Correction: I do not “think” that I am King David from the Bible. I am King David from the Bible. [Big Difference].

Over the last few years, I have been greatly criticized for many of the things that I have said. Much of the things that I have said are quite out there, and I see how the rumors have passed around. For example, many people have said “you cannot take this person seriously. He thinks he is King David from the Bible, and the end of the world is coming.”

I want to make something abundantly clear: I do not think that I am King David from the Bible, and the end of the world is coming.

I am actually King David from the Bible, and the end of the world is coming.

Actually, at a future date I will walk into giant auditoriums, and people will chant “King David. King David. King David.” And I will have Kings and Queens around me, that rule the earth, and people will chant their names with equal ferocity or if I can impact it, they will cheer for them even more than they do for me.

It is as simple as that.

There is actually quite the big difference between those two statements if you look above. If you’d remember I came out in 2017 saying that in 3 years, the world would be in collapse and headed for war.

Fast forward to May 2020, exactly when I said, the world was actually collapsing. Go forward 7 months later and we’ve got Biden dropping bombs in the middle east again, and vaccine passports coming.

However, for the sake of everyone’s sanity, rather than talking about this on my wall, I have decided that it is both pointless, and that it really doesn’t matter what I talk about, so rather than simply talking about it, I will just silently work on my thing, and take over the world anyways, whether people believe me or not, as I am not Christ, believing in me is irrelevant. Believing in him is more useful anyways.

If you want to believe in me in the sense that you say “David, I believe you have the ability to do great things” then thank you, and fantastic. Believe in you as well. Actually, if your name is “Bob” then I believe you are “King Bob” and if your name is “David” than you are also “King David” and if your name is “Susan” or “Tracey” then you are “Queen Susan” and “Queen Tracey” to me as well. My ideas are all about lifting up the world, not just myself, and empowering those around me to have a dominion that they rule over.

Really the main point of this post, is that I don’t need you to believe in what I’m doing to believe in it myself. Regardless of who believes or disbelieves in my message, I will still do it because my message is not for myself it is for uplifting the world and without you stepping into your own power and dominion, my message is pointless.

Regardless of whether or not you believe that people will be chanting “King David” in giant auditoriums, they will still be chanting it. As a matter of fact, you will most likely be there, chanting it with them no matter how much you are rolling your eyes right now, unless you just want to be bored at home, watching others chant it on the TV as the people closest to me actually take over the world together and rule it. In fact, as you are chanting it, you might still be rolling your eyes, but you will be happy about how rich and free you will be because of it. You might even be thinking back to this moment, laughing about how you were laughing about it, in disbelieve that it is actually happening just how I envisioned it.

It does not matter whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Ashiest, or what your background is – it will still happen and when it does, you will most likely be quite happy about it even if you are reading this chuckling at me because your life will be so much better than it is right now, and we won’t be having corrupt politicians taking away your ability to live your life and prosper the way you want, because it will be a thing of the past, where we tell stories to our grandkids about how society used to be weak, broke, and manipulated by the TV.

The only difference is, many will get rich from this idea, and many will just get in later and still be better off, but maybe they won’t be so fantastically rich from it. However, they can still get richer, as the world will be better and more prosperous because of it, and there will be far less taxes and no debt in society, along with solid money and simple laws – so they will still be richer, freer, happier, etc.

So either way, whether they are upset about it, making fun of it, laughing at me for believing it, or helping to do it, they will still be benefited from the fact that it will happen with or without them and whether the movement I begin will start this year, the next, the year following, or in 10 years – it will still happen at the right time, and they will still be a part of it if they are still around at that moment.

And that’s actually why it will happen — because I will just continue to think through how to do it, until it happens. I will continue figuring out how to make it manifest, until it manifests. I will continue brainstorming with people until the ideas solidify. I will continue dreaming it until the dreams become a reality because they impact the happiness, the future, and the success and safety of everyone in the world, not just myself.

The good part about it is, when it does happen (and it will happen) it is a good thing. Because the government we make will be much better, and much more simple, and much more free than our current government. Less taxes. More freedom. Decentralized. Impossible to corrupt. Impossible to rob from the people. Impossible to take over. Impossible to destroy. Impossible for China to screw up. No IRS will exist and no 4,000 pages of tax code, because we all know it is bullshit. There will not be wars because they will be irrelevant to society. We will not be screwing up the environment. The money systems will be sound. No factory farming will be allowed and there will be justice that is fair and equal. Society will be sustainable because they want. Life will be better. People will be healthier. Etc.

And the most important thing is, that the people will like it, because it is for them and built to empower them. See, you are a King, or a Queen. That’s what you gotta know about yourself. No matter whether you were born into royalty or not by blood, you are still royalty, and that’s the way that it is. We live in a society that wants to make us all sheeple, and take away our royalty. However, you have a royalty that you were born with spiritually, that can never be taken away, only from what you do can it be lost.

And you still have the seed of royalty inside of you. And that seed can still be planted in those around you who also have royalty in them. And they are called to royalty, and called to do great things, and called to inspire, and called to change the nations.

Be a King or Queen in whatever you do. If you are a network marketing leader, be a King of that business. If you market products on the internet, then be a King of the internet. If you are a pastor of a Church, if you are a child, then you are an heir of Christ – so be a King for Christ (that’s what Paul says in the new testament). If you have a family, be a King in your family and if you are a wife in a family, then be the Queen of the family.

What do you do if you have a Kingdom? If you have a Queendom? You serve the Kingdom. You serve the Queendom. You make it better than it was. You help everyone get what they want and create a better world around you.

You are royalty.

You have the ability to do things far beyond what people around you believe you can do because your vision is far from anything you have ever accomplished before. I had someone close to me say that. They said “David, when you were running Empower Network, you were the King of the internet.” Heck, that person didn’t believe I’m King David from the Bible, but you know what? They fully acknowledged me being a King in that moment. Just as I am acknowledging your Kingship, or your Queenship in this moment over your own dominion in life and in business.

They are right. I was.

However, being the King of the internet is not big enough for me, and it isn’t big enough for you, either. Why? Because we are royalty in our own dominion, in our own regard, in our own mission, in our own vision. Remember that your royalty comes from within far before it manifests without.

When you realize who you are, you will automatically aim for bigger things, and there is a great calling inside of you to do even bigger things than that, and then bigger things than that, and then bigger things than that. Because it’s all step by step.

No matter the obstacles you face, continue on your journey. No matter the ridicule, just use the laughter as fuel to make your ideas bigger and get more determined to change things. No matter whether or not the people around you believe in your vision, you simply continue believing in it. No matter whether they agree with you or not – simply make it happen anyways, because what you say about yourself doesn’t matter – what you empower others to do and what you do yourself, that is what matters.

You might be saying “David, you are not a King from the Bible – who will you rule?” and then they chuckle, not realizing that it will still happen and perhaps, one day you will even wait in a very long line to take a photo with me and get a big hug from the King.

Maybe they are laughing at your idea of making $10k per month, or $100k per month. They laughed and chuckled at Jesus too when he had a crown of thorns and was dying on the cross and now, 3 billion people believe in him around the world and still – his Kingdom is growing and people still chuckle at him! I guess, what the naysayers say doesn’t matter!

They laughed at Buddha too when Buddha gave up his Kingdom to be a monk and meditate in the woods, and then later he had a million followers in northern india and really, the Kingdom he was born into isn’t around anymore, but the Kingdom he started when he stepped down has lasted forever!

They laughed at Moses when he came with his little staff to Egypt, until the Egyptians drowned in the sea. They laughed at Martin Luthor King Jr. until now, when little black boys and black girls actually play together in school because they want — just like he suggested!

So whether you dream of world peace like I do and a restoration of harmonic balance between human beings and the creation around us, or whether you dream of getting “hog stinking nasty rich” on the internet, you can do it and I believe you will do it!

Whether you dream of losing weight, or attracting the partner of your dreams, you can do it!

Whether you dream of building a new business that impacts people, or whether you dream of becoming a best selling author, you can do it.

The point is – you can do it. Believe in yourself, and believe in others. And never give up on your dreams. If you go through great adversity – overcome it. If people try to tell you that your dream is nuts – then be willing to be a little bit nuts and make it happen anyways. If your mission is bigger than life, then be bigger than life anyways. If you desire to totally recreate what is possible, then recreate it anyways.

I still remember the look on my Mom’s face the first time I made $12,000 in a night on the internet! After years and years, she finally saw it work, and I remember she was saying to herself: “this actually worked?”

And yup! It did! Because I didn’t give up! Because I kept going! I kept going when friends laughed at me! When family laughed at me! When I lost old friends! When I made new friends!

Then all the sudden, I have a business doing that every day, and it grows around the world, and then I help other people do it as well, and now she knows I can do it again when I want!

And so can you – which is the point of this post: To believe in who you are. Believe in what you can do. Keep going, and change your approach. Learn new things, and change your approach. Get mentors, and change your approach. Believe in yourself, and change your approach… Keep adjusting, and keep changing, and keep figuring out what you gotta do, knowing that at the right moment, here’s what will happen:

a) The ideas will go from abstract to concrete.
b) The mechanisms that need to be in place to manifest your idea will manifest.
c) The people, ideas, resources, and money you need will come into place.
d) New doors will be opened in front of you and you just step through, and new doors still will open.
e) You walk along the path, and all of a sudden you will be in the right place at the right time, and:
f) You will get JUST AS RICH as your foresaw, be just as successful as you imagined, and empower people even more than you thought!

If you have great struggles, you have a greater victory still!

Keep going… and know that I believe in you!

David Wood
“King David From The Bible”

P.S. As a fair warning in advance, this blog might be going away, or going behind a paid membership area. I believe that this message may interfere with my mass market message and if it does, the content will be hidden as I don’t want to make myself the issue. As I mentioned in this blog, it does not matter what you say, what matters is what you do.

P.P.S. For all of those people out there who have not believed in what I am doing over the years, it is ok. I don’t judge you for it ever. This includes family members, my long lost love Priscilla who I still love and miss dearly, old friends, etc. No matter what happens between us in the future, know that I have your best interest at heart and that I will work to make the future better for you, no matter what you think of me.

P.P.P.S. I do think over the last few years, I made some mistakes about various things, one of which being how I came out with this message. I think it is very likely that I may descend from Ephraim and not Judah as it makes more sense to me, etc. None of it matters. Much of my mistakes happened from trying to fit into the box of how others interpret this stuff rather than just acting on the vision that God put into my heart and letting the truth manifest, which is very simple:

To bring the world together in unity, and build the Kingdom of Elohim. The act of doing this is what is in my heart, and what we will build, and it is a Kingdom, not a Church, not a religion, not a cult – and it is the only thing that can heal the world from a metascale. The more I think about this, the more I know it must be done and that we must do it together as a first step.

The difference is that now when I am describing this to people privately, I leave myself out as it does not matter. I simply tell them what we are going to do, and I have Christians telling me privately “this is what the Bible talks about!” and they are getting excited, because the message is making sense. It is not there. But it is beginning to get there and until it is 100% there, I will keep dreaming, and keep building, and keep adjusting, until I can get into a room of 5 people who are normal from different religions, and different walks of life and 3 of them get in with the vision and become a part of it every time.

When I have those mechanics in place, the Kingdom will manifest.

See, here is my belief – when Jesus was asked about the Kingdom, one of the things that he said was “The Kingdom of Elohim is within you” which people interpret in all kinds of various ways. What this is like is me saying “You have everything inside of you which you need to succeed right now in your life” however, it is up to you.

The Kingdom of God, or the Kingdom of Elohim has always been inside of us. It has always been inside of me, and been inside of you, and been inside of the Jews, and been inside of the Mormons, and been inside of the Jehovah’s witnesses, and been inside of the Buddhists, and been inside of all of us. When something is inside, it can manifest to the outside, and it is up to us to manifest it, and up to us to build it.

Remember in prophecy, the Kingdom is not only a spiritual thing – and yes, there is an element to that. In prophecy (look in Daniel 2 and others) the Kingdom is actually a government. It is not a Church. It is not a Synagogue. It is not a denomination. The Kingdom is a government that restores Israel, creates peace, that ends war, that gets rid of the enmity between man and the environment, that restores order and prosperity to the world. It is an actual Kingdom.

Christianity and Judaism are alike in many principles – one of which is that the last government in the world which will stand forever will be a monarchy, not a democracy. For the Christians, Christ will rule. For the Jews, the Messiah will rule. “Christ” means “Messiah” so in this regard, they are the same. For the Christians – what is better, that we do nothing, expecting Christ to do it all for us? Or that we work together with him to create it, to give to him when he returns? Scripturally, he will not return anyways until the Kingdom is already created, and growing like a stone rolling off of a mountain without hands, as this is a part of the series of events that manifest the end of the world.

If you are one of my readers, you may not be 100% in alignment with everything I say on this blog. Do not worry about our differences, as I am not here to convert you to anything. I was talking to a friend of mine the other day who I have known for 11 years, who was with me in the beginning. He is not religious. He is not really Christian anymore, although he used to be. He is not pro Judaism in its current form, though he knows the Bible. He said to what I want to create “it does make sense Dave. It’s got legs. That will grow when the message is right.”

See, he is not interested in converting to something. He is not interested in one interpretation or another. But he wants more prosperity for himself. More prosperity for his family. More freedom in his business. A better earth. A world that stops fighting. He is tired of the weird, evil direction our modern society is taking even though his definitions of evil might be different. He can get behind something and see how it can grow from a person, to a person, to a person, to a pastor, to a congregation, to a radio broadcast, to 10,000 people in living rooms, to a million people tuned into a broadcast, to our own independent sovereignty, to nations of Kingdoms, to the whole world working together.

THAT he could see. The message just needs to work better.

When I can get an ashiest to see it, and a Christian, and a Jew, and get the Dalai Lama involved to restore Tibet, and when it can grow in China and they cannot shut it down, and if the government tries to interfere they cannot because it is impossible – then you will know that the Kingdom will come, and that I will be a King, as you will be if you follow me. Because I am not here to create subjects, I am here to lift up nations of Kings and Priests and wherever the Kingdom will grow, I will be there building it with you, to the glory of God, for the safety of the world, for the peace of nations.

We are not going to build something that is here today and gone tomorrow.

We are going to build something that will never be taken away, that will be in existence forever, that will restore the world to sanity and simplicity – we will build something that is incorruptible. And why will I do it? I will do it because I am determined to do it, because I am called to do it, because we can all do it together, because I believe in you, because I believe in humanity, because I believe that we can fix the world and heal it together and only if we work together can we do it.

So if people will not work together with me yet, I will continue adjusting until I figure out how we can work together and eventually my message will synchronize and doorways will open, and peoples will gather, and ideas will come, and the anointing will descend, and Christians will gather with Jews, and Jews with Christians, and the Buddhists will be there to lead them in the way of Enlightenment and we will work together, and the emnity between nations will dissolve, and we will help Christ create the Messianic Age together until it is written that “The Kingdoms of the world have become the Kingdoms of our Lord and his Christ, and they shall reign forever and ever.”

Revelation 11:15 will not happen until the Kingdoms of the world manifest first, and the Kingdoms of the world will not happen until we build the Kingdom of Elohim – remember, that it says “they shall reign for ever and ever” – there is a plurality of Kings, as if we are children, then we are heirs, we are heirs of God and joint heirs of Christ, if it so be that we suffer with him, that we shall also be glorified together. (Romans 8)

I see a rebellion against evil rising up, and filling the world. Where we realize that the real enemy we are fighting is not each other, we realize that the real enemy we are fighting is not our own family, we realize the real enemy we are fighting is not other nations, but the real enemy we are fighting is the forces of evil, or the devil, or in Buddhism “Mara” the evil that leads the world away from the principles of enlightenment. Many cultures give many names to our real enemy and when we realize this, we will realize that we can forgive each other, and love each other, and unify with each other to build a new future for everyone.

See, I do not desire to prove myself. It is unnecessary. I don’t want to be right. I don’t want to be correct about everything. I do not desire to be a prophet, and change knowledge. It is not needed. I desire to bring the world together in love and together to change what we must change to create a new world, knowing there is but a short time to get our act together. When we do what is right, wars will cease. When we do what is right, diseases will vanish. When we do what is right, viruses will dissolve. When we do what is right, we will beat our weapons into farming utensils and grow food for the poor, and build houses for the homeless, and give comfort to the widows, and we will build a future that is so abundant, that the streets will be paved with gold.

It is not just restoring Jerusalem that is necessary, yet we must build the new Jerusalem, the new cities, the new Kingdoms, the new peoples, the new unity, the new unity, the new peace, the new restoration, the new happiness, the new family, the new future, the new government, what we must do is: To build The Kingdom of Elohim.

Let us all unite and change our ways: For the Kingdom of Elohim is coming.

Remember, the Messianic age will not happen automatically. The Messianic age will happen when these two things happen:

  1. The good news of the Kingdom is shared with the whole world. (Matt 24)
  2. The Kingdom is in submission to Torah. (Ezekiel 37)

Those two things are not automatic. Those two things are from what we do. There is no argument from those points above. They are the only things that can manifest the Messianic age and the series of events leading to it, and as human beings we are 100% responsible for creating the conditions that bring the world of peace to come. No longer can we sit around waiting for Christ to do it on his own. There has been enough wars, and enough bloodshed to allow this world to continue for another 100 years because if we do that, we will not have a world anymore.

We must work together to do them, and the ending of the story is beautiful, and beyond words for all of us. If you read this post, it is in alignment 100% through with scripture. I am not always going to relentlessly cross reference everything but instead, I will walk in truth. It is not 100% time for the Kingdom to manifest yet, it will be time to manifest when the message has reached fruition and certain things would help.

One of them, is letting go of the past, embracing a new future, and deciding above all else to work together. The United States of America was formed from a small mastermind of people and the restoration of the United Monarchy and the building of the Kingdom of Elohim will be no different. There will be a small group that will spread to many.

Remember that I love you, and that I believe in you even if you do not yet believe in me. If you don’t believe in me, believe in he who sent me and above all, believe in his mission that he has given you, for we are all a part of the world to come and if you have found these words, you have found much, but there is even more to do.

Let’s lock arms and fight the forces of evil.

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