Facebook Page Video: The Messiah David Talking About The Kingdom Of Elohim, Responding To Legitimate Criticisms In A Long, Positive Rant!

The reality is that if you want society to change, and we want society to change, then what's going to happen is we are going to work together to create a new kind of life, a new kind of liberty, and a new kind of freedom, one that brings the nations of the earth together, and the kingdoms of the earth together, and they will all be one, and they will all be The Kingdom Of Elohim, for the kingdom of the Father is here, and we are almost ready to start sharing you the good news and the gospel of freedom, and of power, and of life, and of peace, and of knowledge.

27 Affirmations For The Memory Of The Universe, Restoring Your Memory To PERFECT And WORKING ORDER for FREE!

I bet you’re reading this post interested in creating a supernaturally abundant memory, and wondering perhaps why sometimes you haven’t yet been able to pay attention to what you want. I’m going to explain to you in this ravishingly beautiful, free post how you can literally have a perfect memory that only gets more perfect with time, and if you now pay attention you are probably agreeing with me now if you want that this is actually a good thing for you to do.

A Detailed Explanation Of The Prophesies Of The Messiah, And How Specifically This Matches Myself, And How There Are Actually Many Messiahs, Manifesting From The Two.

If you’re reading this now, you’re probably wondering about the Messianic Prophecies, and how they are related to myself. One of the things I didn’t do in specific when I was just getting started in sharing this message was be very specific about these things.

Very Detailed Responses To Objections I Received On Facebook As To The Legitimacy Of My Claims:

I'm writing you on this day to break apart some nonsense on all of our ends in criticizing my works, and my faith, and also my spiritual power, which is one with the Father and as he is one with the Mother, so is my abilities to operate in unity on the Earth, for the Key of David unlocks the Universe, and he connects with me, and therefore he is directing the wealth of the world, and the majesty of heaven, and the Mother, Queen Dayanna is controlling it by Her Glory.

A Very Detailed Clarification On How The End Will Come, And The World As We Know It Will End.

From The Desk Of King David:6-29-2019 at 11:45 AMSaint George, Utah, USASubject: A Detailed Clarification On The End Of The World I'm writing this live on the Sabbath. Am I breaking the Sabbath day? Or not? Let me know in the comments. Dear Friend, I'm watching right now a Shabbat Service by Messianic Torah Observant... Continue Reading →

“The Frank Kern Religion”

Disclaimer: Frank Kern is in no way associated with King David other than he thinks he's "badass" apparently, recognizing him today as one of his Top Fans on his Facebook Page today (6-27-2019). Anyone who tries to suggest 'directly' or 'indirectly' that "Frank Kern" is in any way associated with King David (unless he wants... Continue Reading →

A Peak Inside “The Mysterious Mind” Of David Wood At His Family Reunion.

So on a FRIDAY, I'm sitting in the Buddha's house, and I'm talking to Sean after hacking at some Wood (Pun Intended... talking about "my wood" of course, to build a Camp Fire With)... that joke is in "Jonny Wood's Name... The incarnation of Einstein-Masarecht... he is LITERALLY SUPERIOR TO EINSTEIN IN HIS INTELLIGENCE IN EVERY WAY... JUST NOT YET!!!

[YT Video] A Lesson On The City Of New Jerusalem, The End Times War, The Supernatural Changing Of Human Abilities, And The Emergence Of The Tetragrammaton In Current Time.

I wanted to take some time to thank my sister Emily for the money to buy some Amazon gifts, and at the same time, I wanted to give some clarity on some subjects I've talked about in the past, such as specifically what key points large scale change events will happen in the end times, how the City of New Jerusaelm (or the "Mind of Elohim" referred to in scripture) emerges, how supernatural abilities start to emerge, why people get cast into hell, who gets cast into hell and who doesn't... etc.

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