Defending Trump

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It’s been a while since I have posted on this blog.  For the most part, I have been taking a good majority of the year to do self reflection and to brainstorm various ways of doing some of the things that I have talked about on this blog so that ideas can form into plans that have a root in the public perception of reality, so that my dreams of world peace can become real over a period of time and we can work together.

In the past few months, we’ve all definitely seen our share of political drama for the good, and also for the bad.  I haven’t posted a lot about it, mostly because I was disappointed in myself for not pulling my plans and my act together in time to run for President of the United States in this cycle.  Seeing the “less than optimal” choice that the Democrats made in selecting Joe Biden (Biden, if you read this no offense to you), I was more particularly disappointed as his ideas are agenda driven and will do nothing of benefit whatsoever, leaving the United States in a cycle that is doomed to repeat, which I will discuss later or in a different post.  Had I been able to emerge in time, the USA would have been presented with something that is ACTUALLY USEFUL and UNIFYING rather than agenda driven nonsense from the left.

However, this article isn’t really about myself or Biden – or even criticizing the leftist socialism… instead it is about Donald J. Trump and defending he and Melania from media driven nonsense.  As you are aware, there are many things that are extremely “off” about this election.  2020 has been a strange year for all of us, and the elections are no different.

As you may have seen from the news, recently Donald Trump and his wife contracted the Coronavirus as of a few days ago as of Friday, October 2nd, 2020.  Immediately social media exploded with the expected level of prayer requests from various religious groups (which I was expecting).  What I wasn’t expecting, however, was the vile nonsense that I’ve seen appear across social media, along with the death wishes against him from various groups.

His contracting CoVid-19 has sparked criticisms of his attitude towards the pandemic, people in social media accusing him of “causing the deaths of 200,000 people” in the United States, and other ridiculous, baseless accusations.  Of course, this drama followed the first 2020 presidential debates (which I was not a fan of and sparked their own drama) and was dropped in the middle of “record level drama” in the United States, and none of that I think helped.

However, I must respond to this vile nonsense, and some of the other bullshit that I have seen in the news, and also on social media about Donald Trump, his 2020 presidential campaign, his performance as the 45th President of the United States – and also various political and media tactics that have been used against him unfairly.  This will be broken into a series of points for ease of reading, and I would encourage you to read it all the way through:

Point #1:  The People Attacking Donald Trump and Melania for Contracting The Coronavirus And Wishing Him Harm Are Behaving Like “Pathetic Cockroaches” And Need To Stop.

Look, I get that there is a very large group of people that do not support the current President for this reason, or for that reason.  I get it.  By all means, be vocal about your opinions and publicize them.  Back them up with facts and your unique perspective, making sure to double check to make certain that the ‘facts’ that you are using to bash or edify are based in reality.

But for the love of God – wishing death on someone who gets sick does not make the person look bad who is sick, it makes the person wishing harm look bad.  When someone contracts the Coronavirus, we should with them safety and healing no matter who they are, whether they are President or not.

I was watching this video the other day by Matt Lloyd.  Some of you would remember him, he used to run “MOBE” (My Online Business Empire) which was later shut down by the FTC.  Matt has been making a comeback, and I’ve been watching his YouTube videos.  One of his videos that I liked talked about how when someone is down, don’t kick them.  If you think bad about someone and attack them in a dark moment, it makes you look bad, not them.  It is hard enough going through dark moments and dealing with the darkness, let alone have a million cockroaches climb all over you when you fall into a pit.  I like Matt’s videos because he, like me had a company and lost it.  He’s making a comeback and to me, he is my friend no matter what has happened.

Have you ever had a down moment?  I know I have.  One time, I had a really down moment that lasted a while.  All of my enemies attacked me and barely any of my friends defended me.  It sucked and felt awful.  It made me never want to love or to help people again for a very long time, and eventually I got over it.  Send positive energy to the President no matter what.  Even if you disagree with him.

Pray for the President of the United States, that he will have health and wisdom from the creator.  If you don’t believe in a creator, send him good energy and wishes and support.  It does not matter if you are a Republican, or a Democrat – or if you live in the United States, or not.  The President needs healing, love, and support.  If you had enemies and got the Coronavirus or were having a personal issue, would you want a million evil wishes from your enemies plastered all over social media?

Probably not.  If you wouldn’t want that, don’t do that.  Remember the Golden Rule from Christ, Buddha, Islam, and other places that all teach the same thing:

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Point #2:  Donald J. Trump is Not Responsible For ANY Of The 200,000+ Coronavirus Deaths in the USA.

Look, I want to reason with you here for a second.  

Did Donald Trump create the Coronavirus?  


Now, it could be argued that China did.  It actually looks highly suspicious to me, the entire thing appearing during election year, etc.  It looks planned.  It looks to me like the Coronavirus was made in the Wuhan lab by manipulating a 99% similar virus that appears in bats in China.  It looks suspicious with all of the previous planning surrounding pandemics from Bill Gates, etc.  

However, at the end of the day – while I don’t know if the Coronavirus was a planned conspiracy from global elitists or not, one thing that I know is that Donald Trump didn’t make the Coronavirus.  If anything, it would actually make more sense that some other organization/entity/group created the Coronavirus in a lab to attack the Presidency of Donald Trump.

However, maybe that didn’t happen, and it just came from bats.  Either way, Donald Trump didn’t make it in a lab.  Maybe China did.  Maybe Fauci was involved.  Maybe Gates was involved.  Maybe they weren’t and it just came from China.  Maybe none of that happened, and it just evolved out of a bat Coronavirus.

Maybe the actual reason the Coronavirus appeared is because people are not following Torah, so diseases are sent on humanity from a variety of sources trying to wake people up, and get them to walk in righteousness and change deep inside their hearts.  Maybe the pandemic is here because the consciousness of the earth is angry and hurt because we are destroying and raping the land.

Whatever karmic reasons caused the Coronavirus pandemic (And there ARE karmic causations of it) – Donald Trump is not any more responsible for it than you or I.  Do you think that President Trump would destroy his own economy?  Think about it – what is the most important part of Make America Great Again?  

It is the economy.  It is the biggest bragging right Trump has – that he created a prosperous economy that was moving bigger and better than any other time in American history.  Do you think he would do anything to hurt his own economic progress?  Obviously not.

So why would he start the Coronavirus?  He wouldn’t, is the answer.  It has hurt him worse than it has hurt many of us.  He did not cause ANY of the deaths that have happened from it, and arguably he has done a LOT to prevent its spread, and prevent more deaths from getting out of control – including shutting down travel from China much earlier than Joe Biden would have done – remember, Biden criticized Trump for the early shutdown of China and therefore under his leadership we would have had more deaths.

Here’s the biggest problem I see with criticisms blaming Trump for causing deaths:

What would his critics have done differently?

Shut the country down for longer? They can’t.  No matter who was in power, people would have rebelled against it.  Fundamentally the shutdowns have barely helped at all, and have done nothing but severely damage the world economy and make people trust the government less.

Come up with a vaccine more rapidly?  They can’t.  We’ve already changed a bunch of regulations in regard to pharmaceutical companies to allow the creation of a vaccine more rapidly, including shortening much needed vaccine trial times that are designed to prevent health complications from implementing poorly designed vaccines.

Really – the government is not causing the Pandemic, and therefore the government is not healing it either.  It has very little to do with Donald Trump other than that he was in office when the Pandemic hit, rather than someone else.  

Also, under the leadership of many people, they would have acted slowly because they take forever to make decisions.  Trump acted quickly, and has done his best.

Point #3:  Trump Has Created Positive Movements In The Economy And He Cannot Be Blamed For Economic Destruction Caused By The Pandemic.

I actually saw this in the debates with Joe Biden which I have mentioned on Facebook that I was not a fan of (more commentary on the debates later).  Biden criticized Trump for destroying the economy, like he is the one that caused the economic slump from a microorganism that emerged from China when we have already mentioned that Trump did not have anything to do with the Pandemic emerging in the first place.

Chris Wallace – the moderator who very obviously does not like Donald Trump actually pointed this out to Joe Biden LIVE on the debate.  Biden blamed Trump for economic devastation, and Wallace (who was arguing with Trump and cutting him off, obviously not neutral) said something like:

“Can you really blame Donald Trump for the economy sinking from a Pandemic that he didn’t cause” – fact check the quote there because this is from memory.

I actually went on Wikipedia and was reading about Donald Trump, and dumb Wikipedia authors have blamed Trump’s economic policy for causing a downturn from the Pandemic.  Ok, let me ask you some questions about that:

Ok, so Trump caused the economic downturn, right?  So… did he:

  1. Also cause the recession in Costa Rica?  I mean, they’ve lost 500,000 additional jobs there as well.
  2. What about the recession in Colombia?  Certainly, Donald Trump must have caused that, right?
  3. What about all throughout Europe?  England?  Asia?  South and Central America?  Africa?  Certainly Donald Trump caused those economies to tank as well.

My point is – the economic downturns have about an equal amount to do with the various world leaders in those regions as they do with Trump, which is about zero.  Obviously – I hope that you understand I was being sarcastic above.  The recessions across the world are because of the following:

  1. There is a Pandemic that came from somewhere.
  2. The media has scared people to death about it.
  3. People have hyped up the message of the media.
  4. This has caused massive economic slowdown all over the world, caused from reduced traffic of people going to the places they normally go, and buying the things that they normally buy.
  5. The only thing that policymakers have to do with it is how they helped feed into the media induced frenzy and what they are doing to restart the economy, ease the restrictions, reduce the fear, and get the economy going again.
  6. Trump has done fairly good at causing the economic slowdown to reduce and reverse in America.
  7. So how can he be blamed for economic slowdowns?

He can’t.  Plain and simple.  While this is somewhat of an oversimplification of the roots of the economic collapse – I wanted to share the “should be obvious” point that the economic downturn has very little to do with the President of the United States, just as the Pandemic itself has nothing to do with him at all.

So if he did not cause the Pandemic, and the Pandemic caused the recession – how did Donald Trump then cause the recession?  Obviously, he didn’t.  The media combined with the social “over response” to the Pandemic has more to do with the recession than Donald Trump does.

Really, if it were up to me I would have no shutdowns whatsoever for a problem like this, as I do not believe it is any of the governments business to regulate personal decisions of others that can only hurt themselves, or that are related to naturally occurring phenomenon such as Pandemics as really, I don’t believe the shutdowns and mask wearing have helped the actual spread of the virus at all.  In other words – the virus is spreading anyways and the government cannot do anything about it other than cause other problems (such as economic issues) by interfering.  

I liken it to sticking your hand out in front of the Mississippi river and trying to get it to flow upstream with your mind.  Unless you are Moses, that probably is not going to happen and the water will end up sweeping you downstream.  About all the government can do to stop a Pandemic from spreading is isolate it if it is possible (which it is not with certain kinds of diseases that spread through the air, such as CoVid-19), help come up with a Vaccine, or pray that it stops.

Fundamentally, the only thing that could have an impact is a well formulated Vaccine.  However, whether or not that will help is questionable at this point as by the time a Vaccine comes out, the virus will have already most likely have impacted the majority of who it will impact.  It is better in my opinion to simply get out of the way, and let nature run its course.

My point is – Donald Trump did not cause the economic downturn.  Blaming him for it is ridiculous.  Obama also would have had a similar, or even larger downturn from something like it.  Unfortunately there was no Pandemic of a remotely similar scale as to this one when he was in office to point out how many people would have died.

No matter who was in office, there would have been a downturn of some size.  So you have a choice:

  1. More downturn (caused by increased shutdowns) or:
  2. More CoVid-19 deaths (caused by less shutdowns, for a faster economy)

No matter what, you get blamed for something.  Would you want to be in that position?

Really though, I think the choice above is an illusion, as really – you are not going to stop something that spreads as fast as CoVid-19 from spreading, no matter what you do.  What are we going to do?  Make everyone sit inside and not move at all for 90 days?

Well then, we open it back up, and it simply spreads again, proving our efforts to be entirely futile.  So now, the easy thing is to blame someone – as it is more difficult to simply admit the truth, and that is we are all in a very tough situation.  So someone gets the blame and in this case, it is Donald Trump for a lot of people, as they cannot accept the more honest reality that it is simply a virus spreading around, and that nothing that Donald Trump, or Obama, or Biden is going to do will stop that from happening other than what is already being done, which is not working well up to this point in time.

What is the point in blaming a President?  I guess people feel better about themselves to be angry at someone else that they can use to offload their anger.

Point #4:  Joe Biden is not a very good alternative option for the 2020 President of the United States.

There are some people that will get mad at this point, but hear me out for a minute.  Now, I don’t dislike Joe Biden.  I’ve seen criticisms that he stands too close to women and sniffs their hair and whatnot, but really the only legitimate criticism I have for Joe is that it appears very clearly that he is experiencing cognitive decline, and it is very obvious that Trump is not.

In fact, on the positive side for Trump, whether you like him or not – he is by far the hardest working, most productive person we have had in the Whitehouse at least since I have been alive, which would be 1981.  He works harder than the last 3 presidents combined.  In the period of time of the last 3, which would have been Obama, Bush, and Clinton – Trump has arguably gotten more actual things done than all three of them combined in 4 years, and all of those Presidents served for 8 years, not 4.  Whether or not you agree with Trump, he gets things done, moves fast, and out works everyone.

Personally, I think the other people also did a lot of work – it is just very obvious they did nowhere near as much work and accomplished nowhere near as much as Trump has.  Think of the alternative in this perspective – you have Biden, who is 77 and experiencing cognitive decline.  It is also very obvious that Biden is more of a character that is driven by the Democrat establishment and politics than his own decisions competing with Trump, who works harder than any 10 people that I’ve ever seen work.  If you want someone fighting for the safety and future of the United States – Trump is a much better option.

People are currently criticizing Trump and saying “oh, I hope he dies of the Coronavirus – it would serve him right” and other forms of nonsense.  Really though, Trump will not die of the Coronavirus, he is too healthy.  I would not be surprised if Biden dies of Coronavirus if he gets it, however, and unless there is a vaccine introduced very shortly – he will wind up getting it like everyone else.

CoVid-19 will have a way bigger impact on the health of Joe Biden than it will on the health of Donald Trump.  Biden hiding in his basement will not work for long.  There is no amount of sanitary measures a person can take to prevent exposure to a virus like CoVid-19 unless they literally want to never come out of a room they lock themselves into.  Still, they may get exposed through food they order, going to the store, assistants that are bringing them supplies, etc.  How could you even possibly run a country without being exposed to CoVid?  

My point is, it is not going to happen, and it will spread and I would not be surprised if Biden dies if he gets it, although I would not wish that on him.  The country will be in a very strange position if Biden gets elected, dies, and then Kamila Harris is supposed to lead the United States.  If you think we are in chaos right now, wait until that happens.  Now I’m not putting Kamila Harris down, and I like Biden.  He is just not a good candidate for the President of the United States – the Democratic Party should have picked someone younger with their wits more together.

I’m not against the Democrat Party, or the Republican Party.  I think this dualistic approach to government winds up accomplishing nothing over a 40 year period of time or a 200 year period but growing the government, increasing taxes, and causing increased bloating in the legal system.  I think that as an approach, it is a system that progressively fails more as time goes by to provide an efficient form of government.  I am not in love with either party, and I do not dislike either.  I think that it simply winds up creating a culture that can produce nothing else but an increasing in size bloated monster of government that eats away at civilization more the longer it’s around.

My point is, that I do not believe the Democratic Party has selected the proper candidate for the 2020 elections, even if he wins.  I was not a fan of the Obama administration.  However, Obama was a young, and charismatic leader.  If Joe Biden lasts 4 years as President, there is a possibility that in the period of time he was in office, he would suffer catastrophic health issues from his current state of decline.  He is a poor choice at a time when a country needs strong leadership the most. 

Kamala Harris is strong, but she is not a strong enough personality to lead the country and keep it together if something happens to Biden.  Biden is past the point of his prime ability to lead by perhaps 10 years.  Trump is in his 70’s, but performs like he is in his 20’s and already has 4 years of proven leadership experience in running the United States.  He is hands down for that reason alone a better choice – because he actually performs and his performance is proven.

If you are one of my Democratic readers and this bothers you, you are welcome to your own opinion and I love you just how you are.  

We are in a precarious time right now.  We need strong leadership to aim the country in a single direction and see to it that this direction is actually accomplished.  Our unity is more important right now than anything else and the United States of America is not unified, but disjointed.  Under the administration of Biden the country will be no more unified than it was under the administration with Trump, only we will be lacking the strong and decisive leadership that we had under the Trump administration.

Point #5:  There Is Something Wrong With This Election And We Both Know It.

Look, I’m not going to get into the normal conspiracy theories that could be easily presented at this point in time, I’m just going to say that there is something wrong right now that is obvious to everyone.

For example, when I look at polls presented from the largest media companies out there, Biden comes up in a significant lead – but when there are social gatherings from one side or another, the Trump gatherings are by far the largest and most unified.  

If I look at what is actually happening on Facebook as far as advertising goes, the Trump campaign materials are out selling the Biden campaign at a near unrelatable level.  In other words – from a purchasing perspective using research tools that look at the actual level of advertising and buying, people are not very interested or passionate about Biden’s campaign.  The media is projecting something very different than that idea.

Whether I’m going to point out the mass censorship of alternative information that has happened across the major internet networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google or I’m going to point out the ‘very obvious’ media manipulation in our current environment – there is an agenda being pushed and it is dangerously affecting our freedoms.

We are being told one thing, but when we look into the details of it, it is very obvious that we are not being told the full story, or parts of the story are being displayed, and others hidden from our fake, one sided, manipulative news sources in all directions.  

It has become very obvious to me that the time has come and gone where the internet used to be a free place of expression.  That freedom is now being replaced with ‘edited’ news stories that are now being driven back to the handful of media companies that used to have complete control over the direction of our information gathering process as the television and newspaper was our main information source.

We are now being tossed back and forth again from a centralized agenda that is designed to create chaos and conflict and cannot produce anything over a period of time but government and centralized control expanding unless we make a new decision that rather than riding the media induced chaos wave, we just break free from it.

Unfortunately, I have to say it this way that I will end the article – if Biden gets elected, the United States will become dragged back into and trapped in a cycle of cause and effect that has plagued the country since its early days of formation – where an increasing divide is formed over a period of time that causes a lashing back and forth in our scenes of leadership, where one party simply gets elected to destroy the works of another, ultimately and only resulting in the slow, but exponential expansion of the debt and control of the central governments of the United States, until we will inevitably collapse and reform into a new kind of entity that will strip the people of the one thing which actually makes us great – which is our freedom.

At this point, unfortunately I do not have the influence that I would like, where I could push a button and at the drop of an email share my ideas with hundreds of millions, or even billions of people.  So this article is not going to move a lot of opinions – unless you share it, and get the word out.

However, if we do one thing it CAN make a difference – and that one thing we can do is to defend the honor of the President of the United States of America, and keep him in our prayers.  

When something pops up that is just malicious energy at its core – speak out against it and clarify it with the truth.  

Let us stop blaming people for causing things that had nothing to do with them.

Let us drop the pernicious, cockroach like energy in the social spheres in which we are engaged, speaking the truth in love and edification, building up and appreciating those who are around us, and those who have a dominion or social authority over us.  

Regardless of our party, let us lift up the leadership in our respective communities and actually help them get things done that matter, and that changes the environment that we are in.

And most of all – let us take a stand for goodness.  

I could go on with this article for quite a while defending the President against nonsense and lifting up his good accomplishments in the last 4 years that he has served our country, whether it is defending him against the accusations of tax evasion, or simply breaking apart the manipulative accusations put against him by the media – however, this is sufficient for now.

Remember one thing, if you are my reader – and that is that the map is not the territory.  What you are perceiving about reality is not reality itself, no matter the level of information you are privy to, and no matter how intelligent you are to make accurate judgements about the reality around you.  Very similar to how when you go to a restaurant you can pick up a menu, and no matter how long you hold it, you must realize that the menu is not the meal, you must also realize that your perceptions of reality are not reality themselves, and that you (like me) are being spoon fed a version of reality that is missing large chunks of information.

We must realize within this understanding that the information that we get from the media, and our social news feeds, and from the people around us are a part of a representation of reality, and that they are in no way an all encompassing representation… and as such – there is a lot we are missing. 

Yes, Donald Trump (like me and like you) has flaws in his person, and flaws in his character, as does Joe Biden, and as does the person sitting next to you.  This does not give us license to be insidious and to take all of our problems, and to blame the people around us, or to throw hate at their families or their person.

Please, lift up Donald Trump in your prayers – he and his wife Melania need your prayers, and your support right now.  Also, do the same for the leadership of your local communities, your cities, your churches, your states.  Lift up your leadership and pray that they will have guidance to make correct decisions that lead us in the right direction – because they need it, and we all need it.

The hatred that is currently in the marketplace is uncalled for, and is not helping the United States or any other country accomplish anything useful.  It is not making us live in a better world, it is not making our lives better, it is not helping to progress any causes.

Let us drop it together, and come together in love and in unity, for that is what we are lacking.


David Wood

The Messiah

P.S. We must realize as a nation the cycle that we are in, and that that the only way to break it is not to change a part of the cycle, but to end it all together and entirely break free. This freedom can only be attained by realization and transcendence, it will not be realized by manipulating a part of it, or by fighting against a full half of the people who exist who are on the other side of our cycle. We must wake up, and realize what we are doing, and in this awakening there is an escape where our old system of doing things becomes unnecessary. That freedom will not become realized until we become realized, and we will not become realized until we decide together to awaken as to who we really are. Wake up to the story that you are being fed, and challenge it, because the story is not reality, and we must realize what we all have created together and now is the best time to do that.

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