The Law Of Consecration Agreement: “Here’s How To Consecrate Your ASS-etc Over To Jesus, and Get Laid Every Day Like A Super Hero (From Now On Ladies!!!)

Basically, if you want to "Get Laid Daily" like Adam and Eve SURE DID in the Garden of Eden... (each day.  Many times per day.  Many thousands and trillions of times.) ...then after you're done reading this post on Genesis Chapter 2:1-25, what you want to do is refresh this page (with your cock and balls, pointed at your 'neighborly friendly' pussy (not your wife) because your wife isn't paying attention to her business and taking care of her ass and thighs!!!

Genesis 2:1-25, King James Version, No Commentary

The following passage is taken from the King James Version of the Torah, Genesis 2:1-25.  This is typed by hand rather than copied and pasted.  The primary reason for this is that writing this down exactly is an exercise in intelligence and consciousness. Each morning, I write a chapter by hand, alternating between my left... Continue Reading →

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