NewsFlash: “Is The Great Tribulation Is Here? And Apparently, There’s ‘SO MUCH FAKE NEWS’ That Twitter Shut Down From REAL PEOPLE STANDING UP FOR THEMSELVES!!! Alex Jones, Let’s Start A Revolution!!!”

"...I had to find one of his followers, because, of course, his (Alex Jones') YouTube channel doesn't exist at all, because you want to read this now.

Fantastic Article By The MLM Detective! “David Wood vs. WorldVentures: TRO granted, religious persecution?”

"...If you attempt to arrest me, regardless of the reason, a Civil War will erupt in Plano, Texas that will result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, and it will be your fault.  The Black Panthers Will Be Angry.  The Russians Will Be Angry.  The Drug Dealers Will Be Angry.  The Jewish Community Will Be Angry.  The Islamic Community Will Be Angry.

NewsFlash: “…According To ALEX JONES Over At INFOWARS 9436 (The Best #NonFakeNews CHANNEL THERE IS…) AMERICA IS IN A CIVIL WAR…”

FREE PINK VIDEO: "...Shock Video! Leftists Call For Trump Supporters To Be Gunned Down In Restaurants..."                                                  Here is some shootings:          ... Continue Reading →

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