Hey King Donald J. Trump, Here’s How To Solve The Border Issue In Mexico Through A ‘Oneness’ Based Strategy.

I just wanted to send a message to King Donald about how to solve the border issue through a negotiation strategy of oneness, and understanding both parties. I am happy to help with the negotiation after I get my Scientific Proof that I am Biologically Immortal. (Otherwise people will generally think I'm nuts, which I am not... mostly, anyways.)

#KingDavid2020 “…If We Do Not CHANGE (Not The Kind Of Change Obama Was Preaching, Yet Also, Yet Also Not)… Then:

Hey everyone, I love you all so much it's ridiculous.   I'm getting ready to do my daily routines, (starting a bit late with my reading, butt I've been reading off and on all day, thinking, and planning.   Basically, it's time for everyone to wake up and CHANGE (that's actually what the word 'repent'... Continue Reading →

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