How Connor McGregor’s Shin Breaking In UFC 264 Inspired Me To Remove This Blog.

Dear Friend,

I actually wrote a very long post saying farewell to my readers on this blog (for now) and decided to not post it, and just write up something new and see what I like better out of the two. Really, I’m removing this blog for a few simple reasons:

  1. My message here wasn’t the right message to create what I want to create, which is unity, world peace, and the restoration of ecological balance.
  2. Nobody cared about the message on this blog other than a very small handful of loyal people. If I cannot get at least a billion people involved in a message, what I am doing is completely useless as far as world change is concerned.
  3. Without my family being reunited, I don’t care very much about any of this stuff anyways, as it doesn’t matter. I am still going to gather a group of people to help save the world, don’t get me wrong. Just, I am working on finding a motivation for doing it that matters as actually, I think people quite deserve the world to be destroyed in some manner. However, I still love them, and want to help. I am working on something now that can make a difference.

Basically, I have decided to talk about things from now on that people care about, that are helping them solve problems, and to build something that is actually useful for at least initiating phase I of a plan to help create a new world. This blog isn’t going to help, as if people cared about it, they would have been sharing the posts and referring people to read it, which they didn’t.

If I had a plan that could fix the world, and only two people ever saw it, it is still a useless plan. If I am going to help fix things, I need people working together and to gather people, the message needs to be about them, not about myself. Ultimately, this blog didn’t have the right message.

I battled with taking it down for a long time, as there are things I wrote about on here that I really care about, such as the true origins of the universe. Those blog posts will make a great book perhaps, or perhaps I will make them into a movie, as the movie would be fantastic. Over the last 4 years, very few people have cared at all when I have started talking about the origins of the universe. There are some people who cared, and they were mind blown by what I told them. Nobody else cared about it, or if it was brought up, they would want to change the subject and talk about something normal, like potato chips, a football game, or the fact that Connor McGregor just broke his shin in UFC 264. Here’s a gruesome photo of the incident:

This is what people care about: Violence, Sex, and Money. Actually, people will probably care about this blog post more, as I have posted something which they love: Blood, and violence.

The face of Connor on the photo to the left above is a pretty accurate metaphor for the exhausted pain that one feels after trying to get people of different religions to work together, who are the most stiff necked people on planet earth. Any attempt at expanding the size of the “very little” box that they live in results in an all out war as they attempt to desperately cling to a world model that has resulted in all of civilization being divided and headed for absolute disaster.

I thought of this years ago, that the way of bringing people together is to get the religions to work together, as they have all of the people (Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism have over half of the world for example). However, what those groups of people seem to want in general (maybe not the Buddhists so much) is not the truth, or to do anything useful. They want to be the “right” ones. Being right is actually more important to them than truth, than unity, or than actually doing what their teachings say.

A useful metaphor for this behavior is imagine for a minute that there is a person trapped under a car, screaming for help and a group of people are nearby. There is a Mormon, a Jew, a Christian, and a Buddhist all watching. Rather than running to help, they get in an argument about how to do it. The Mormon wants to ask the Prophet how to do it and is going to wait until the next national convention to see what he says is the best method to help. The Jew disagrees with this method and is not certain on whether or not he is required under Talmudic Law to help, which makes him get in an argument with the Christian, who does not want to help at all, as he believes Jesus will simply save the person and they should do nothing but wait, as he will come back soon. The Buddhist of course thinks this is all very funny, and wonders why the man is screaming, and has not mastered his mind enough to simply control the pain.

In the meantime, the car explodes, and then they all wonder why God allowed such an atrocity and begin to question their faith. Now, in reality this is pretty opposite to how those groups would act (maybe), but you get the point. Aside from helping people and fixing problems, the majority of religion is useless. Torah is useful if people do it as combined action from a large group can unify people on something that is actually quite simple, and a majority of world problems would simply self-solve from it. However, if you cannot get a billion people doing it, it is also kind of a pointless pursuit, as even if you get a town doing it, the world will still be destroyed. Really, you would need a majority of the world to flip the power scales, and then the world would self-rebalance. Of course, if you did that, there would most likely be something around 15-30% of the world that would be absolutely furious in such a manner that would result in an all out world scale conflict. (You know, people would be ticked off and flipping cars over and whatnot as really, wickedness has quite a grip on society and you’d be taking away their communism that they love, and abortion, and the evil things that they are enamored with)

However, this blog is not really helping me convince people to do that anyways. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to start a war. I just know that one is coming that is massive, and world scale. I can imagine that war emerging in a response to the kingdom, as the kingdom will be very much the opposite of how modern society is running and it will be hated by darkness more than anything in the world and if it is created properly, it will grow like a decentralized people-driven revolution that systemically dismantles the evil monster driving the world. As the monster gets dismantles, it flips out like an angry maniac.

Someone’s gotta do it. I have always despised modern governments, ever since I was a child. It is probably because one of my previous incarnations was David, in the Old Testament. That was a much better government, the people were happier, and they were more rich and the entire society managed itself from one law that was the same for the rich as it was for the poor.

Anyways, the blog ain’t helping with the message, and the kingdom must start soon. So I took it down.

Someone might ask: What about the wild claims you made on this blog? Are they true?

It is pointless to get into it. My main purpose is to promote Torah and to get people to want to follow it, and to build a system that decentralizes society based on it so there is an interconnected people that will be safe in the time of trouble that is coming and I will tell you that right now, nobody is safe. In that, I have some other goals that are important, such as sharing the message of the Messiah with the whole world.

Some of the stuff in the posts are not accurate, for example, I think that it is far more likely that I descend from the lineage of Ephraim, not Judah (in the New Testament, Jesus descends from Judah). However, I am once again getting into things that nobody cares about. Am I king David? I will be honest with you: Who cares?

It doesn’t matter what I say, or what you say outside of the context that it matters what we do together. That matters. Action matters. Building something matters. Will people call me a king? Sure. A lot of them will. There might be a time when a billion people or more will, granted that I live for a long enough period of time, because I will simply obsess about how to spread the knowledge of Torah until I find a mechanism for doing it that gets people excited, and then from that point, when people are fired up about it, the idea will spread around like a decentralized revolution as it is a better solution to problems than what we are doing and Torah is an important unification point for society that currently 50% of the world or more have some kind of direct connection to (Jews, obviously, Christianity in that Jesus was Jewish and both taught and followed Torah, and Islam because the Quran talks about Moses more than it talks about Muhammad). When that is going on, people might know that it is me that started it, and they might have no idea. If it works, I don’t care if people know who I am because it doesn’t matter who I am or am not if things can’t change.

Really, what I want to do is to help people prosper more, build the kingdom, and really I will be honest, I want to kick satan’s ass as much as possible as right now, satan pretty much has a complete control of modern society and is clamping down his grip in preparation to slam all of society into a trap that nobody can imagine is coming. What I want to do (essentially) is to lead a people based revolution that dismantles this trap and makes evil-centralized control over society impossible anywhere our movement spreads. The core reason I want to destroy satan, is that satan messed up my family real bad. So I’m pissed and if I can pull it off, I will utterly destroy his influence from off the face of the earth. I think that not so many people are so bold as to go right after the most evil thing that exists like that. For me, the only enemy that is really a worthy opponent as every person that is evil are simply his pawns.

So when I write things, I will write things that produce that. Most likely on another site, fresh, maybe even with a new name. I just wrote a book that is a better mass market message, but I am still figuring out how to do what I want to do. Really, I need people involved with it who are smart and can think through some of the various elements that I couldn’t come up with on my own, such as design, technology, infrastructure, branding, etc. I’m doing a lot, but really can only do so much.

If you are interested in helping to create the actual biblical kingdom (not some weak spiritualized copout and not another Church, but a kingdom for all peoples of the earth) then you can contact me here on Facebook and we can start forming mastermind groups. If you are interested in helping in any manner financially or with any other aspect, you can call me at +1(801)769-0177 or you can send me a WhatsApp message on that number as well.

Really, the kingdom will come together and start exponentially expanding once there is a model that is proven and the systems are singing together with a cultural process that works, and I’ve got a lot of it mapped out but not all of it. There’s a lot of cool content I just took down, posts that are way better than this one. Stuff that to me was really important to share.

I kind of understand now why Jesus took his apostles to the mount of transfiguration to share his secrets with them. It is because people cannot handle complex spiritual information that are not ready for it, and it is better to hide it in riddles. It is also better to focus on teaching simple things that give value to people’s lives. If people want to know where the universe came from, they can ask me and I will tell them. When you give people your pearls and they are not asking, they cast them under their feet and stomp on them. Therefore, what is the point?

There is none.

What matters is that we have a short time. There is a great evil that is coming and the people must unify to stand against it, because there will be no other way to survive when the true darkness begins to fill the earth that we all have been warned about for a long time. The darkness will come in phases until civilization is inside of a system that is trapped, and there is no escape but submission to it if people want to survive.

The kingdom must be built, the Mosaic System must be reinstituted, the gospel must be shared with the whole world, and fast. There is not a lot of time left and I will tell you that this is just something that I know directly, and you can choose to believe it or not.

In any case, you can contact me on Facebook if you want to help, or call me at +1(801)769-0177. If you want more detail on why I removed this blog, you can read this Google Doc Here.

David Wood
The Builder Of New Jerusalem

P.S. I am currently offering business consulting services and have a few available slots if you have an online business and want to dramatically increase your income, you can contact me with the same information above. Soon I will start building something that is very important to me, and I won’t have time to take on more clients as my energy will be entirely absorbed.

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