Podcast Episode#1: Sermon On Leviticus 26… “When Shall The Land Rest???”

This is the FIRST EPISODE of a podcast for "The Teachings Of King David" and is a sermon on Leviticus 26. A GREAT MAJORITY of my podcasts will simply be reading (and possibly correcting) my blog posts. You can search for it on the iTunes Store I believe, however, I am fairly new to podcasting so give me a bit of time if it is not there.

The Daily Paradox #3: Thus Saith The Father, Let All Prosperity Paradoxes Emerge Simultaneously…

The purpose of "The Daily Paradox" is not about giving value on the post. They are prayers. And from the prayers, the value is given from what happens to you each day just by reading this, paying attention, and buying whatever I sell on this blog (obviously) as this is a Prosperity Paradox.

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