Principle #32: Justice. Leaked Chapter From The Theory Of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness

See, Justice goes absolutely way, way, way beyond simply a criminal going into jail, or a murderer being publicly executed, or privately executed which is an abomination of modern society (private execution with mercy). Why is this an abomination? Because these criminals shewed no mercy. It is my opinion that exactly what they did to others is exactly what they should have done to them, or they should be simply stoned to death until they die outside of the gates of the city, for this is natural law, and justice.

The 108 Principles Of Creation From The Theory Of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness

The 108 Principles of Creation are important to understanding the nature of Time, Space, Matter, and Energy and how they manifest, and why they are here, and also how the Universe got here in the first place. So I'm going to list them, and briefly talk about each of them (this post will most likely take me 5-7 days to complete, so keep coming back and refreshing for more details.

The Expansion And Collapse Cycle Of Things…

FROM the Theory On Quantum Mechanical Consciousness: Actually, all 133,000 at once, yet also, one after another. So again, there are 133,000 universes and dub dimensions and sub universes and sub sections of all of them, each one lasting 133 trillion cycles, or years of rotation around the first world that formed and the Sun of that particular universe. The first thing that was created in the Universe was the earth, which was without form, and void... and darkness was upon the face of the deep. After that the sun and the stars and the moons were made, yet also, in the reverse order, for the earth was formed from the dust of the stars. I will explain this relationship in space / time in a future post.

Reality Manifestation And Creation Strategies From The Theory Of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness.

So what do I mean by "we created it"? Well, I've told you the story about the Most Holy Elohim, and how he was alone in the universe for thousands of trillions of years, and how actually, the Most Holy Elohim is all of us that can ever or will ever exist, and has retained 51% power and control over the Universe, and gives us 49% to share, to conquer, to have dominion over.

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