Genesis 11:1-32 “…The Table Of Nations Part #2, The Tower Of Babel, And How God Confounded The Languages Of The People.”

Let me explain. If Christians understood how beautiful the Law is, and they worshiped in spirit and in Truth with all of the love in their hearts AS THEY ARE LEARNING TO FOLLOW IT step by simple step as they also learn to read the Torah each day (which is not against Christianity) they would step into a NEW KIND OF LOVE AND BLESSING that would shine from the Celestial Kingdom with the light from Jerusalem.

Genesis 8:1-22 “…The Floods Cease, A Dove Descending With An Olive Branch… Bringing A Message Of Hope And FREEDOM!!!”

I have gotten distracted over the last couple of weeks away from my Genesis writing, so now I'm back to Genesis 8:1-22.  In the meantime, I have still been tracing the Torah by hand as I have talked about in my earlier posts, and am on Genesis 38.  I apologize for getting distracted, as this is the most important thing that I have to do... as I have to understand the Torah better than everyone on the Earth.  In certain ways, I already do, as it is written into my Genetics in a different way, but in most ways, I DO NOT, as I have not yet memorized it word for word, learned Hebrew, etc.

Genesis 7:1-24… “And The Flood Of Water Destroyed Everything Living Upon The Earth…” ThE Eternal Paradox Of Noah!!!

So I’m going to type up the Genesis 7:1-24 chapter here, and after that point, I’ll write some commentary about prosperity, holiness, and wisdom that comes from the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, wisdom emerging backwards and forwards through time through the Paradox Engine.

Genesis 6:1-22: The Story Of The Sons Of Elohim Marrying The Daughters Of Men, The Earth Becoming Corrupt And Violent, And The FIRST Great Tribulation Since The Fall Of Adam.

I'm writing this by typing it, to preserve the memory and genealogy of the Sons of Elohim, fixated in time through the Melchizedek Priesthood, the Key of David, and la llave de Shan-Ti-Rah-Elohim-Mas-Areh-Masarecht, understanding that what has happened before is happening now, only BIGGER, more RIGHTEOUS, and at the same time, more DARK and EVIL... according to your choice.

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