The Dark Karma Of Humanity And The Coming World Famine, Nuclear War, And Extinction And HOW We’re Going To Change It…

MY FIRST Public Announcement:  “...I, David Michael Wood, AM Messiah Ben David (Not Ben Joseph, and Not Jesus), King of Israel.  I Have Discovered The Tree of Life, And I AM Immortal, as we can all be, as I made a scientific discovery on May 20th, 2017. In The Coming Months, I will have FAR... Continue Reading →

My Vision Is… “…To Do The Will Of The Father On Earth, Even As It Is Done In Heaven…” 

*** This Website IS Copyrighted By I AM Transformation International, S.L.R., A Costa Rican Corporation Owned by me, and Controlled By the LION Of The Tribe Of Judah (Jesus's Mother in Heaven), incarnated in the form of my wife, A Tica Woman Who Is GLORIOUS... "...And What Happens Is... THIS:   ...BASICALLY, what you want to... Continue Reading →

Empower Hour From Empower Network Is BACK… And A Ministry? Blog Daily, Tell Others, Give Money!!! Subscribe to my new channel here: That's it for now!  WATCH THE VID AND LEAVE ME YOUR THOUGHTS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!!!

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