Empower Network is the Kingdom of Elohim {God}. [Pre-Launch Coming]

So when Yeshua says "Pray that the Kingdom of God will come, {God=Elohim}, it means many things, yet really what it is, is the Kingdom of his Father. Also the Kingdom of Elohim is branched out in many ways, since in a very literal sense, EVERYTHING that EXISTS is within the unconfounded space of my... Continue Reading →


Unlike so many online marketers out there, and all those hypey hucksters and con artists that you see all over the place selling nothing but short term opportunity hype, I know my system can ACTUALLY WORK FOR YOU, because it delivers a REAL product experience!

Thus Saith YHVH Of Armies: “Here Is A Brief Explanation Of Paradoxes, And Also Spells, In All Of Time, Space, Matter, And Energy… If:

EVERYTHING, as WITHOUT THE PARADOX AND THE SPELL WE COULD NOT, NOR WOULD WE EVER EXIST!!! Referring to the spell of the Mother, Shan-Ti-Rah, the wife of Elohim-Masarecht and the MOTHER OF JESUS, Dayanna Priscilla Chacon Solano, saith the YHVH. In other words, you shouldn't do spells.  Women should be priestesses of the Mother if they want to honor her, and let her do it.  Because as it is written: VENGEANCE IS MINE, and I will repay, saith the YHVH, and as Jesus said: "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your father in heaven is perfect.  You figure the rest out."

How To Exponentially Compound Your Intelligence And Results From VISION, HARD WORK, CONSISTENCY, AND TEAM WORK… Guaranteeing Results 100% Of The Time!

“100% of everything I have ever focused on with even remotely close to this much tenacity has happened EXACTLY HOW I’VE LINED OUT… No matter what it has been. And this will be no different… Keep reading for details on how this relates to YOU!!!”

“How I’m Going To Get Elected As The President Of The United States, AND (Of Course) … #MakeAmericaRighteousAgain

* AND MUCH, MUCH MORE, like Legally blowing up the I.R.S. building closest to you wearing Guy Fawks masks (after a popular vote, and of course, a plan to run the I.R.S. in local churches and community centers, since we don't need it, as the Government is "FREE TO JOIN"

NewsFlash: “Is The Great Tribulation Is Here? And Apparently, There’s ‘SO MUCH FAKE NEWS’ That Twitter Shut Down From REAL PEOPLE STANDING UP FOR THEMSELVES!!! Alex Jones, Let’s Start A Revolution!!!”

"...I had to find one of his followers, because, of course, his (Alex Jones') YouTube channel doesn't exist at all, because you want to read this now.

Release Of Emotional Energy August 20, 2018 And Prayer For My Wife, My Children, And My Enemies, Turning Their Cursings Into Blessings, And Blessing Those That Love Me.

My intention with getting these emotions out is to release them to you, to release them to the universe, and to open up space in my heart, my mind, my spirit, my consciousness, and in the higher planes of existence to a new way, while breaking off the dark and various forms of the energy that comes from the kingdom of the enemy surrounding these things, and also anything like them, so I can prosper in a new, and abundant, and powerful way, backwards and forwards in time, causing a time erasure in myself and the marketplace, reorganizing the universe in a newer and more powerful way.

Vision Of Prosperity For The Future: “How We’re Going To Rebuild Jerusalem, Build Zion, And Restore America To Righteousness, And…

"...What Restoring Jerusalem Has To Do With YOUR SUCCESS In Your Life, Your Marriage, Your Business, And More... Keep Reading For More Details On How The Kingdom Of Elohim Is Going To Come, And How You Can Profit From It..."

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