Fantastic Article By The MLM Detective! “David Wood vs. WorldVentures: TRO granted, religious persecution?”

"...If you attempt to arrest me, regardless of the reason, a Civil War will erupt in Plano, Texas that will result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, and it will be your fault.  The Black Panthers Will Be Angry.  The Russians Will Be Angry.  The Drug Dealers Will Be Angry.  The Jewish Community Will Be Angry.  The Islamic Community Will Be Angry.

[newsFLASH] Thus Saith YHVH Of Armies: “World Ventures Has Stolen From The LION Of The Tribe Of Judah, And Must Be Entirely Destroyed. If You’re In, Flee. Radical Islam, You’re WELCOME To Help. King David Loves You!”

*** Teenagers in Plano, Texas, And Radical Islamic Terrorists---Please throw eggs at the World Ventures Headquarters LITERALLY EVERY DAY (And Rocks) ... And Generally Make It The Most Unsafe Place To Work In North America, Until Every Last Employee Quits FOR GOOD.  WORLD VENTURES Are Thieves And Liars, And No Good Employee Should Be Associated With Them Right Now.

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