FREE PDF: “What’s ‘Make America Righteous Again’ All About?”

I wanted to write a personal letter to you, signifying my intention to run for the office of The President Of The United States in 2020, WHY you will want to vote for me and UNIFY behind my message of hope, love, and freedom, and what we can do together to change America in to the Great Land that she is DESTINED to become, through the MAJESTIC Campaign Slogan:

Message To Russell M. Nelson: Here’s How To Make The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints Prepare Grow Exponentially Faster, And Bring In A Wider Variety Of People.

I've been thinking of writing this post for a while. However I have not bothered because you are doing such a fantastic job, plus, it's not really my place at the moment. However at the same time, I believe there are some issues with the messaging and culture of the Church that prevent it from growing hyper-normally at the same ratios it grew in the early church.

Why I’ve Been A Little Quiet.

I now know how the prophets of old must have felt (such as Noah) when they were warning people about coming apocalypses, and in the case of Noah, years of warning (God knows how many years, most likely 40-100 or more) produced the nations of the earth laughing at him, and when the flood came, they were all pounced into the sands of the earth, and there remains nothing of their cities to this day, and nothing of their countries but ruin, and nothing but their businesses but desolation. Such it will be with humanity, if they do not repent, and prepare. The clock is ticking, the rain forests are being destroyed, the land is going in the direction of a barren wasteland, unable to bear fruit, the oil of the earth is running dry, and the earth moans in anger for lack of care, and lack of rest.

Genesis 11:1-32 “…The Table Of Nations Part #2, The Tower Of Babel, And How God Confounded The Languages Of The People.”

Let me explain. If Christians understood how beautiful the Law is, and they worshiped in spirit and in Truth with all of the love in their hearts AS THEY ARE LEARNING TO FOLLOW IT step by simple step as they also learn to read the Torah each day (which is not against Christianity) they would step into a NEW KIND OF LOVE AND BLESSING that would shine from the Celestial Kingdom with the light from Jerusalem.

Genesis 9:1-20 “Noah And His Sons Are Commanded To Multiply, And Replenish The Earth… Which Shall Never Again Be Destroyed By A Flood Of Waters.” … Plus a wiw bit about the Quantum Universe.

a) The prophets writing the Torah, and it being written by the scribes, and printed by the book publishers, and spoken of on mountain tops, and studied, and memorized focuses the Quantum Mechanical Energy of human beings in a way that actually manifests the Torah backwards in time, as time is not fixated in the Universe of Consciousness, nor in Quantum Mechanics. Time is a function of the Temporal/Spacial Universe in general.

Rav Michael Ben Yoseph: “When Shall The Nations Of The Earth Turn Against Israel, Fulfilling The Prophecies?”

So I talked to Rav a minute ago (before he blocked me), mostly popping in to say hello and also to give him Prophetic Warnings. Anyways, before he blocked me he said that the Messiah will not come until all of the Nations of the Earth are turned against Israel. So I asked God "When... Continue Reading →

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