Newsflash: “Here’s More Proof That King David To Come Is Elohim-Masarecht (David Michael Wood, Born May 17th, 1981… Revelation 22:16) or:

I. The Offspring of David. When sin upset the world, and man became the bond-slave of the devil, the victim of eternal wrath, an alien from God's family, and the prey of every form of misery; mercy flies on rapid wing to bring a healing balm. A staff is given to support the wretched outcast. A prospect is exhibited on which hope might repose. Recovery is announced. The promise sweetly sounds, that one in human form should repair the breach, and crush the serpent's head. The seed of the woman should restore the fallen culprit to all, and more than all, that had been lost through sin. Thus the first-born prophecy declares that in fullness of time a deliverer should arise, offspring of the family of man.

Live Video: “I’m Offering My Services As A New Christian, Islamic, Buddhist Apologist. Get On, And Argue With Me (Soon)…” Watch my vid above, then read this blog about answering Islam, then watch this vid below by my good friend David Wood, who also is one of the 144,000 Creators Of The Universe. Will David Wood be too much of a wussy to debate with David Wood? Lol.  Wait and see!  How's 'David Wood'... Continue Reading →

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