Podcast Episode#1: Sermon On Leviticus 26… “When Shall The Land Rest???”

This is the FIRST EPISODE of a podcast for "The Teachings Of King David" and is a sermon on Leviticus 26. A GREAT MAJORITY of my podcasts will simply be reading (and possibly correcting) my blog posts. You can search for it on the iTunes Store I believe, however, I am fairly new to podcasting so give me a bit of time if it is not there.

The Daily Paradox #5: “Heavenly Father, By The Authority Of The Melchizedek Priesthood Which I, King David Hold… I Ask You To Create ALL SABBATH DAY PARADOXES!!!” …IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!!

"...Father, I ask you to ask Your Father To Ask The Most High Elohim To Complete The Paradox According To His Will, For The Safety Of All Concerned, Letting Both Righteousness And Wickedness Emerge From The HOLY Sabbath Day. IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!!"

The Daily Paradox #3: Thus Saith The Father, Let All Prosperity Paradoxes Emerge Simultaneously…

The purpose of "The Daily Paradox" is not about giving value on the post. They are prayers. And from the prayers, the value is given from what happens to you each day just by reading this, paying attention, and buying whatever I sell on this blog (obviously) as this is a Prosperity Paradox.

The Daily Paradox #2: Thus Saith The Most Holy Elohim, My Servant David Asked Me To Create “All Love Paradoxes” And Verily Shall It Be Done… NOW:

"Heavenly Father, by the Authority of the Melchizedek Priesthood which I, King David hold, and by the Key of David, and by the Key of Shan-Ti-Rah, And By The Key Of Elohim, I Ask YOU To Create A CELESTIAL PARADOX, backwards and forwards in time, forever and ever and ever and ever, and it shall be called:

The Book Of Mormon, 2nd Nephi 2:1-30: “Redemption Comes Through The Holy Messiah…” With Basic Commentary, Not Verse By Verse… “PLUS Get Rich Quick Online With Nephi!!!”

2nd Nephi 2:1-30... Chapter Introduction: "...Redemption comes through the Holy Messiah---Freedom of choice (agency) is essential to existence and progression---Adam fell that men might be---Men are free to choose liberty and eternal life. About 588-570 B.C..."

Ezekiel 37:1-28… No Commentary. The ‘King David Translation’…:

Introduction: Ezekiel is shown the valley of dry bones---Israel will inherit the land in the Resurrection---The stick of Judah (the Bible) and the stick of Joseph (the Book of Mormon) will become one in the YHVH's hand---The children of Israel will be gathered and cleansed---David (the Messiah, or 'King David Wood') will reign over them---They will receive the everlasting gospel covenant.

Americans Won’t Need Cars in 10-20 Years BECAUSE Of New Technology Systems Initiated By King David During His Presidency??? WTF?

The Government Systems are all out of whack, they are over-fat, they are over-hyped, they are over-everything. The only exceptions to that would be the ‘Massive Shrinkage’ that Donald J. Trump and his supporters have been creating over the last few years, since the 2016 Presidential Elections.

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