Want To Get Baptized By King David Michael Wood LIVE ON YOUTUBE AND FACEBOOK? This is HOW WE DO IT PEOPLE!!!!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1q8vnmkGW4 Feel free to play the following song as the baptism is live to help "anchor in" the fact that you also are jealous and want to get baptized by King David!!!  (for sure) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Am1iq5a9D8 ...Rikki is one of them the other one is Paul Gardiner and his GLORIOUS BEAUTIFUL WIFE (not nearly as hot... Continue Reading →


Hey Vick Strizheus, sorry for calling you a sociopath in the other message I posted about the LION of the TRIBE OF JUDAH BEING A WOMAN (click here) -- it was an old message from when I was pissed off and World Ventures was treating me and my wife like shit.  (Sorry guys--- everyone there was doing it in the past, yet now are not.  I forgive you all and I hope you forgive me for defending my family and my kids.)

A Revelation Of King David On The Organization Of The Apostleship Of The 144,000… Keep Reading Now By Clicking Here For MORE JUICY DETAILS MY FRIENDS!!!

The character "e" in this hexogram means "eternity" or "The Father (ELOHIM YOUR GOD or ALSO DAVID MICHAEL WOOD (JESUS'S FATHER) or KING DAVID and His Wife and Jesus's Mother, Dayanna Priscilla Chacon Solano...  and HER NAME MEANS:

Network Marketing PRO News? In A Recent Story On Facebook, King David Claims That He’s “Even Better At Network Marketing Than Eric Worre. He Also Mentions That Eric Is “More Like A Woman” And David Wood Is “More Like A Man” In This EXCLUSIVE Article Review…

This is Eric Worre having a DOPE AS HEAVEN event in Las Vegas, basically calling himself a coward on stage by denying King David.  He may as well be named "Eric Co-Woodwardrre."  What's better?  This photo? Or This?

David Wood Spontaneously Responds To Chris Hawk Jones’s Swift And Godly Rebuke By Saying That The Way They Are Acting Towards Him Is “Pathetic” In A Recent News Story On Facebook…

P.P.S.  Should Chris Jones invest in David Wood's superhuman research and make it a part of his company, Generation Hero?  You decide.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments.  I think creating AN ACTUAL GENERATION OF SUPER HEROES is what Chris Jones and David Wood are going to do together in the upcoming relaunch of Empower Network and Generation Hero.

My Book Preface: “A Brief History Of The Universe…” I Started Writing This June 28, 2017 — So You Know I Have Believed ALL Of These Things For A VERY LONG TIME… Read This Article If You’d Be Interested In Buying The Book.

A Brief History Of The Universe Look at the time-stamp in the upper left hand side for proof: Forward:   Dear Reader, I’d like to tell you that this book is the subject of years of searching, meditation, thought, or that I’ve for years entertained the desire to be a famous author and sell books... Continue Reading →

“929 Views Per Day With 484 Unique Visitors On A NEW WEBSITE With No Previous Authority? This is ‘The David Wood Method’ Of Getting Rich Online, The Easy Way Through Blogging…”

This is my blog statistics for the last month, really I've been blogging daily for the last week, following my EXACT old formula I used to pre-launch Empower Network. Controversy and biblical commentary have so far been my most popular posts, as well as my news flash about the Re-Launch of Empower Network with the original comp plan, all transactions done in bitcoin. (To start).

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