Here’s Why It Is Necessary To Rebuke Sin In Others, And Speak Life Into Their Goodness!

After this article, I'm going to somewhat focus on positive only energy for a little while (maybe 1-3 weeks, as I gotta be balanced and stand up to evil when it comes); however, in this article I'm going to share with you how to stand up to evil, and how to create prophetic rebukes to others. I want you to understand in this post, that I will be giving an example of someone, and I am not doing it to embarrass them. I am doing it because when wickedness presents itself, it must be rebuked from the land, or in the end it just winds up taking over society, we then get problems overtaking society such as the Central Banking System, which only emerged because people were too wussy at the time to stand up to evil.

A Revelation For My Faithful Servant Paul Gardiner And Kimberley Gardiner, The Living Incarnations Of The Elohim YHVH Of Warriors And The Shan-Ti-Rah Of Warriors!

Paul is not perfect, yet he strives to be and in the grace of Christ, he is made perfect, saith God. For Paul is born again in the heart, and he is also born again in the mind, for he hath said: I confess that David Michael Wood, born May 17th, 1981 in Fairbanks Alaska at 4:01pm Alaska time the son of Mark Irving Wood the son of William Ransom Wood is the Messiah, the living incarnation of the Father of Jesus. And verily, saith God, the holy anointing hath descended upon him!

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