What is the Kingdom of Elohim? (Elohim = God, or the Kingdom of God)

Dear Friend,

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering “what is the Kingdom of God”? From now on in this article, I will refer to the either “Kingdom of God” or “Kingdom of Elohim” as the Hebrew word for “God” = “Elohim” and they are the same thing.  I hope that makes sense to you.

I did a search online, looking for information about what Jesus meant when he said “The Kingdom of Elohim” and I found a wide variety of mostly ambiguous answers.  By ambiguous, I mean stated in a way that allows for multiple interpretations.  Many times, people make ambiguous statements on purpose to allow for multiple meanings of a statement.  Other times, they are doing it because they do not know how to accurately describe something.  I believe that people are ambiguous about the Kingdom of God mostly because they do not know what it is.  Then some of them, they are like Jesus and they tell metaphors about it to confuse people from understanding it on purpose, and allow people to make many different manifestations about it, which are all true.  Such a statement would be “The Kingdom of Elohim is within you” which statements means specifically nothing exactly; however, many people ascribe various specific meanings to it which apparently, are all “the right one.”

What is the Kingdom of God?  It is simple:  In the last days, Elohim promised to setup a Kingdom that will never be destroyed, and never be given to another people.  A Kingdom that will break in pieces and crush all other Kingdoms, and will stand forever. 

The Kingdom of Elohim is an ACTUAL KINGDOM.

So again, people will run into confusion, as when they think about God in general, they think about it in an ambiguous way mostly, depending on who they are and what actually mean by God.  A Kingdom however is not something ambiguous.  It is composed of a King, a territory to rule, a set of laws, a people, and a greater overarching series of things that all together are called a Kingdom.  

Therefore when Elohim sets up his Kingdom, it will have a King (or Kings), peoples, areas, and Kingdoms – it will be something that physically manifests in the world.  Throughout the Bible and scripture, we are promised a new age, a new world where the world will fall into peace, war will cease, and a Kingdom will come that will exist forever, never given to another people, and all of the nations of the earth will be absorbed into it.  It will be perfect, just, and fair and be the turning point for civilization, where instead of the nations fighting for resources, human beings will take their weapons of war, melt them, and beat them into farming utensils to grow food for everyone not because they have to, but because war has become a thing of the past.

Jesus Taught To Pray That The Kingdom Of Elohim Would Come:

Our Father, who art in heaven,

hallowed be thy Name, 

thy kingdom come, 

thy will be done, 

on earth as it is in heaven. 

Give us this day our daily bread. 

And forgive us our trespasses, 

as we forgive those

who trespass against us. 

And lead us not into temptation, 

but deliver us from evil. 

For thine is the kingdom, 

and the power, and the glory, 

for ever and ever. Amen.

What you see above is known as “The Lord’s Prayer” which is specifically something that Jesus asked believers to pray about, that the Kingdom of God might come on earth even as it is in heaven, that God’s will might be done here, even as it is done in heaven.

Simply defined, the Kingdom of Elohim is:

  1. An actual Kingdom that is on the earth.
  2. People in that Kingdom do the will of God.
  3. There is a King
  4. The nations are gathered
  5. There is one Law that rules the Kingdom, and that law is Torah (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy)
  6. The Kingdom stands forever from the time that it is started.

I can go on for a while, but this is enough for now.  Rather than thinking about the Kingdom in ambiguous terms for the next bit, people have been praying for the last 2,000 years for an actual Kingdom to come to the earth, a system of government that will replace our current system, that will never be corrupted or defiled, that will stand forever, that all nations will flow into, that will be fair, just, and equitable, who’s ultimate destiny is to overtake the current systems of the world, and replace them with something better that is not made by the frailty of man and his constant changing of ideals, morals, and systems.

When you hear “The Kingdom of God” that is what it means, plain and simple.  

The Kingdom of Elohim is not a Church, although all Churches are welcome to be a part of it.

The Kingdom of Elohim is not a religion, although all religions are welcome to flow into it.

The Kingdom of Elohim is not a Democracy where the ruler is elected by people, it is a Kingdom where there is a King and a Law that rules the land.

Rather than having a Democracy (rule of the people) or a Republic made up of constantly changing laws and ideals, you have a Kingdom with ONE LAW that is not made by any person, the Law emerges from creation itself, from the creator, this system is universal law manifesting itself in writing, and we are not making the Law, we are simply a part of enforcing it together.

The Next Bit That People Do Not Realize, Is That We Must Create The Kingdom Together, That We Cannot Leave It To God To Do Alone.

Praying for the Kingdom to come as Jesus suggested is one thing, and doing whatever it takes to create it is entirely another thing.  As believers in God from all religions and walks of life, we must realize that we have a step by step playbook that will allow us to manifest the Kingdom on the earth, and that playbook is the writings of the prophets.

It took me a long time to understand what I understand now, and understand how to do what I know we must do now.  It is not that God cannot manifest the Kingdom if he wanted by snapping his fingers, he is God and can do as he pleases.   It is that we are given the great charge of taking dominion over the earth and we must step into our power, and take this dominion back.

Over the last 7,000 years, humanity has allowed piece by piece for all of creation to be taken over by the forces of evil, which have overcrowded the world with corruption, with greed, with the ideas of people who sometimes want goodness, and sometimes do not want the highest ideals.  Some of the forces that are leading the world are driven by pure darkness and are aiming us at collective destruction.  In fact, many of the things that human beings are doing are aiming us towards a kind of destruction that nobody wants to think about.

We foolishly have ran around in circles over and over again, repeating the same cycle of disease and suffering, running from one system to another, and one ruler to another, one government to another, and one ideal to another and over this cycle what has happened, is we have repeated a circle that continuously has gotten stronger in its pattern, not realizing the truth that has been here this entire time, which in the words of Jesus is:

“The Kingdom of God is within you.”

What does that mean exactly?  Well “exactly” it doesn’t mean anything specifically, as it is an ambiguous statement Jesus made to allow us to discover our own meaning; for me, what it means is that God put it inside of you and me to create the Kingdom when the time has come, and manifest it physically on the earth – taking our power back.

When we create this Kingdom, no longer will we be subject to cycles of suffering and evil that leads us to booms and busts, rises and falls, righteousness that leads back to corruption and wickedness, because we will have discovered that the source of the Kingdom that we seek to create is in ourselves and TOGETHER, we will have overcome the world.

It is time my friends to change, to turn from our wicked ways, to repent, and turn back to God and to together, create the Kingdom of Elohim, because, at this moment, we realize:

The Kingdom of God is within us.

The governments of the world are headed in a direction that will perish as men perish, of old age, and frailty.  One part will fail, and then another until the system collapses – but the Kingdom of Elohim will stand forever, and it will never be taken from you.

Your interests and freedoms will not be tossed from one party to another, or from one ideal to another.  This Kingdom will never be taken from you, and never be given to another people, for it will be created by the people, and for the people, manifest by their creator from the plans and the ideas that he has put within you — to rebuild the earth and create the Messianic Age, an age of peace, prosperity, freedom, and goodness that realigns us with source and it begins with today’s decision to turn from your sins and the ways of your wickedness, back to your Father and the Kingdom within, and begin to manifest with me the new goodness that will rebuild the land, for the Kingdom of God is within us.

It’s time to build that now.



A sinner saved by Grace who desires goodness for all.

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