be utilized to change things.

I am unafraid of the pandemic plaguing humanity with fear more than the cost of the disease itself.  You can fly me anywhere that people are suffering, and I will go into the hospital and administer the Tree of Life, and none of them will be lost as I believe that all things are possible.  All healings are possible and it is possible for someone’s biology in the last stages leading to death to entirely regenerate as right now, looking at the world, people do not want freedom and liberation – they want the government to tell them what to do.

But many of us are standing up for ourselves, and many things are changing before us.  It is my encouragement to all of you reading this to realize that a new age and a new vision is birthing that will gather and unify all peoples, but be not deceived, there will be a great counterfeit to unity and peace that will emerge and overtake the nations of the earth and it is against this false unity and false peace that we must unify and decide collectively that we will have no part in it, for its deceptions will be beyond the imagination.

Thank you for reading this post I hope that my message somewhat reached you and you understand these sayings. If you do not, please contact me on Facebook and I would be happy to have a conversation with you that brings these things into clarity.

David Wood

P.S. I started this article attempting to point out the problem that plagues humanity – which is disconnection with the spiritual universe around them. Fundamentally, that solves all things. If you have a solution that solves this core issue in a more rapid way or with an easier method than what i have described – go for it and all of our methods are important and part of the whole. However, I promise that your way is not faster. It may work better in some ways (for example, there is great value to Gabriel Cousen’s method) however, it is slower. We have no time and people must awaken and it must happen at an exponentially growing pace. Beyond that, there is a lot more I said here, and I hope that you got it.

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