We Are Headed For A System Collapse, War, And Centralization If The People Do Not Change.

I am writing to you in a relative sense of urgency that you understand my words and the nature of the warning that I am giving you and the nations of the earth right now, and that is that we are headed for systemic collapse, and war if the people do not change, and embrace the ways of righteousness.

In A Previous Incarnation (Enoch) We Discovered That Viruses Are Not Life, They Are Tiny Machines… And Destroyed Them.

Time for a weird post šŸ™‚ I've been doing some meditative writing trying to unlock information related to viruses as right now we have a world wide pandemic going on with Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and I am trying to access information that I had before in a different cycle of things that can be helpful in solving this problem.

Clarification: None Of My Revelations Have Anything To Do Whatsoever With The Period Of Time I Was Drugged With Amphetamines.

Dear Friend, I was just talking to a friend of mine about the origin of a lot of my knowledge, and I wanted to make an important clarification as to the time periods when my revelations came.  Before I proceed further with this article, I have not been spending time a lot blogging as of... Continue Reading →

The Opportunity And Challenge Presented By The CoronaVirus Pandemic…

So I've been here in Colombia for the last bit, taking a break from everything. The majority of my experience has been positive. I came here for many reasons, the main one being that it is a cheap place to live while I regroup and figure out how I want to go about growing my movement and impacting people in a way that they care about, and that matters.

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