Genesis 10:1-32 “…How Genealogical Sequences Such As This One Fixate The Universe In Time From The Theory Of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness…”

Dear Friend, If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may find yourself wondering from time to time "How Does The Universe Fixate Itself In Sequencing, Timing, And Genealogical Sequences???" Very good question, isn't it? In case you have not been reading my blog for a while, you may wonder what the hell... Continue Reading →

NewsFlash: Genesis 3:1-24 (I think), where it says basically that Adam Fucked His Wife “Trillions Of Times Per Day…” Or Something Like That. Who Wants To “{Get In} And {Get Laid Like A Superhero} [Whether You Work Or Not?]???

Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) - Mayo Clinic So basically, what happens is THIS... Right now none of you are listening, so in the name of Jesus and by the KEY OF AARON, I release the ANGELS OF THE MOST HIGH YHVH ELOHIM (the Most High Elohim is the Elohim at the farthest point in the future, or backwards in time (not really get laid with your own husband or wife more... unless you are an EVIL TRANNY LIKE HILLARY CLINTON... LOL!!! So anyways, what basically happens is this... Get Laid Every Day Like A Superhero, Whether You Work Or Not... AND BASICALLY, what happens is IF you want to "Get Laid The Dave Wod Way (which is a lot, obviously, for mr. Wod, who likes to GET LAID EACH DAY BY HIS MANY, MANY WIVES AND CONCUBINES... KEEP REFRESHING FOR DETAILS BITCHES!!!..

Genesis 2:1-25, King James Version, No Commentary

The following passage is taken from the King James Version of the Torah, Genesis 2:1-25.  This is typed by hand rather than copied and pasted.  The primary reason for this is that writing this down exactly is an exercise in intelligence and consciousness. Each morning, I write a chapter by hand, alternating between my left... Continue Reading →

Genesis 1:1-31 ( J.ames V.ersion, or K.J.V., No Commentary.

"...The Following Excerpt From Genesis 1:1-31 Is Taken From The First Book Of Moses Called Genesis, Translated by the Team Of King James (notice "the King") and is the START (or initiation of Creation, the worlds that are, that were, and are to cum..." 1  In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.... Continue Reading →

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