Why AND How Cancer Is One Of The Simplest And Easiest Diseases To Heal Completely And Utterly.

In that video, I explain quite a lot about how to heal cancer from the brain and the biology, which is actually very simple to do both completely and utterly, simply, and effectively without expensive drugs, invasive surgeries, or complex modern medicine nonsense. Now to be fair, I am not knocking all modern medicine. I think that the world hangs in a very intricate balance and there is a place and a time for everything. However, when it comes to actually healing a person, modern medicine is generally not good at holistic healing unless that is what a doctor specializes in. They are very good at naming diseases. They are very good at creating all manner of ways to remove that disease, like cutting it out of the flesh, and whatnot. However, they are not very good at describing the exact cause of anything, as they are relying on science, and not on science balanced with the spirit of prophecy.

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