Defending Trump

In the past few months, we’ve all definitely seen our share of political drama for the good, and also for the bad. I haven’t posted a lot about it, mostly because I was disappointed in myself for not pulling my plans and my act together in time to run for President of the United States in this cycle. Seeing the “less than optimal” choice that the Democrats made in selecting Joe Biden (Biden, if you read this no offense to you), I was more particularly disappointed as his ideas are agenda driven and will do nothing of benefit whatsoever, leaving the United States in a cycle that is doomed to repeat, which I will discuss later or in a different post. Had I been able to emerge in time, the USA would have been presented with something that is ACTUALLY USEFUL and UNIFYING rather than agenda driven nonsense from the left.

Random Facebook Answers To Weird Questions About The Universe And Donald J. Trump And Whatnot!

Judaism is not a religion. It is a nation as I described to you earlier. Very similar to how the Church allows people to be involved in Masonry. Judaism is way more useful to a person than Masonry ever will be, no offense to the Masons. Judaism is designed to gather all world religions into one, as it is not a religion, and they need the Messiah David to believe in Christ. Normally Jewish people I talk to are open to hearing about Jesus as the savior in 5 - 10 minutes (tops) if they talk to me. This executive order proves my point. The only person who ever calls Judaism a religion in the Bible is Haman. Who is that anyways? I do not think one of the main prophets, if he even was a prophet. My point is, that is not what it is. It is a spiritual movement of people embracing Torah in a living act of embracing the creator and honoring his laws. Donald Trump was reading my blog like a year ago as I was talking about this. Actually he has been reading it for nearly two years. I am currently blocked on Facebook for some reason from him (I have video evidence that I am blocked) and am waiting for him to unblock me to complete the evidence. He does this at times once every 2-3 weeks.

What I Like The Best About President Donald J. Trump:

If you're reading this now, you're probably also thinking about what you like about Donald J. Trump the most. Or perhaps you're saying "I do not like him the most". Whatever it is that you're thinking at the moment is fine with me, and is a part of the beautiful future that we are creating together, in unity - like I talk about in the above video...

Hey King Donald J. Trump, Here’s How To Solve The Border Issue In Mexico Through A ‘Oneness’ Based Strategy.

I just wanted to send a message to King Donald about how to solve the border issue through a negotiation strategy of oneness, and understanding both parties. I am happy to help with the negotiation after I get my Scientific Proof that I am Biologically Immortal. (Otherwise people will generally think I'm nuts, which I am not... mostly, anyways.)

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