Message To Russell M. Nelson: Here’s How To Make The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints Prepare Grow Exponentially Faster, And Bring In A Wider Variety Of People.

I've been thinking of writing this post for a while. However I have not bothered because you are doing such a fantastic job, plus, it's not really my place at the moment. However at the same time, I believe there are some issues with the messaging and culture of the Church that prevent it from growing hyper-normally at the same ratios it grew in the early church.

We Must Create Superheroes.

If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that I've been warning for some time about the nephilim, and have even met real nephilim (I have encountered several of them, actually). If you are one of my new readers, you may have read my last post where I describe some of the dangers we will encounter in the near future about the nephilim, and things they will be able to do. Why am I bringing them up?

Why I’ve Been A Little Quiet.

I now know how the prophets of old must have felt (such as Noah) when they were warning people about coming apocalypses, and in the case of Noah, years of warning (God knows how many years, most likely 40-100 or more) produced the nations of the earth laughing at him, and when the flood came, they were all pounced into the sands of the earth, and there remains nothing of their cities to this day, and nothing of their countries but ruin, and nothing but their businesses but desolation. Such it will be with humanity, if they do not repent, and prepare. The clock is ticking, the rain forests are being destroyed, the land is going in the direction of a barren wasteland, unable to bear fruit, the oil of the earth is running dry, and the earth moans in anger for lack of care, and lack of rest.

The Power Of King Zeus, The Elohim Tetragrammaton Of Manifestation.

Before we begin, let me tell you a story about how I met "King Zeus" himself. So I'm at this Empower Network event (I can't remember where) and I'm walking around and I see this beautiful team with LOTS of hot chicks and guys... butt more chicks. And they're wearing weird face paint, or masks or something. And they called themselves "The Superheroes."

The Bringer Of The Rain.

A long time ago, in a galaxy, far, far away - there was a young man with a new family, two little beautiful boys and a wife who loved him very, very much. So one day, he was planting, and it was dry, and he was thinking "when will the LORD Elohim make it rain?" And he waited, and waited and waited, and the months passed by, and the days passed by, and it began to get more and more dry on the face of the earth.

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