Americans Won’t Need Cars in 10-20 Years BECAUSE Of New Technology Systems Initiated By King David During His Presidency??? WTF?

The Government Systems are all out of whack, they are over-fat, they are over-hyped, they are over-everything. The only exceptions to that would be the ‘Massive Shrinkage’ that Donald J. Trump and his supporters have been creating over the last few years, since the 2016 Presidential Elections.

“Get Money Saturday” [TRADEMARK PENDING] … Right? Keep REading For Details!!!

Get Money Saturday Outcome: The outcome of this event is to give the people that qualified the knowledge, focus, and resources to: Sponsor 2 people or more per day between now and Nashville Upsell one person per day to the Builder Club, and 1-2 per week to the MIF product Sell one new event ticket... Continue Reading →

Genesis 8:1-22 “…The Floods Cease, A Dove Descending With An Olive Branch… Bringing A Message Of Hope And FREEDOM!!!”

I have gotten distracted over the last couple of weeks away from my Genesis writing, so now I'm back to Genesis 8:1-22.  In the meantime, I have still been tracing the Torah by hand as I have talked about in my earlier posts, and am on Genesis 38.  I apologize for getting distracted, as this is the most important thing that I have to do... as I have to understand the Torah better than everyone on the Earth.  In certain ways, I already do, as it is written into my Genetics in a different way, but in most ways, I DO NOT, as I have not yet memorized it word for word, learned Hebrew, etc.

How To Exponentially Compound Your Intelligence And Results From VISION, HARD WORK, CONSISTENCY, AND TEAM WORK… Guaranteeing Results 100% Of The Time!

“100% of everything I have ever focused on with even remotely close to this much tenacity has happened EXACTLY HOW I’VE LINED OUT… No matter what it has been. And this will be no different… Keep reading for details on how this relates to YOU!!!”

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