Priscilla Chacon Is A Glorious Woman…

You know, before this world was made, and then after sometime we were hanging out in the Celestial Kingdom, you and me, reading the trillion page long or so soul contract between us before we incarnated again to do it all over again, and you saw what was going to happen - that I would leave you after you blew up at me, that I would blow up at you and you would leave me, and the dance of karma would eventually bring us back together, and you said:

How Karma Works, And How Karma Is Actually A Beautiful Woman That Lives In Costa Rica, and What Will Happen To Marlon Telles, Who Is Currently Scared Like A Woman!!!

Who's head is that crown on? Priscilla Chacon, for Karma exists within her biology. One of the reasons why she is my perfect balance. I love people too much many times to punish them. She does not feel that same way about things. I love my creation so, so, so much (you cannot even imagine it.)

THE DAILY PARADOX: “An Paradox Ode OF BLESSING To PRINCESS Priscilla Chacon, the Most Beautiful WOMAN IN THE UNIVERSE!!!”

“Thus saith YHVH of Armies, the family of David Michael Wood shall be restored in full on the day the Gospel is preached to the world for the first time. However, there shall be many, many things that happen before that, including the rising, falling, shattering, and obliteration of the plans of the antichrist, as he is ‘stupidly’ falling back on himself with the mind of satan, repenting and not, over and over again, backwards and forwards in time. And behold, three kings are risen, and one not. And behold, 4 kings are fallen, and one is risen. And behold, it shall multiply.”

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