A Peak Inside “The Mysterious Mind” Of David Wood At His Family Reunion.

So on a FRIDAY, I'm sitting in the Buddha's house, and I'm talking to Sean after hacking at some Wood (Pun Intended... talking about "my wood" of course, to build a Camp Fire With)... that joke is in "Jonny Wood's Name... The incarnation of Einstein-Masarecht... he is LITERALLY SUPERIOR TO EINSTEIN IN HIS INTELLIGENCE IN EVERY WAY... JUST NOT YET!!!

My Father Is A Righteous Man.

A lot of it, however isn't so funny - for example, the failing school bit. The math bit. My Father taught me that Math teaches you HOW to think. Which now that I study math for 1 hour per day (like all of you should if you have time, as you are listening to audios about how to get rich on the internet, Amway audios, etc) I will tell you that not paying attention to mathematics caused a majority of the destruction in my life, as Math is the function of the frontal lobes predominantly responsible for manifestation and maintenance of our reality systems.

The “Story Of My Life”, A Song I Dedicate To My Wife Priscilla <3 <3 <3

Hey baby, I was really missing you today badly, and I listened to this song.  I also wrote this for you, with the 25 things I love the most about you, and this is just some of them baby.  You're my best friend and the best wife ever.  Te amo bb mio.  I'm so sorry... Continue Reading →

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