Reinventing A New Kind Of Society

Dear Friend,

It has been a while since I posted something on this blog.  Really since January, I believe I have only written here 2 or 3 times.  The reason for this is about a year ago, I determined that mostly, me writing on this blog was serving no purpose and that people were not paying attention to it carefully enough to justify the amount of time I was spending on it.  So I switched my focus to other things, in preparation for the phases in my life of what is next.

Most of the time I have spent doing personal development and thinking through things, such as what moves I want to make in the next phases of my life to begin gathering people, and empowering them in some manner.  Some of the time, I have spent testing ideas.

Mostly, I have been racking my brain thinking through the problems I see in society and how to solve them, and also thinking through my end desired outcome, which is essentially to create a society on the earth that is perfect, and solves the problems of disease, poverty, ecology, and even eventually conquers the enemy of death itself.

While my visions of a new world seem to many in some manner out of touch with our current reality, and I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with that, I have never been one who has confined himself to the boxes that other people designed to limit reality in some way.

Fundamentally, I believe in several things:

#1) I believe in people and their ability to completely change and reinvent anything in their lives, with no foundational limitations on this ability.

#2) I believe that God has the ability to essentially do any sort of thing that he desires to do, if he wants to do it and people also ask him to do it, and agree on its manifestation.  There are also no foundational limitations in my belief system on what God can or cannot do.

#3)  I believe that if humanity unifies, we can essentially create anything our minds, hearts, and actions are unified towards creating.  

Also, there is the fundamental problem that we are facing right now.  This year I have seen probably the most dramatic political elections that have ever happened in the United States and foundationally, I have discovered through sad observation that in our current system of things, political viewpoints are going to always fall short of accomplishing our desired changes.  At its core, neither the plan of the Democrats, nor the plan of the Republicans is going to solve the real problems of humanity.

Actually, over a period of 30 or 40 years over our current system, nothing really will happen in government except that it will get more gigantic, spend more money, regulate more stuff, further centralize, and accomplish nothing of significance except for gradually leaking people’s freedoms away while we continue to destroy the possibility of having a continuance of human civilization over several hundred years, as basically everything that humanity is doing from a holistic perspective is driving us towards complete and utter destruction through a variety of mechanisms.

In reading this, you may not agree with it yet, but generally people do not have the capability of thinking through how behaviors will affect something over a period of 50 or 100 years, let alone several hundred.  In order to illustrate my point, let me ask you this:

If humanity continues down its current trajectory, where will it be in a million years?

Good question, isn’t it?  Pretty much, if you map any of our major behavior as a civilization over a million years, society winds up destroyed, nature winds up destroyed, and a good majority of all life that exists is either completely dead, or starting over.  Maybe humanity exists after that point, and maybe it doesn’t.  This is of course barring the fact that in between now and a million years there may be some other kind of natural disaster that would wipe us out anyways – such as a comet striking the earth, or a chain of super volcanoes erupting.  This would not include man made disasters, of which I will list a few out of many that we are causing.

So what is the problem with society really?

From a very simple perspective, society is wired in such a way as to where as it grows and expands, it consumes every natural resource as quickly as possible, while destroying or totally utilizing every natural resource in an unsustainable fashion until the resource is totally destroyed, wiped out, or doesn’t exist any more.  We have always in some manner behaved like this, but as we get bigger it happens faster and faster.

In the process of consuming everything in sight, we also leave giant heaps of waste that just continues to collect without decomposing, forming another sort of problem everywhere we go.

We take a lot for granted in the world, such as food, air, and freshwater.  If we all suddenly woke up tomorrow and there was no food, fresh air, and no water we would desperately try and change as fast as possible, but that doesn’t happen.  What actually happens is we are slowly depleting or destroying the core of our resources over a slower period of time in such a fashion as to where we do not realize what we are doing, until it is too late.

I am not talking about the issue everyone talks about when they talk about the environment, which is global warming.  On the list of real environmental issues, global warming is one of hundreds, or thousands of issues – many of which can totally wipe out humanity and lead to total chaos, collapse and war within our civilization as humanity loses control out of itself from desperation and the fight for declining resources.  Here is a handful of the major issues of civilization (and this is not all):

#1) Humanity Is Wiping Out Ocean Life Very Quickly

I don’t have all the stats in this blog post, but let me share with you a few of them that should be of concern:

Basically if you look at the holistic picture of the oceans and are honest after reading the facts — we are wiping out ocean life at an unprecedented rate, and I have not listed all of the problems in the oceans, such as the exponential buildup of plastic.  The threat of wiping out our entire food supply in the oceans is massive and could happen by 2050 whether there is real global warming, or not.  The oceans provide for about 2% of the total food consumption of humanity, and about 16% of the protein consumed, not mentioning essential nutrients like Omega 3 fats, which are predominantly produced in the ocean.  Aside from a whole host of other issues, loss of the ocean food supply would create an unbelievable negative impact on humanity that I won’t get into as there are better articles about it.

#2)  The rate of deforestation is alarming, to say the least

Every year from 2011-2015 about 20 million hectares of forest was cut down. Then things started to speed up. Since 2016, an average of 28 million hectares have been cut down every year. That’s one football field of forest lost every single second around the clock.

So count to one… we just lost a football field of forest which is actually faster than the last time I checked the statistics.  In a day, there are 86,400 seconds, meaning that we lose 86,400 football fields of unique forest every 24 hours.  If that does not bother you, there is something wrong inside with the way that you see human beings, nature, and perhaps you are not connecting how this issue can destroy humanity over a time period of perhaps 100 years.

The other problems with this is that each of those hectares, acres, or ‘football fields’ of forest contain unique wildlife that is also destroyed.  Indigenous bugs, mammals, birds, insects, an entire ecosystem of life that is connected to that forest that we will not get back once it is destroyed.  So in the process of destroying the forests (which destroys our air supply, for example) we are also destroying the ecosystem that keeps our other food and nature supply intact.

Right now the government spends a lot of time talking about CO2 emissions.  Even if we reached a carbon footprint of zero from a technical perspective we are still reducing the world’s oxygen supply exponentially as time goes by.  In other words, building better technology that reduces carbon emissions does not actually solve our problem and correct our imbalance.

#3)  The depletion of topsoil.

In the US alone, soil on cropland is eroding 10 times faster than it can be replenished. If we continue to degrade the soil at the rate we are now, the world could run out of topsoil in about 60 years, according to Maria-Helena Semedo of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization.

So what happens when topsoil is depleted?  Very simply, it stops growing things and over a period of time can simply turn a lush farmland into a desert.  Basically, the complete erosion of topsoil world wide would lead to astronomical amounts of famine, starvation, disease, and war for resources as one by one, our farmlands would turn into deserts, nearly totally devoid of life.

I actually did not realize this, but fundamentally human beings still do not know how to create topsoil from nothing.  I was having a conversation about this the other week in a private mastermind discussing these issues and someone brought that up.  So I looked it up, and it was accurate.  Like wiping out a species, if we deplete the topsoil in an area, we wipe out our ability to farm there.  60 years is not a lot of time to figure this one out.  

This issue I believe could be solved by learning how to replenish the topsoil 10 times faster but fundamentally this is an issue that is also a near extinction level issue by itself for humanity, and also for many other species.

Now, I haven’t even gotten into some of the other issues we are creating with our current economic systems, or touched other issues that can collapse civilization like our big, dumb, stupid governments exponentially increasing their debt and spending while the freedoms of the people reduce.  I might get into that in another post, as it is an interesting topic on its own and also has the ability to lead to catastrophic levels of war and division.

Nor have I touched on the chain reaction presented from the phenomenon of global warming, as I hear people arguing about whether or not global climate change is being aided by humans or if they are simply part of a greater level of astronomical cycles of change.

Fundamentally, it matters however, I have listed enough issues for now.  What matters more is that any one of these issues by itself can wipe out humanity and the majority of every other species on earth over a time period of less than 100 years from now.  Combined and left unchecked, humanity is doomed in a very short period of time and nothing that we are doing is actually fixing the reason that this is happening.

Right now the CoVid-19 pandemic looks like a giant issue.  Really it pales in comparison to the actual problems that human beings are creating that actually will wipe us out if left unchecked.  Comparatively speaking, the pandemic really is an itsy, bitsy little flu.

Foundationally, nobody is truly addressing the actual reason we are headed for destruction in a manner that will actually fix the problem before it is too late, and very few people want to admit truly what needs to happen to change these issues is a complete remaking of the way that we do things, because the way that we act as human beings is out of touch with reality on many levels.

The Actual Problem With Our World Is that the System We Operate In Cannot Actually Produce Any Result Over A Long Enough Period Of Time Other Than Complete Collapse.

I could make a little dissertation on our system and talk about the many flaws with it.  Generally, we are relegated when talking about government systems to mentioning things that already exist, that people have already come up with – such as Socialism, Communism, and Capitalism – the dominant 3.

Essentially then we jump into what kind of government systems work on top of these existing frameworks – such as whether a Republic is better than a Democracy, or a Democratic Republic, or a Dictatorship, etc.  Really the problem is that by trying to work within these existing frameworks, we are already limiting ourselves to a model of doing things that is already proven to aim humanity on a trajectory of total destruction over a period of time.

Capitalism creates consumerism, it seems – or does it?  That’s what the communists would have you think, except that communism also creates a consumerist society, only the people are generally more miserable in the process.  Neither communism, socialism, or capitalism actually can engineer a society that stops humanity from going extinct in the process of destroying the natural habitat that is sustaining us.  

They are all systems that are broken at their foundation, and are aimed at death.  I suppose that this is what the apostle Paul meant in the New Testament when he said in 2nd Corinthians 4:4 that satan is the god of this world or perhaps this is what Buddha referred to as Mara, the demon that surrounds reality keeping everyone in delusion.  We live inside of this society that we assume will simply always be there, when it fundamentally will not last past the depletion of several of the named resources in this article.

The progression of these issues can lead to other problems such as disease increasing with the air being deoxygenized, the soil demineralized, and the famines produced by eroding topsoil leading for the fighting between nations for resources, among other things.  We are truly in a strange predicament that few people can really see and we have zero time to fix it.

And I mean zero at all.  It must be fixed, now if we want to survive and still, we will suffer catastrophic blowback from the damage that we have already created as what has been done cannot be undone.

I was up at a mountain here in Medellin looking at the city perched in the middle of the forest the other day and I was talking to my friend Jamie and his girlfriend Maria, and I said something that to me was obvious:

“Want to know why people get cancer?  It is simple.  It is because the way human civilization grows is cancer to the land, and cancer to the earth.  We take what is there and utilize it, destroy it, and remake it into something that simply spreads itself and continue that pattern until all life is dead, and then we proceed to a new area.  Very similar to what cancer does in human biology, replacing normal cells with itself until the organism can no longer sustain itself.”

The real problem that we face as a species is that what we do is diseased, and it cannot be changed by simply asking people to change because if they operate inside of this system we have created, they actually can do very little to change it.  They will still go to the store buying things wrapped in plastic, drive there in an automobile that most likely is unsustainable, build houses that cut down the forest without replenishing it, and pile up a constant, never ending mountain of waste in every direction as they simply live and exist.

If they are someone who manages by themselves to actually live sustainably they are the minority — people such as Gabriel Cousens over at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center are examples of this.  Unfortunately, there is no systemic way for all of humanity to do what he is doing.  Humanity engaged in just being operators inside of our current framework end up destroying everything that exists until there is simply nothing left at all but death.  

That may seem grim but it is not, it is simply acknowledging a reality that too few people want to admit, let alone change.  

So how do you fix it?

Society must be reinvented in such a way as to where as it grows, it replenishes nature rather than destroys it.  In other words, the only thing that truly can be done to fix our problems is to design something that produces a reverse energy of what we are doing now, or that creates a result of as society adds people, nature becomes more vibrant and our ecosystem is enhanced, rather than right now what we do, which is as humanity expands, nature goes extinct.

The task of actually accomplishing this is colossal as we would actually need to reverse this fow as close to now as possible, and there truly is zero time to fool around.  My friend asked me the other week how much time we have left.  I said:


They asked what I meant by that, and I responded:

“We have exactly that.  Zero time at all.  None whatsoever.  If this is not reinvented, we are doomed to the most awful destruction that anyone on earth can imagine, multiplied.”

In other words, we cannot wait for dumb government legislation that takes 100 years to make no changes at all to reinvent society in a way that is sustainable and solves our problems, we need to totally reinvent civilization from zero in a way that thinks out far ahead enough with everything we do to make sure that what we do will work 100, 300, or even a million years from now.  I am telling you that what we are doing will not.

We are currently putting bandaids all over a body that is overridden to the core with disease that is eating itself alive from the inside.  The bandaids do nothing but make politicians feel good about themselves, and environmental organizations feel like they are changing the problem when the body is still on a trajectory of death.

In this case, the body is our entire system – our ecosystem, our civilization, our own bodies, the animals and butterflies, the ocean life, everything that is.  Right now when a human body gets cancer, the person dies 50% of the time, working out to be about 9.5 million people a year.

Right now if we stop being cancer to the world, we have about equal chance of survival.  If we in addition to stopping our cancer creating systemic behavior also change in a manner that the tide is reversed and humanity growing creates an increasing positive effect on the habitat we live on – we can reverse the disease and as we do this, the diseases in our bodies will heal as well as there is no longer a karmic reaction creating the suffering we are so used to perpetuating.

I was talking to a person the other week about how humanity is trapped in a cycle, and this cycle has repeated many times, in many lives, in many different civilizations.  He then stated that it would also repeat again here and the repetition of this cycle leads to the inevitable collapse of civilization.

What I stated is what I will state now, and that the karmic cycles humanity are engaged in will at some point all resolve, and all of the cycles will stop.  He asked what I mean, and I said what I will say to you now, which is:  “Karma is designed to resolve, and our eventual destination is a complete release and resolution of all karma, and the breaking free of every cycle, and that will happen by inventing our way out of this.”

In other more simple words, we do not actually have to repeat cycles forever.  At some point, all cycles will end and human beings will as the Buddha break free of the confines of Mara, or as Christ break the chains of death, or as Moses and the children of Israel be led out of slavery into a promised land, flowing with milk and honey.

The end destination for not changing is the complete destruction of everything that we love, and the slate being wiped clean, and starting over.  The world falling into destruction and war, disease, famine, plagues, death.  A resetting as everything we know is destroyed and consumed by chaos.  Might sound bleque, it is.  I actually wrote a poem about it as a child:


By little 8 year old Dave Wood

As rotting flesh turns to ash,

The world dies and souls are smashed.

Babies scream to melting mothers,

As the last of infinite souls are smothered.

But there is no one left to care,

For even God has left his lair.

No one.

Pretty dark, huh?  I suppose if we don’t change, it is.  I have always known the world would end if we do not change.  A sort of knowledge I was born with.  Many of us who are very old souls are here on the earth right now who know this — that there is no time, and that we have a lot to resolve too quick to change without upsetting something along the way.  What we need is not some big fat elite-funded bill in congress working with the satan controlled United Nations.  What we need is a complete reinvention of what we’re doing and a revolution that absorbs the world into it, and we need it to happen not tomorrow, not in 10 years, not when this happens or that – but literally right now.  Like yesterday it needed to happen.  10 years, or 100 years ago would have been a good time.  Now, it is nearly too late.

However, if we change, there is nothing that cannot be remade in a new way.

Creating heaven on Earth is possible and actually, these are the only two outcomes:

  1. We create heaven on earth
  2. We create hell on earth

Right now, we are actually headed without realizing it for #2, which is what will happen when we deplete the topsoil, chop down the rainforests, and crush the ocean life out of existence all while we expand our disease ridden civilization.

So, a reinvention is due.  Overdue, actually.

Think about it like this.  In 1787 the US Constitution was ratified, creating a new nation.  Essentially, a group of high level people got together with a goal of reinventing nations to solve the problems of the last 2,000 years before that, which were problems of repeating cycles.  They stayed in a mastermind until the problems were solved and from that meeting emerged the constitution and a new solution to government that did not exist before:  A democratic republic.

Right now we don’t have the same problems that we did.  We have actually created a whole host of new ones, and the environmental problems are not the only ones we have.  We have a system that by participating in it, the only thing that can happen is that the government expands, freedoms reduce, and civilization creates an exponentially bigger destructive imprint on our surrounding environment as it expands and from that, disease and poverty expand at the same time.

I don’t have all of the solutions currently to these problems; however, I know that by working together we can create them.  This is actually the plea of this article – to understand where we are right now in the timeline of things and to realize that if we don’t change, everything that we know and love is not only at risk but it will all pass away and our risk is if we do not change, our system can reorganize into something malicious instead of something great.

Civilizations so far throughout our history have come and gone.  Many have ran out of resources and the people have scattered.  Many governments have collapsed.  Too often, governments have expanded and expanded until they were so burdensome that the civilization flipped into revolution, or societies have destroyed each other over the fight for resources.  There are many reasons why civilization fails, but nothing that has ever happened is as all encompassing as the trajectory of our current system of things.

I am telling you with all the love in my heart that this must change, and it must change now and there is only one way to solve it, and that is together.  

Not everyone understands what is happening and where we are heading.  It is my hope that you do, and that you are open to being a participant in a new reinvention of society from zero, rebuilding it from scratch.  If you are open to that idea, feel free to send me a message on Skype at david.wood202

Thank you for reading this article.  I appreciate you more than you know.  There are dark things coming in the future, but nothing is more bright than the light that you have inside and I always want you to remember the words of Jesus, where he said:  “The Kingdom of God is within you.”

Truly, it is, and always has been.  It is time we bring it from that into an actual Kingdom that forms in the world, and conquers all things.


David Wood

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