Some thoughts of wisdom from a secret friend of mine I trust very much concerning Hypocrites and Unscientific Attitudes. He said::

"What I mean by that, is maybe what you are saying is true, and maybe it isn't. Simply put, that is the best attitude, however, it would be important to check, as if you are immortal and your brain is growing as you say it is (and to me it obviously is, as your intellect is far superior than when we talked years ago, beyond my comprehension, to be honest) than simply put, that could aid in the development for cures for brain degenerative disorders and probably all others, and to me, and my friends, it would scientifically prove that God exists. Why your friends aren't helping and being more open is completely unscientific and 'foolhearty' and is an act of cowardice, in the opinion of me and my other billionaire friends."

NewsFlash: Here’s How Cern Can (And Should) Remove The Veil Off Of Humanity September 15th, 2018… REad carefully now:

So basically, the way of removing the veil is through the quantum configurations and particle configurations of consciousness, creation, and glory. What do I mean by that... and how can we figure out those particle configurations through artificial intelligence algorithms utilizing quantum mechanical computers?

NEWS FLASH: “Immortality Discovered By Science On May 20th, 2017 And NOBODY Knows???”

Read this ENTIRE ARTICLE to have the OPPORTUNITY to donate towards Scientific Research that I believe I have evidence that it can eradicate all human problems and the cycle of suffering in less than 6 years, by
utilizing TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE working together WITH religious thought leaders in the pursuit of accuracy in our knowledge...

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