My intention is to get rich on the internet quickly & surely by remembering each and every single book that I now memorize specifically and only about the way of life and peace and thankfulness and this is the way that the karma of the earth shall stand to rest, because the fish of the sea are making love and then they conceive in their holiness the story of worlds and you now eat what you want and it does nothing negative to you for the LORD hath blessed it!

Emotional Release, Blessing, And Prayer For 8-19-2018… “I love you Father, please keep me humble today, in submission to you, your glory, your power, your salvation, and might…”

Father, my soul and my mind, and my consciousness cries out in pain for humanity, and their pain, and their suffering. I see the wars, the contentions, the bloodshed, the darkness, sweeping across the land, and the blood of the righteous being shed at the hands of their enemies, if they don’t repent.

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