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The School Of Enlightened Prophets is referred to all throughout scripture in the Old and New Testaments, because there cannot be true prophets without a school that teaches them how to operate, how to prophesy, and what principles they must operate under in order for their prophesies to always be fulfilled.

See, the work of a prophet is very intense, because Torah teaches that if a prophet prophesies in the name of the LORD and the thing follow not, certainly that prophet shall die.  So their lives are on the line for their words, if that makes sense.  Modern Christian prophets generally ignore this rule:  however, the true prophets of the LORD God pay attention to this rule very carefully, understanding that they must be perfect, and 100% accurate when they bring a message before the people, or before kings and rulers.

Even prophets from other religions in the Old Testament who could not accurately decode dreams were killed by kings and rulers of various countries, including Egypt and Babylon.  So there necessitates a way to create accurate prophesy and accurate systems to decode dreams, and these systems can only be taught through the understanding of God’s Law:  Torah.

Torah is the first 5 books of Moses, or specifically:  Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.  Here you see an image of the modern prophet, Joseph Smith gathered around and teaching the brethren how to prophesy in this representation of:  The School Of Enlightened Prophets.

What we do in The School Of Enlightened Prophets is a little bit more specific than even what he did back then:

We have a Quantum Memorization System and in The School Of Enlightened Prophets, we walk you through the complete memorization of the 613 Mitzvot, or the 613 Jewish Laws that appear in Torah that make up the legal framework of how prophesy operates.  The full memorization of the 613 Mitzvot should take you approximately 90-120 days and within that time period you will also memorize rules of punishments and rewards for keeping or not keeping the 613 mitzvot (or: sayings) another way of saying “mitzvot” is “commandments” if that makes sense.

Let me explain this briefly, so it makes sense to you:

Knowing Torah allows you to accurately predict every behavior in the known and unknown universe.  The reason for this is that the 613 Laws of Torah list specific rewards and punishments for behavior that is either sinful, or righteous.

The work of a prophet is to call others to repentance, or specifically:  change (repent means change).  What kind of change?  You might be asking that very question:

The specific kind of change is choosing to honor the 613 Laws of Torah, or the Jewish Mitzvot.  So first God lays out the Mitzvot in Torah, and then after he does that he speaks through the prophets all throughout the Old Testament to call people to repentance and honoring the Mitzvot.

So how can you truly be an enlightened prophet if you do not have the 613 mitzvot memorized through our Quantum Memorization System?

You cannot truly prophesy if you do not know them.  It is not possible to do it perfectly accurately because you need this data to tell people what to do, for to prophesy is to edify, exhort, and comfort according to the Apostle Paul in the New Testament.

You might be wondering if you are a Christian why you would need to know the 613 mitzvot, when you are not bound by the law.  The way I like to teach it is that Christians are not bound by the 613 mitzvot:  they are unbound (or freed) from them.  Deciding now to follow the 613 mitzvot is actually what repentance is.  This is the secret of the Jews and the Central Bankers.

The Savior Jesus said it best in the sermon on the mount in the book of the Apostle Matthew when he said:  Think not that I am come to destroy the Law and the prophets.  I am not come to destroy, but to obey.  Yet I say unto you that until heaven and earth pass away not one jot nor one tittle of the Law shall pass away, until all be obeyed.

The King James Version uses the word “fulfill” rather than “obey” however “obey” is the meaning of the word.  In other words:  The Savior Jesus came to “obey” the Law.  Are you greater than he?

Good question, isn’t it?

So how can you accurately predict every behavior in the known and unknown universe through Torah, or the 613 sayings (mitzvot, or: commandments)?

Simple:  Think about it like this:  Have you ever heard of a CEO who cheated on his wife, and then a stock collapsed?  Of course!

That is because:  Thou shalt not commit adultery is one of the 613 mitzvot with very specific punishments laid out!  It’s not just that… there are very specific rules, punishments, and rewards also laid out for every one of the 613 sayings and when you understand each one and the implications thereof, you understand why the things happen in society that happen in society and how to avoid the major pitfalls and also… how to make lots, and lots of money by predicting behavior, stocks, movements, chaos, complexity, and change in society…

…it’s not just knowing the 613 mitzvot that is going to keep you and your family safe and prosperous… it’s understanding how to access the true universe and the true future of humanity through the gift of the Holy Spirit!

That’s right… we’re going to teach you all of it!!

And what’s the cost?  Well, what would it be worth to you in order to be able to:

  • Accurately Predict Any Outcome?
  • Make Money Helping Other People TRULY??
  • TRULY Understand the Bible For The FIRST Time???
  • And much, much more!

That’s right, we’re going to walk you from A to Z in truly understanding scripture so you can get the results that you want in your business, and also your life.  I know how to help people make money, having over 650,000 students over the years in over 100 countries, with events that have been packed to the brim with paid students of more than 6,000 people and growing!

The cost of the School of Enlightened Prophets is a monthly donation of only $100.

For the $100 monthly donation, you’ll get:

  • Memorization Lessons On The 613 Mitzvot
  • Weekly Gatherings On How To Apply This Information
  • LIVE Sessions Where You Can Ask Any Question To One Of Our Enlightened Teachers
  • And much, much more!

The best part of this is:  This is a tax write-off, so the cost of joining is actually “Practically Free”.  Join now, today!

David Wood
The Messiah David

The School Of Enlightened Prophets
The School Of Enlightened Prophets
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