Americans Won’t Need Cars in 10-20 Years BECAUSE Of New Technology Systems Initiated By King David During His Presidency??? WTF?

The Government Systems are all out of whack, they are over-fat, they are over-hyped, they are over-everything. The only exceptions to that would be the ‘Massive Shrinkage’ that Donald J. Trump and his supporters have been creating over the last few years, since the 2016 Presidential Elections.


Unlike so many online marketers out there, and all those hypey hucksters and con artists that you see all over the place selling nothing but short term opportunity hype, I know my system can ACTUALLY WORK FOR YOU, because it delivers a REAL product experience!

SECRET GAME-PLAN RELEASED FROM 2016 OR SO: “EN Game Plan…’ O4R: “Empower Network Gameplan…”

We’re going to start with describing everything important that the core vision will impact. Target Market Opportunity seekers Personal Development Network Marketers Been in MLM before Maybe currently involved Not currently where they want to be Dissatisfied with something Want a better way

Letter to Rob Skinner and Potentially Dan Stammen [that I wrote like February 22nd]

Baby, I don’t want you to take stuff I say out of this document without talking to me. You can click on the button that says “comentarios” and make edits before I send it to both Rob and Dan. I also think I should send it to Vick, and some other leaders---yet it may be better to leave that to Rob to do the right thing. I also would like to send it to Will, Jonny, and my Father and Mother to clear a few things up.

Project: Traffic Optimize, Project Get More Traffic and Project Convert

Hello Everyone! I made this collaborative document to list all of the things out that need to be done to optimize the amount of traffic we get. This list isn’t in any particular order, it’s more of a brain dump that needs to be ordered and put into milestones by someone. Some of these things are one time changes, some of them are more ongoing - please give your feedback and add thoughts on additional things to optimize our current traffic, and also get more traffic.

Pre-Launch Coming: “The Only Government Approved Money Getting System…”

Sorry I've been a bit quiet here on my blog lately. I've been writing for about 8 hours a day, re-writing and writing Presentations, Launch Videos, Game Plans, and EMAILS for my new system, called: "The Only Government Approved Money Getting System..." Click Here Now For Details...

Some thoughts of wisdom from a secret friend of mine I trust very much concerning Hypocrites and Unscientific Attitudes. He said::

"What I mean by that, is maybe what you are saying is true, and maybe it isn't. Simply put, that is the best attitude, however, it would be important to check, as if you are immortal and your brain is growing as you say it is (and to me it obviously is, as your intellect is far superior than when we talked years ago, beyond my comprehension, to be honest) than simply put, that could aid in the development for cures for brain degenerative disorders and probably all others, and to me, and my friends, it would scientifically prove that God exists. Why your friends aren't helping and being more open is completely unscientific and 'foolhearty' and is an act of cowardice, in the opinion of me and my other billionaire friends."

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